A discussion of the secrecy behind the TPP & TTIP. Christ said that men don’t want to come to the light because their deeds are evil. It’s been said that sunlight is a great disinfectant! On April 16, 2015, Congress gave the President authority to make a trade treaty with the EU “on the fast track”. On June 29, 2015, they gave him the same authority for a trade treaty with the nations on the Pacific Ocean. What happened is that two super-secret trade treaties were signed—the TTIP w/ the EU & the TPP w/ 11 Pacific nations. Each country’s legislature must ratify the agreement before it can go into effect, but the legislators in these nations are expected to ratify the treaties without seeing the terms!!! By the way, these treaties are the equivalent to the NAFTA agreement that was done w/ Canada & Mexico. (More about what we can discern of the terms in a min.) The U.S. Congress has 90 days to “review” (& debate?) the agreement without reviewing it. Congress can only vote “yes” or “no” on the treaties. It cannot change any of the secret text which Congress can’t see to change even if they were allowed. Once ratified by all the signing nations, only a consensus of nations will overturn the treaties. (Hello, New World Order!)

PROBLEMS IN JAPAN. The Japanese diet was asked to ratify the TPP treaty sight unseen…and it might have worked for globalist PM Shinzo Abe if a draft of a book by the treaty’s negotiator had not been leaked. Nishikawa was Japan’s negotiator, and he wrote an autobiography on his time negotiating the TPP. His book is not to be published until after the treaty was approved…but someone leaked the draft of the book to PM Abe’s opposition party, the Democratic Party (of Japan). Now the Democratic Party (DP) of Japan wants to use excerpts from the book in the Diet’s debate. Rather than have some kind of debate on the TPP, Abe is asking that the treaty be shelved & not ratified. What he is really trying to do, is to shelve things until after elections so his party does not get hurt. The Japanese people are beginning to smell a rat! The DP is asking Nishikawa to confirm that the 242-pg. draft is a legitimate copy of what he wrote. Nishikawa is trying to dodge the issue.

2 GLOBALIST ELITE TREATIES. While no one knows who the globalist elite hired to write these secret treaties, we do know that they give the elite’s multinational corporations whatever they want. Enough is known to realize the global elitists come out ahead, & the little person suffers…especially American workers. How can an American worker compete with a Vietnamese worker who is desperate & works in a country where the minimum wage is 56 cents/hr.?? As they lied to the American people about NAFTA, likewise, the Obama administration is telling people this will add jobs to America. What it will really do is destroy some businesses & put some people out of work. But it does even worse…allow me to explain…

BAD FOOD. America has food standards. Europe has even better food standards. Many of these good standards will be done away with, making it riskier to eat! The TPP will make it easier for countries like Vietnam to export contaminated fish & seafood into the U.S. In the past the FDA has banned hundreds of seafood imports from TPP countries because of salmonella, e-coli, methyl-mercury & drug residues. The vast increase in allowed foods will overwhelm the FDA inspection process even if they are given any authority to challenge imports. Likewise, the EU bans all genetically-modified crops, meat from animals treated with growth hormones, & poultry that’s been washed with chlorine. These are all common practices with food produced in the U.S. The new TTIP treaty will remove Europe’s safeguards. In other words, the standard is lowered for everyone so the multinational corporations can make bigger profits at our expense of health. (Welcome New World Order!)

SPEAKING OF PROFITS? You know how a Viagra pill costs perhaps $30 per pill, but if you get a generic brand from India it costs like $1 per pill. The treaties are set to help big pharma eliminate generic foreign brands. Big pharmaceutical companies are working hard to ensure that the TPP extends the monopolies they have for prescription drugs by extending their patents…no wonder they want this all kept secret. TPP & TTIP increase the profits of big pharma, keep drug prices artificially high, & prevent access to life saving drugs to millions of people around the world. (Welcome the NWO’s subtle population control!) Doctors without Borders claim “the TPP agreement is on track to become the most harmful trade pact ever for access to medicines in developing countries.” Wow. (Hmmm…The elite have an agenda to reduce the population, & they slipped it into the treaties! Rascals.) No wonder that Hillary Clinton, who helped negotiate the treaties, publicly claims she doesn’t support them. (Like I really believe that Hillary because you said it.) Analysts of the TPP & TTIP say that the profits of large corporations & Wall Street will increase by outsourcing jobs, undercutting worker rights, & dismantling labor, environmental, health, food safety & financial laws. (Yes, Hillary & Obama your administration better keep the contents of the TPP a secret.)

THE ORIGINAL SIZE OF TPP & ITS SCOPE. The TPP is between Australia, Brunei Darussalam, Can., Chile, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, NZ, Peru, Singapore, the USA, & Vietnam. It removes tariffs on goods & services. It harmonizes regulations. It destroys sovereignty, and replaces it with international controls. And it also allows the U.S. to intervene militarily in trade disputes, for instance the trade disputes in the oil-rich South China Sea, where China has been increasing its military control (like warplanes on island airbases). Last but not least, the trade agreement could supersede financial regulations, allowing the banksters and Wall St. gamblers (pretending to be investors) to do their wild Ponzi schemes everywhere. Yes, what a great treaty for the Oligarchs of the world. And companies that were not excited about the treaties have been bribed. New Balance shoes, an American company that prides itself on making sustainable running shoes in America was not happy about TPP. (For sure.) So the Obama administration bribed them to keep quiet & not oppose TPP in exchange for Pentagon shoe contracts. When the promised contracts (the bribe) did not happen, New Balance shoes has stopped being quiet.

Well folks, there you have it. The nature of evil is to be secret.


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