The concept that the New World of America was the opportunity to do things right sums up historically in a nutshell what the New World & the USA meant for people. I was asked to write a short history of the origins of our nation & this article is my response. I believe it is important to understand how & why this nation was created to understand where our success came from. An economically & spiritually healthy vibrant USA is healthy for the world in general. Unfortunately, those leading us now have rejected the entire foundation of this nation to reduce the U.S.A. to fit the mold of the rest of the nations, so that the USA can be integrated into a global New World Order.

THE MISTAKES OF BLACK & WHITE THINKING. When we look at the real history of this nation’s origins we have to take the good with the bad. There are many cynical detractors for whom America is always wrong. Ironically, many of these are benefiting from the vestiges of what made her great. Meanwhile, there are those who think America can do no wrong. This attitude is spiritual suicide. A proper view is a balanced view. The creation of the USA was a convergence of moral impetus from the Reformation & the Enlightenment. Europeans were tired of the lack of freedom & opportunity in Europe…they brought some of their past garbage with them when they crossed the ocean, but overall abandoned the old to begin fresh with the new. Before the American Revolution, the people had inscribed on the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia LEV 25:10, “Proclaim liberty throughout all the land unto the inhabitants thereof.” America was conceived as the land of opportunity—even if that vision got badly mangled at times. The difference between the American & French Revolutions and their outcomes can be summed up in this: the USA was a Christian nation and was blessed by God in spite of certain negatives. The French were led by illuminized atheists who destroyed their nation, and laid the foundation for a masonic dictator Napoleon.

This is a succinct overview of our origins incorporating my extensive knowledge of the details of history as well as both the little known histories of the hidden hands of history: the hand of God and the hand of Satan’s World hierarchy of elite rulers. Perhaps you have noticed how a murder that leaves all kinds of signs of a Satanic ritual murder will not have the occult aspect reported on by the police & media. Likewise, some readers may have seen a legitimate miracle of God happen, but it would never get into mainstream news. Additionally, you will notice how much spin is put on events by the media. For some readers, emotionally attached to the myths they were taught very young, it may be disconcerting to read this report that goes beyond the myths we are taught. It is a mistake to claim the original USA was based upon the Roman empire…which was committed to Emperor worship, slavery, & economic growth by plunder. Plato, the Greek philosopher, hated democracy and advocated a wise dictator. In the beginning, America rejected the European concept of aristocracy. It was not based on Rome or Greece. Indeed, some of its new ideas were learned from the natives, & the self-sufficiency that the New World taught them.

THE EUROPEAN SECRET RULER’S GOAL FOR AMERICA. The center of power we now know as the Illuminati, which consists of elite families, has its origins a long time ago, and during the exploration of America worked through European secret societies. Their Knights Templar were in control of maps & knowledge about the New World before Columbus sailed. He sailed under a branch of the Knights Templar which explains the Templar crosses he had on his sails. Columbus knew that the world was a globe. So the Knights Templars had intentions to exploit the New World even before it was officially discovered. Many people had sailed to the New World before Columbus: Africans, Polynesians, Phoenicians, Solomon’s ships, the Vikings, the Chinese in 1421 and the Knights Templar. I mention the Chinese, because later they offered the Europeans in the 1430’s maps of the world from their extensive explorations. Their gifted world map found its way into the hands of those with power. The power elite’s goals for the New World were both economical & political. The goal to create a nation like the United States was an elite plan kept within the confines of several of the Illuminati’s secret societies long before it happened. The New World would be their opportunity to do things “right” from their perspective. The poet Walt Whitman summed this up in his poem “Pioneers! O Pioneers”: “All the past we leave behind, We debouch upon a newer, mightier world…”

THE ELITE’S CORPORATIONS HAVE ALWAYS RUN THINGS. To exploit the New World, trading companies were established. People fail to realize that it was corporations who ran the New World from the start. Virginia was established by the Virginia Company. Corporations have always had a quiet power behind the scenes. They never lost their power–the American Revolution was against the power of the King of England over American affairs…it was not an attack against the actual day to day decision makers, the elite who ran the companies that ran things. Bear in mind, while a British colony—let’s say India was nominally under the King of England, it would be companies like the British East India Co. that actually ran things. Same in the American colonies. To the elite in Europe, America is but a plantation to exploit.

The Illuminati elite have been geographically located in London, Amsterdam and Brussels area. People from the Illuminati immigrated from what was then the Netherlands, and now is Belgium to what is now NYC. They named the city New Amsterdam and it was set up to be the New World copy of commercial capital Amsterdam. After it was given to the British, it was renamed New York. One gets a clue to the importance of York…that the York Rite is an important branch of Freemasonry. The point of this paragraph is that the elite replicated their systems of control in the New World.

IN SUMMARY: the New World was exploited by the power elite to make money and as a new opportunity to create new structures, social & political, along the lines they wanted. The hidden history would show the same kind of manipulation, control and skuldoggery that we find today, for instance in NYC. The European elite’s perspective throughout history: AMERICA IS ABOUT PRODUCTS. But the perspective of the people, the settlers, the pioneers, the immigrants coming here is that AMERICA IS ABOUT IDEAS, such as opportunity, hope, and a new life. For Christians (of hundreds of different persuasions: Old Believers from Russia, Baptists from England, Amish from Germany, and many others) it was the chance to serve God in the freedom of their conscience. They “shook off the dust from Babylon” when they left Europe. American religious activity & moral energy has had a reoccurring theme: RESTORE THE ORIGINAL PRIMITIVE FAITH OF THE BIBLE.

A REVIVAL OF FAITH & A NEW JERUSALEM: GOD & HIS FAITHFUL’S GOALS FOR AMERICA. Meanwhile, God’s faithful had seen the New World as an opportunity to build godly communities and to live their lives of faith as they wanted…In Europe, they were restricted from doing so by the power of the establishment churches who were granted religious monopolies; the Latin term for these monopolies was “cuius regio, eius religio”–“whose region, his religion”. God used the New World as a way for godly people to get out from under the stifling control of Kings & establishment Worldly Clergy. America was the chance to “obey God rather than man” (Acts 5:29) and serve Him in freedom of conscience. The Pilgrim/Puritan vision was to create a community they called “a City on a Hill” to be a global witness for YHWH. And America would remain an important center for the Kingdom of God throughout its history; the vast majority of missionaries have come from the USA. Almighty God has done mighty works in America, and in turn blessed America, which in turn has blessed the entire globe.

THE SPIRIT OF ’76. So the American Revolution is one of those events in history, where the hidden hand of the elite, and the praying hands of God’s Church have had a common goal…freedom & human rights. Of course with all events, various people have their own expectations & agendas. The elite were at work from the beginning of the Revolution, the details are too many to indulge in within such a short summary. But it is worthwhile to remember that the deist philosophers who inspired the Amer. Revolution owed their thinking to a Christian world view, for instance, consider these examples of influential Christian thinkers that influenced the deist philosophers: poet John Milton (“All men naturally were born free, being the image and resemblance of God himself”), and Eng. Theologian Richard Hooker (“the power to govern is derived from the free assent of the people”), and lastly, Thomas More (the ideal republic is committed to religious freedom).

BENJAMIN FRANKLIN. Perhaps no one was more influential in the creation of this nation than Benjamin Franklin. He was one of the main developers of the Revolution, without his input many things would not have happened. He is a complex person, & we have to take the good with the bad. Benjamin Franklin was the head Freemason of all North America (long before the Revolution)–a member in both British & French Freemasonry, as well as a child sacrificing member of the Hell Fire Club (which was a high level Satanic set of covens). He was in British intelligence, yet used his knowledge to break the British colonies away from the King. The deist philosophers & Franklin lived in a Christian culture, & the Christian worldview shaped much of their thinking. It is noteworthy to quote what Franklin said to the Constitutional Convention at the age of 83, “We have been assured…in the Sacred writings, that, ‘Except the Lord build the house, they labor in vain that build it’! I firmly believe this…without His concurring aid, we shall succeed in this political building no better than the builders of Babel.”

WASHINGTON THE FATHER OF THE NATION. I believe that Almighty God, who has His hand in history, has inspired certain events. In the event, the colonial American military won a victory which translated into liberty because George Washington was one of those rare individuals who was capable of having lots of power & not getting intoxicated by it. He is indeed the Father of this country. The framers of our government, mostly Freemasons, were practical men, who realized that the success of the nation required the divisive issue of slavery be shelved until later. This is why some say the American Revolution was only a half revolution.

CONCLUSION. America was the land of opportunity for both Christians & secular settlers. Christians and Deists wanting to create an ideal republic, & worked together to construct this new republic whose official motto was “In God we trust”. For people of faith, it was seen as an opportunity to serve God in a restoration of true religion. For people of capitalism, it was seen as an opportunity to make money. Both sets of people valued independence, freedom of thought, and the rights of mankind. Will the land of such opportunities last much longer?? Or is this relatively new experiment for humanity soon to die??


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