NIGHT OF THE 1,000 STARS: A discussion on the mock alien invasion & 11:11. (23 OCT 2016)

Today, on Sheila Zilinsky’s show I discussed the recent Wiki leaks disclosure how the Hillary Clinton campaign is considering stopping the voting process on 8 NOV by having a mock alien invasion. The disclosure is based upon the Benenson Strategy Group’s Salvage Program to save Hillary’s doomed campaign. Benenson Strategy Group is run by 64-yr. old Joel Benenson, the chief strategist for Hillary’s 2016 campaign. Joel Benenson’s research group discovered by polling hard-core Trump voters that the only thing that would keep them from voting is an ET invasion…other things such as staged civil unrest (riots), a HAARP disaster (earthquake), or a what Benenson called a “zikpocalypse” (zika virus epidemic) would not work. The strategy report missed a big one though: Barack Obama starting WW 3 with Putin & calling for martial law. By the way, today, Trump let it rip, describing in a large rally how the globalists will stop at nothing, & the Clintons are criminals. Another encouraging event, is that Joel Benenson’s report says that “poll-driven narratives have been pushed too far.” He goes on to explain people are not believing the fake polls. Yeah buddy! America is waking up!

FIRST GOVT. PLAN. During the Watergate scandal, it came out that Nixon was considering sending a sub to Cuban waters to surface and create a large hologram of Jesus above Cuba. The concept was that the phenomena would create such a stir that their communication’s grid would become locked and during that pt. in time, with their communications down, Cuba could be invaded. At other pt.s in time, tests have successfully caused groups of Christians to think the rapture was happening.

SMOKING GUN SHOWING THE POWER OF HER BACKERS. I was pleased to see this BSG document because it is also documenting several things I have been saying for years. It shows Hillary’s connection to POWER. First, only the Illuminati have the overriding power to direct the hidden parts of the U.S. govt. to carry out a holographic UFO invasion, which would happen along with the employment of high tech mind control to beam a message into those who are watching the mock alien invasion…perhaps some simple message like “We are aliens…surrender.” or something like this that would cause enough alarm that Trump voters would not go to the polls. The other thing is that it documents that the technology exists to carry out such an operation. The history of this technology and its use goes back for years. The most recent standing Mock Alien Operational plan was OPERATION FIRESIGN, which the Benenson Salvage document refers to. Before that it was known as OPERATION BLUE BEAM. Awake individuals will recognize Operation Blue Beam (which was made known by Serge Monast in 1994). Serge, who exposed it, was apparently suicided in ’99. Before the name Operation Blue Beam, people like William Cooper, myself, Betty J. Mills, and Gen. Edward Lansdale (also CIA) had exposed the possibility of holographic images being used, & a mock alien invasion.

BILL COOPER’S PREDICTION. Recently, I have had Cooper’s words ringing in my head: “Can you imagine what will happen if Los Angeles is hit with a 9.0 quake, New York City is destroyed by a terrorist-planted atomic bomb, World War III breaks out in the Middle East, the banks and the stock markets collapse, Extraterrestrials land on the White House lawn, food disappears from the markets, some people disappear, the Messiah presents himself to the world, and all in a very short period of time? Can you imagine? The world power structure can, and will if necessary, make some or all of those things happen to bring about the New World Order.” The reason these words are ringing in my head, is that at this moment it appears we might get all of those things happen at once, just like he said might happen!!! Another person in the early ’90’s said that the mock alien invasion would “occur at a time of great political tumult.” That is definitely this pt. in time, with Trump upsetting the agenda of the elite. Another person who said they had knowledge on Project Blue Beam, said that the appearance of UFOs would also happen with mind control triggering people to go crazy, get homicidal & suicidal. That is quite realistic with the power of the mind control they already have in place.

11:11. One of the first groups I exposed in 1993 relating to the mock alien invasion was the New Age 11:11 group that said it was in contact with Pleiadian aliens. Supposedly, the Pleiadian leader they were working with had defected from the evil Pleiadians and brought numerous leaders with him to give us humans a rapture of “light workers”. In a separate area of the world, Billy Meier’s Pleiadian contacts were telling him about the evil aliens who are working with the World govt.s to subjugate our planet. According to the 11:11 aliens there are universal laws that limit what the evil aliens can do. (This sounds more to me like the limits Almighty God puts on evil angels.) I had a tape of Ashtar, the alien leader who switched sides according to his own words after serving evil for tens of thousands of years. The tape of him addressing the 11:11 group would send chills down your back…this is obviously a fallen angel not a benevolent alien. One of these Pleiadians claims to be Jesus of the Bible, but his teachings are opposite of the Biblical Jesus. For instance, he states, “There is no judgment…of any choice you make…” The 11:11 group is told that it is o.k. to believe whatever you want. Ashtar & his Sanandu Jesus call these new agers “light workers”. Their job was to “anchor the light”. The Jesus Sanandu also goes by the name Esu…for those who know African Ju-Ju satanism, that is their name for Satan! These same concepts are not just happening in the 11:11 group, but can be observed all over. I will now quote some (as far as I know unrelated) witnesses who are talking about how the number 11:11 is all over the place in their lives. And their testimonies tie it all back to the same thing the 11:11 group and their rebel Pleiadians are saying.

FIRST OF TESTIMONIES BY WITNESSES. Witness #1 says the two suns are related to 11:11, ” People who experience 11:11, and others, are reporting dreams and experiences about two suns:…The two suns indicate the duality balance ahead, in the symbolic form of Venus growing in size to equal the sun. The duality balance includes the two ways of thinking, intuitional and rational. Symbols of this include shaman/chief, priest/king, and Fisher King.” The Fisher King is another name for the head of the Illuminati. Duality is the Gnostic belief system of the Illuminati. Venus is the occult name of Lucifer, the light bearer.

Witness #2 says, “LIGHTWORKERS BEGIN TO RECEIVE WORD THE MOMENT THEY START SEEING 11:11….LIGHTWORKERS (11:11’S) ARE VITAL. WE WILL ANCHOR THE GRID FOR THE NEW PLANET.” Witness #3 says, “It is a code engrained in your memory before you were born and when you see it you will begin to alter your thoughts until you do whatever it is you were meant to do prior to your arrival on this plane. Oughten House publishers and Solara have good books as well as a magazine called Connecting Link. I know over 20 people who see 11:11 and see it all the time. You will also find out that after you start making spiritual changes in your life you will stop seeing 11:11, this is the truest test of all.”

Witness #4 says, “11:11 is a wake-up call for lightworkers. Lightworkers are people who signed up for a “green beret” type of mission when they were on the spirit plane ( before being incarnated on Earth). What the mission is, in short, is to hold as much Light as possible, as strongly as possible, on this planet.”

SUMMING UP 11:11. Obviously 11:11, which holds great occult significance, is being used as a wake up code. Interestingly, Edgar Cayce said the number was significant. Ever since 1990 when I began studying the code 11:11, it has continued to be used to awaken “light workers” for some kind of work for the “benevolent rebel group of Pleiadians” who want to rapture light workers out. Part of Operation Blue Beam plans was to have a small rapture.

FURTHER COMMENTS BY COOPER. Bill Cooper said that he heard air force pilots talk of UFOs, he saw a UFO while in the military and that he saw secret military documents related to aliens. He made this statement about the aliens, “They claim that all religion was created by them to hasten the formation of a civilized culture and to control. …They claim that Jesus was a product of their efforts. The aliens have furnished proof of these claims and have a device that allows them to show audibly and visually any part of history that they or we wish to see.” (William Cooper. Typed Paper given out at talk c. 1990, p. 9) The more Cooper learned the more he came to believe that the aliens were a demonic psyop being done by our govt. Yeah buddy!

FINAL COMMENTS. The World has been groomed to believe in aliens & UFOs. Both are now global social realities. All this has been carefully manipulated. UFO meetings are heavily infiltrated w/ spooks for a reason. All this has been a carefully controlled orchestrated campaign to prepare us for a mock alien invasion. Will they play this card to insure Trump does not win?? We will see what cards they play in these coming days!! Real life is way beyond fiction, but includes plenty of psyops. Wow. Have a good one my friend.


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