In Part 1, we learned some details about how we all face brain deterioration, which begins in our late teens, & is largely increased by our American lifestyle (i.e. what we think, do & eat). Stress, hypertension, diabetes, anger, anxiety, depression & being overweight are all silent, destructive monsters attacking our brains. (About 75% of American men, & 60% of our women are overweight. (A)) When our physical brains go, our minds go too. In 2018, 5.6 million Americans over 65 had “Alzheimer’s”, which is 10% of that age group. (B) Eleven % of Americans age 45 or older subjectively self-perceive that their thinking has declined.

EACH PERSON IS UNIQUE. In this Part 2, we’ll look at solutions to protect our brains. I wish I could simply give a straightforward formula, say “do x,y, & z” to make all well, but life is not that simple. There are some things that are universally helpful to the brain, like, proper blood pressure, d-alpha-tocopherol (about 500 IU of Vita. E), & garlic. But most things need to be tailored to the individual, so I have some explaining to do in this post…especially since there is so much disinfo at hand to befuddled people.

MY APPROACH. As a follower of Christ, I believe we should choose life over death in our daily decisions. (C) It is a better choice to choose a good path, even if it isn’t “proven” by PC science. For instance, receiving God into one’s life is a good choice, w/ little to lose & much possibly to gain. Likewise, some “unproven” botanicals & other supplements & alternative treatments may be helpful choices. It is likely the benefits are not scientifically tested & proven (which is expensive) because supplements don’t make big Pharma & the medical mafia big bucks like their patented prescription drugs. Now Almighty God can help & heal through many approaches incl.: the Spirit giving wisdom & miracles, doctors & hospitals, & alternative meds & common sense.

DRAWBACKS TO MEDICAL MAFIA’S SYSTEM. Today we live in a Do-It-Yourself-Health-Care culture. But watch out, not using a professional can be disastrous. Unfortunately, using the System’s standard doctors who use the PC standard models & push big Pharma’s drugs can also be lethal. Doctors kill lots of people during the course of a year. A person has to keep his wits about him, as the System will force costly, worthless, even dangerous treatments on him. Many doctors I’ve met are very sincere, intelligent people. But they are just people. A standard doctor has not studied nutrition & has been indoctrinated against supplements. They may cop the attitude: “Don’t think for yourself, let us godlike professionals do your thinking”. Then they turn around & prescribe dangerous big Pharma drugs like Prozac, Ritalin, & Statins.

The Powers running this World & controlling/profiting from big Pharma have intentionally muddied the waters, so it becomes difficult to wade thru all the contradictory advice. I’ll give an example which pertains to the brain.

AN EXAMPLE OF MUDDY WATERS. 92% of the studies on anti-inflammatories in respect to ARN (aging-related neurodegeneracy) show that they lower memory loss. But in Boston, Australia, & France, someone has done a study that contradicts that. These contradictory studies use all kinds of people of various ages, races, medical conditions, & different genetics for ARN, who are all taking various doses of anti-inflammatories for various amounts of time…and these are lumped together in a “study” & then the “result” heralded around that anti-inflammatories don’t help! Such “studies” are truly muddy waters; & it takes a close look at these studies rather than a glance to discover their flaws. People taking anti-inflammatories lower their vulnerability to Alzheimer’s. Studies show them to be helpful in protecting the brain, but not in reversing memory loss. Here is a little what happens in the brain:…Microglia, tiny cells which are part of the body’s immune system, roam in the brain & attack suspicious spots with machine-gun sprays of nitric oxide…which act like a flame-thrower. Attracted to areas with brain plaques in an aged brain, the out of control Microglia do more harm than good. Anti-inflammatories throttle down the damage. On the other hand, some people have “inflammatory” genes, which makes them more vulnerable to inflammation problems.

Dr. Victoroff, an expert doctor in brain health cautions: “Much of the medical advice doctors give will be based on complete ignorance of genetic differences that could profoundly influence who will benefit the most.” (D)

One should not automatically reject doctors, they can be helpful & they are backed by modern medical equipment…just please use them with caution. One could sum up my Christian approach with Hippocrates’ words: “What is useful is good.”

One last thought on doctors. In Europe (not so much in the U.S.), doctors have been prescribing noo-tropic drugs (Piracetam, Vinpocetine, Pyritinol, etc.) for 50 years, yet there is no research proving their value nor what dose to prescribe for Alzheimer’s.

DRAWBACKS TO SUPPLEMENTS. Even though I use supplements, it would be incorrect to imply they are all safe. Many botanicals were used prior to big Pharma refining their beneficial properties into expensive patented drugs. Problems w/ supplements incl. false claims, false or low quality ingredients, their interactions w/ anything else incl. other supplements, drugs & treatments. And finally, a lack of scientific tests proving & pinpointing their benefits.

As an example of these things, one source said Vita. C blocked Vita. E uptake; while another says that together they exert more benefits. So we are left wondering…what questions to ask & what answers to use! Both (at least on their own) can be helpful to the brain.

WATER. Water of course is a necessity of life…yet frequently contaminated with brain damaging things, for instance heavy metals like aluminum. By the way, fluoride & silicon in water compete w/ aluminum for absorption in the gut. So fluoride in water can have a benefit! Reverse osmosis or a distillation unit is the most effective way to purify one’s water; Resin-based & carbon filters are not recommended.

FINAL THOUGHT: I have failed to completely cover the subject of solutions to my satisfaction, but this post is already too long! If people are able to get through reading this & want another instalment, then let me know. Have a blessed one my friend.

REFERENCES. (A) , news release 5/28/14 (B) Evans, Hebert LE, Weuve, J. Scherr. “Alzheimer’s Disease in the U.S. (2010-2050) estimated using the 2010 Census.” Neurology, 2013; 80: pp 1778-83 (C) DT 30:19 (D) Victoroff. “Saving Your Brain”, p. 69.


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