News on Monday 28 NOV 2016

News on Monday 28 NOV. I will be on Kathy Rubio’s radio show at 3:30 p.m. PST (5:30 CST) …I believe that her show is still called No Holds Barred Live. Pastor Don Grahn works with her. Dennis Michael Lynch talks about 2 things on his walk…8 students killed…he did not realize that these students were killed by a bad tornado that hit their school, Enterprise High School in Georgia. It was not a shooting. The other thing he reported was that a liberal school had decided to quit having an American flag at their school, with blah blah blah liberal excuses…a large protest this weekend by vets all carrying flags spontaneously took place in response to Dennis’ report on the school’s anti flag stance. This is the kind of response Americans need to keep doing to turn this nation around. While I don’t believe in ultra-nationalism…I do believe we should respect certain things…and respect to one’s national symbols is in line with the spirit of ROM 13. We are called to improve things…not destroy things. That was the way Christ did it…converting Roman soldiers.


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