NEWSWEEK MISTAKE CREATES COLLECTOR ITEM.(12 NOV ’16) With all that has been going on, I forgot to tell readers that Newsweek was so sure that Hillary was going to win, that they only printed and shipped Newsweek magazines that said Madame Hillary had won. (Well, they could not put those out to sell…but if you can get one do…it will be a valuable collector’s item.) Meanwhile they are having to go back, write and print up magazines reflecting Trump’s victory…which has put them 2 weeks behind on distribution. Reportedly, Steve Quayle put out a rare Quayle alert, that Trump has announced that the globalists like Soros have started a Purple Revolution and are taking the economy down. I will try to find some verification that Trump & Quayle both actually announced this, but I can’t picture Steve Quayle announcing it if it were not true, unless things are being misquoted somewhere. If you can verify this, or have more to add then please contribute on the thread.


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