I am going to share a link that explains new developments:…/something-big-is-underway-on-all-… .

SUMMARY. What we see happening is that NATO and RUSSIA are deploying for war. I find it significant that Norway has allowed U.S. troops into Norway. They have a treaty with Russia not to allow foreign troops in. That is significant because I believe the surprise route that the Russians plan to use to invade Western Europe is to come through Scandinavia, which would outflank NATO defenses that have been in place for years. Perhaps NATO is also thinking that way…unfortunately a small deployment is not going to stop the Russians–only aggravate them! Also significant is that Maj. Gen. Rossi was suicided…perhaps he was not willing to go along with their WW3 plans.

Something Big Is Underway On All Fronts: “Within The Next Few Weeks The Future Of The United States Will Be Decided”


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