This post is on an important secret subject, special machines and strange non-human DNA, & portals to other dimensions. Due to my heavy load of school work, this will be brief. The goal of this post is to call people’s attention to a subject that others have talked about. Perhaps readers will supplement my short comments with more comments and links in the thread.

LOST SECRET KNOWLEDGE. Ancient Babylon held some powerful secrets. The vestiges of these secrets were transmitted to the pre-Kabballah & then into the written Kabballah. The Talmud repeatedly forbids study of the Mercabah. Additionally, I quote, “The idea of making a journey to the heavenly hekhal seems to be a kind of spiritualization of the pilgrimages to the earthly hekhal that were now no longer possible. It is a form of pre-Kabbalah Jewish mysticism that teaches both of the possibility of making a sublime journey to God and of the ability of man to draw down divine powers to earth; it seems to have been an esoteric movement that grew out of the priestly mysticism already evident in the Dead Sea Scrolls and some apocalyptic writings (see the studies by Rachel Elior).” Part of these secrets involved some type of machine for going to other dimensions, the Mercabah. In Ezekiel 1:4-26 are passages that are associated with the Mercabah and strange angelic creatures that are also associated.

OTHERS SHARE. Tom Horn & Steve Quayle, and others who associate with them have been talking about how immediately after the U.S. invaded Iraq, a secret contingent (we are talking Illuminati level troops) took both special DNA and an ancient power source for what I take to be a Mercabah from a secret room underground in the capital’s Babylonian museum. Tom & Steve’s sources sound legit, and this lines up with other things. This is important because it plays into the concept that the Illuminati are working at creating portals to other dimensions—something CERN openly says is a goal. We know that during the end times, powerful evil forces will be at work. Knowing this, we are prepared for the Kingdom of Death to enter our realm in a powerful way. This is all I am writing, readers are welcome to contribute more on the thread on this subject.


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