At a certain point, people realize nothing is as it seems. One can get to that conclusion by multiple paths. A pseudo-reality has been built, a Matrix, within which we are all to function. People call leaving the Matrix “going down the rabbit hole” or “taking the red pill”. Not all guides taking people down the rabbit hole have legitimate new information. Unfortunately, some individuals know that the more sensational their non-establishment claims, the more some people will be excited to hear it, thinking they are going deeper down the rabbit hole, but actually being led down a dead-end hole. I have never provided information for sensational effect; that is not my style. I provide it because I think it is reliable and helpful. At what point has a concept passed the threshold from theory to fact?? For me it takes something reliable to get it registered as fact. Once established it can be used as a stepping stone to uncover the next puzzle.

FLYING SAUCERS. I began investigating these in 1968, collecting actual photos of them. Long story short, in spite of all the disinformation to muddy things up, there was eventually overwhelming evidence and many witnesses to what happened. After WW 2, the U.S. built upon the Nazi flying saucer research. In 1954, all the anti-gravity research disappeared. The U.S. (& close allies) built a number of generations of flying disks, each generation getting a better propulsion system, until finally they were using anti-gravity ships which used mercury as a key component. So now what were they using these for??

GOING TO MARS. Having secret anti-gravity craft that could go into space and obviously the desire to explore space…it was a no brainer that they would take this next step. Reliable witnesses convinced me that we had indeed gone to Mars. (I was ridiculed for making this announcement—the people ridiculing me not taking into account the journey of discovering solid info to reach that conclusion.) Our trips to Mars also helped to explain why a small faction of the elite are planning on Alternative 3—leaving this planet & living on Mars when things go to hell. It is a distinct possibility that they could actually do this.

MEANWHILE, BACK ON EARTH, HELL IS BEING RAISED. There was no doubt that an Armageddon period of chaos was planned in detail for this planet. I had all kinds of reliable proof of this. Helter Skelter is what Charlie Manson, a DID cult leader, called it. Geo. Bush, Jr. in his inauguration talk used the coded language “we have lit the fire in the minds of men” which means to the informed (see my references to James H. Billington’s book “Fire In The Minds of Men” in my Be Wise As Serpents book) that the type of revolution which created the French Revolution has been started. I mentioned in my talk on July 4th this means civil unrest, just like yesterday we see 5 cops were shot (supposedly in retaliation for an innocent black man being murdered by cops). This chaos has been scripted and programmed in detail. There was plenty of evidence that the elite were planning to sit out the destruction of the planet in safety, mostly in underground structures. So what were these structures and how were they built?

UNDERGROUND STRUCTURES. In New Mexico, KT and Missouri (& other places), extensive underground caverns already existed, available to be extended and built up. An imprecise estimate of how many nuclear bombs that have been set off underground by the major nuclear powers would be 2,000. Considering the cost of a nuclear weapon, it makes no sense that they had to keep “testing” them. A nuclear bomb vaporizes the rock around it and melts the outside of the cavity formed, a great way to form hollow spots to build underground installations. The earth must be honeycombed after all these nuclear cavities have been created. Indeed, informed people say that nuclear weapons were used to help build the underground network that includes 140 American military D.U.M.B.s (Deep Underground Military Bases). I provide extensive information on 110 of the American DUMBs in my Deeper Insights book. Various witnesses have described the interiors of some of these. Enough reliable witnesses convinced me that an underground rail system connects the whole system in the U.S.A. It makes sense, and it is totally within their capabilities, esp. when one realizes the ability of the nuclear powered tunneling bores. (Oh, and by the way, our govt. claims that underground nuclear explosions do not affect fault lines & earthquakes…a claim I find ludicrous and hard to swallow.)

CERN, HADRON COLLIDER RESEARCH, & QUANTUM PHYSICS. In the U.S. we publicly know of the DOE’s Fermilab, and we know Europe’s CERN collider. The possibility exists that there are some others which are secret that we don’t know about. Many things about CERN raise suspicions that the collider there has other purposes than the Higgs Boson and other mysterious particles. There are clearly legitimate things to investigate, for instance, a 1/26/16 article in the Physical Review Letters, based on Hungarian & UCI researchers discusses why they think they have found a new force in the universe. They think dark photons exist & join with ordinary matter & decay into electron-positron pairs. But there is an uneasiness when one realizes that scalar energy is secretly known about and used, and parts of Tesla’s research is secretly known and used. Those with power seem to find a way to keep many secrets that researchers find in order to manipulate this planet. What are we not being told?? There is further uneasiness to realize that the people in control of all this are Luciferian and would welcome the release of more demons onto this planet. Informed people have talked to me about all this, but there is a lack of verifying proof. At this point, I don’t have enough reliable proof to say exactly what they are doing. But it all looks highly suspicious. And then the Mandela effect caught my attention. From my little pt. of view, I see things that don’t correspond with what I knew in the past. I joined a conservative independent Baptist church in 1971 which used the KJV. I heard numerous sermons on putting new wine into new wineskins and not old wineskins…I never heard “bottles”…but now the KJ Bibles use the word “bottles”. I can’t wrap my mind around people saying it has always read bottles. I grope for an explanation. I was shocked to look it up and see my KJ Bibles read bottles (all except one). We are warned that all kinds of powerful deceptions will occur in the end times. Is it possible to merge different realities? Are there different realities on different timelines? That is a totally speculative concept that several movies have been based on. Some of the Mandela effect don’t seem to be legitimate actual changes—but there does appear that something is going on here. What is going on with our reality? We know that they at least tried to find a way to do time travel…did they find it? Is there more than one reality dimension?

MIND CONTROL. There is no question that extensive pervasive use of mind control (incl. total t.b.m.c.) is being used. I have dealt with many of t.b.m.c. survivors for years, and described it in detail in books. I have rubbed shoulders with the common garden variety of mass mind control used on the public. People who have worked in advertising have exposed their methods. I have tried to rescue people from cult mind control. Informed persons speak of the elite’s mind control becoming more technologically advanced. Obviously, there is an AI computer interface with the new mind control. But the only things that I have seen that can be manipulated by the AI are some type of implant—which could be miniaturized into something the size of morgellans. Or is it possible that at times a single thought could be beamed into a population? Is it possible that the chemtrails (at times) relate to small particles for mind control purposes? I have found little chemtrail support for this—but it is a theory to watch. So the next step of research is to determine their next steps of mind control beyond t.b.m.c. (which by the way is still extensively used).

FINAL THOUGHTS. There is no question the elite want Lucifer/Satan to rule. I have seen a constant stream of proof of this for years. With this in mind, then we can expect that any alien arrival will be part of that Luciferian agenda. There is wide spread support in the details that the aliens which are widely interacted with by our govt. are part of Satan’s kingdom, whatever they are. How long do we have before all this is unleashed upon us? This is why I feel a love for the truth, and spiritual weapons are so important. And that is my bottom line…we need Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit like never before. We need to stay in close fellowship to our heavenly Father.


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