PART 4 ON CHINA: China & the Elite’s Globalism. 07 NOV 2019

Recently I wrote 3 posts on the danger that Red China poses. Now this 4th post’s focus is China’s relation to globalism, an Illuminati project. I could add that the Illuminati opened Red China up for business (the Rothschilds & Van Duyns were in the lead in this) & then they built it up. Global “carry trade” is their biggest money maker, but the Illuminati also make large sums on drugs (both legal & illegal), militaries & wars, & FOREX. They have long range plans for Red China. In this post, I will share more interesting info on Red China, which incl. some comments made by the Illum.’s CFR (via their periodical Foreign Affairs).

CFR. The Council on Foreign Relations is an Illuminati organization which advises U.S. presidents on policy. A few of their members are merely window dressing. Two of my books (Be Wise As Serpents & Bloodlines of the Illuminati) discuss the CFR. I need to explain that the CFR operates within the Matrix; its views line up with the script that is running the World—so you rarely hear from them the hidden machinations that really manipulate things. Rather, they give us a sophisticated view of the World that the Illum. want us to see. It’s the Matrix’s puppet show at its best. ( I can share an example of a behind the scenes affairs. The Rothschilds were the driving force behind Zionism, for instance financing Charles T. Russell, the founder of the WT Society to preach Zionism around the world. Hitler was an MPD member of the Rothschild family. It is a not-well-known fact, but an example of behind the scenes affair that when Hitler came to power, his govt. made an agreement with the Zionists to finance them w/ the equivalent today of over $2.2 billion dollars, as well as weapons to take over Palestine. The Hagana, forerunner of today’s IDF, was armed with Mauser pistols.)

COMMENTS BY THE CFR’S FOREIGN AFFAIRS. The Illuminati want socialism. While both political wings of a nation’s politics are wings of the same Illuminati bird…for instance: Republicans—Democrats in the USA, Liberals—Conservatives in Can., Labour—Conservative in the UK…their favorite of the two wings is the most pro-socialist party. This will help you understand this following statement in Foreign Affairs: “The liberal [socialist] international order has always depended on the idea of progress.” (A) (By the way, don’t forget that in WW2, Hitler, Stalin & FDR were all staunch socialists as well as occultists/Freemasons. So communism is built on the idea of “progress” with 5 yr. plans. Red China is now in its 13th Five yr. plan (2016-2020). One of their goals is to get all of big pharma in the U.S. to China. (More on this later.) Foreign Affairs states, “Today, globalization is being driven by digital technology, and is increasingly led by China as the new leader of globalization and other emerging economies.” (B) Yes, the elite view China as the new leader of globalization & have lots of economic ties to it. Foreign Affairs cont., “One notable aspect of this realignment is that China has gained a greater voice as a champion of globalization.”(C) “…of the roughly five million U.S. manufacturing jobs lost between 1990 and 2007, a quarter disappeared because of trade with China…”(D)

TRADE WITH CHINA. The U.S. is quite dependent on China for low-cost goods. It’s understandable why their goods are lower. The average cost of labor for the $539.5 billion of goods we imported from China in 2018 was reported as $2.30/hr. Plus their quality control is quite unregulated. Of that $539.5 billion, $152 billion was electrical machinery & $117 billion was other machinery. For instance, iPhones & iPads are assembled in China. So we depend on their machinery.

The U.S. is also increasingly dependent on their drugs, what will the mom give her child for an ear infection? And a senior take for pneumonia if Chinese drugs no longer flow to the U.S.? The U.S. no longer makes penicillin. While 24.5% of our generic drugs come from India (& only 8.5% from China)…over 90% of the active pharma ingredients used in India come from China! And China’s pharma standards are substandard. There is a lack of honest regulation. For instance, in 2007-08 over 81 Americans died from poor quality Chinese made heparin. In July, 2019 a Chinese company was caught making faulty DTap vaccines (DTap=diphtheria, pertussis, & tetanus).

BUILDING UP CHINA. Most of China’s technology has been stolen from the West by theft, coercion, cyberhacking, & using tech spies implanted throughout the West. In terms of big Pharma, Pfizer recently (5/19/19) opened their global generic HQ division in Shanghai. And Thermo Fisher Scientific opened a facility in Suzhan City.

U.S. MONEY VULNERABLE. The Red China govt. is the largest holder of U.S. Treasury securities. Reportedly, their govt. directly holds $1.3 trillion. In 2015, China created the AIIB bank, which will get the globe away from U.S. dominance of finance, & will help them establish a Sinocentric World Order. Let me just interject that America’s shale oil will give the U.S. lots of economic power in the 21st century…and will give the U.S. dominance unless China establishes the South China Sea’s oil/gas potential.

THE CCP (Chinese Communist Party). The CCP owns the Chinese govt. The 90 million member CCP appoints people into govt. positions. Also the govt. uses massive surveillance technology incl. facial recog….and people simply disappear. People who make a negative comment on something Chinese have then disappeared!

FINAL COMMENTS. The Illum. are manipulating China for their own global economic goals. China’s corrupt leadership work with them. The American people have often been viewed as an impediment to a One-World-State. China provides the leverage for the elite to move the U.S. in the direction they want. In terms of China, Trump has been a speed bump in their time-table. As the Foreign Affairs says: “It would be a mistake to read too much about long-term trends in the U.S. public opinion from the heated rhetoric of the recent election [ie.Trump].” (E) It remains to be seen how the elite will readjust to continue their “progress” to a global One World State.

REFERENCES. By the way, within this post most stats are given for the sake of discussion & have not been verified. (A) Niblett, Robin. “Liberalism in Retreat: The Demise of a Dream”. Foreign Affairs, Jan/Feb 2017, pg. 17 (B) Lund and Tyson. “Globalization Is Not In Retreat: Digital Technology & the Future of Trade”. Foreign Affairs, May/June 2018, pg. 130 (C) ibid., p. 135 (D) ibid., p. 136 (E) Nye, Joseph. “Will the Liberal Order Survive?”Foreign Affairs, Jan/Feb 2017, p.15.


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