I may not be writing articles in the near future, as I am having to shift gears and work full time at a secular job to pay my bills. I have written about 900 articles about many important subjects since the beginning of 2011—all have been generously available to the public for free. I can’t charge for articles (messages) that the Holy Spirit has laid on my heart. I don’t want to charge for articles on the mind control because I feel the survivors have suffered greatly and should not have to suffer more to learn about what has taken so much of their lives. People (detractors) have unjustly accused me of writing just to make a buck and get rich. I think the 900 excellent articles you all have enjoyed for free from me speaks for itself. But writing articles for free does not pay bills…and so it appears that I won’t have long left before I am too busy to write anymore. Tonight I have written another article on all our favorite characters: the banksters, the t.b.m.c. programmers, the secret societies and the spooks. I hope you enjoy it. There may not be many more after it. Tonight’s article will be posted soon after this.


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