MORSELS OF INFO ON SPAIN & THE WORLD ORDER TO CHEW ON: Expanding our awareness of the World Order. 6 FEB 2017

The Spanish Monarchy is part of the Illuminati now and was in the past. They bear the title King of Jerusalem, as well as the title Inca Creator. The 13th Illuminati bloodline, its Holy bloodline has ruled Spain. The Hapsburgs have played a big historical role; their logo has been the pillars of Hercules w/ the words “Non Plus Ultra” (“nothing beyond”). Let’s review of some basic facts: Spain has participants in the Bilderberg Meetings, and was the origin of the Dominican Order & the Jesuits. The Opus Dei movement is active in Spain; and currently the Illuminati & Freemasons take a leading role in the nation’s decisions. At one pt., I had a young victim of the Illum. mind control from Spain in our house getting therapy for about 2 months. The goal of this short article is add some interesting morsels to this kind basic understanding.

SUPPORT FOR ELITE STYLE EUGENICS. Valencia, Spain’s museum of The City of Arts & Sciences promotes on display Bertrand Russell & his philosophy. Let me quote Bertrand Russell: “Diet, injections, and injunctions will combine, from a very early age, to produce the sort of character and sort of beliefs that the authorities consider desirable. And any criticism of the powers that be will become psychologically impossible.” The museum & Russell suggest that mankind will evolve into two species—the elite form of man, and the docile dumbed down slave. Selective breeding by the elite will also supposedly help split humanity into two races. Obviously, Spain promotes more than the standard traditional Catholic line of thought, because eugenics like this is an Illuminati agenda.

THE TURNING PT. The turning pt. for Spain came in 1492, when an explorer known as Christopher Columbus, (backed by: some banking houses in Genoa such as the Doria & Spinola families, a branch of the semi-secret Knights Templars, and the King & Queen of what became Spain) started Spain on their way to a vast empire and vast riches. By the way, Columbus had begun his early life as an agent for the Genoese Centurione Banking family. Also that year, the Islamic Moors were kicked out, and the job was finalized in 1500 with the eradication of Islam from Catholic Spain. The New World’s silver & gold made Spain rich, and this allowed Spain to dominate other territories like the Netherlands, Belgium, and Italy. The resources and ingenuity of these conquered or allied nations provided much of what Spain used to create a viable empire. Spain by itself could never have achieved the glory of its empire.(A) The final blow to a genuine Spanish empire was when Spain lost Cuba to the U.S. in 1898. Cuba was so similar & close to Spain that they had really considered it to be a part of Spain. It was a hard blow to accept, but by this time Spain had descended into weakness. The glory of the empire was but a memory.

ANCIENT SPANISH ORDERS. When you find ancient elite orders still in existence (with new reasons for their existence), one can suspect the Illuminati is using the Order as a cover. The Spanish form of the Order of the Illuminati (Alumbrados) contributed to the creation of the Society of Jesus (aka Jesuits). The militant nature of the Jesuits is not unique. The Order of Santiago (Orden de Santiago, and aka The Order of St. James of the Sword) and the Order of Calatraba (Orden de Calatraba) were created in the 12th century as military orders of monks, and these orders, although greatly changed, exist today. By the way Santiago is St. James, who as an apostle, is traditionally said to have been martyred in northern Spain, the site having a church placed on it. The 12th century military orders of monks like the Order of Santiago were prepared to fight for the Catholic Church and run their hospitals. The Order of the Temple also was a military Hospital order like the two ancient ones mentioned.

THE MODERN ORDER OF SANTIAGO. After c. 1250, only nobles could join the order. One had to prove nobility on both sides back 200 years. The order was ruled by a Grand Master with a Council of 13. Members were knights. Now why did these religious orders only take noble children & why did nobles send their children to the nunneries & monasteries? Surplus noble daughters were sent to nunneries…excessive dowries would keep extra daughters from being married off; and younger excess noble sons (especially if they were scholarly) were shipped off to monasteries. These kinds of military orders did not want the poor to join. So the Order of Santiago has had its HQ at the Monastery at Ucles, in Cuenca Province, Castille, Spain. In 2014, it had 35 knights & 30 novices…all of noble blood. Juan Carlos 1 re-established the modern form of the Order. When King Juan Carlos abdicated, his son who replaced him was taken to the Order’s Monastery of El Escorial in Madrid and according to the grape vine, was inducted into secrets. El Escorial is an amazing place in Spain where Political power (the Royal Palace & Royal graveyard) & Ecclesiastical power were HQed. It was also a great esoteric alchemical center. The Monastery there was built on a site called “the Gate of Hell”!! The Order of Santiago is based in southern Spain (Castilla). Southern & northern Spain have had a totally different sets of Catholic monastic organizations. The Jesuits, Dominican, & Santiago Orders have been strong in the south. Other less violent groups are in the north. One of the modern Order’s goal is to unite Spain & Portugal.

And with this, I’ll close this short article.

(A) Kamen, Henry. How Spain Became a World Power 1492-1763.


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