MANY SHALL COME SAYING “I AM CHRIST”: An Overview of dangerous new cults & new Christs.
This article discusses the fulfillment of Christ’s prophecies recorded at MT 24:5, 23-26 & MK 13:21-22. Christ warned that many would claim to be the Christ in the end days, they would even show signs and wonders, but we are to take heed that no man deceive you. “If any man shall say unto you, Lo, here is Christ, or there, believe it not. For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall show great signs and wonders; inasmuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect. Behold, I have told you before.”(A) False Christs & false prophets are appearing all over, but especially in the BRICS countries. For this article, I will tend to focus on BRICS & false Christs. It is hoped that this will serve as a research source, as well as provide the reader with patterns for future awareness. The pattern we find repeating itself is for a charismatic person to say he is Christ, preach apocalyptic visions, and to create a cult around him. Next, these cults take on weird dangerous activities, ending in suicides, murders, kinky sex, mind control and crime. Jim Jones, David Koresh, & Heaven’s Gate leader Marshall Applewhite all claimed to be Christ, used t.b.m.c., and created apocalyptic cults of death. And similar things happen overseas, though we don’t hear about them, for instance, 7 women of the Japanese Friends of the Church of Truth set themselves on fire when their leader died. In 1991, a Mexican minister Ramon Morales Almazan led his whole community of 30 into suicide. The leader of the Order of the Solar Temple, who claimed to be a reincarnated Knight, led his group into the suicides & murders of 70 people. (By the way, the Order of the Solar Temple had links to Satanism & the P2 Masonic lodges.) Without these leaders & mind control these cults would not have existed.

BRAZIL. Spiritism & occultism are all over this BRICS nation. For those researchers who are interested in a comprehensive list of Christian denominations & other religious groups in Brazil (or any other Latin Amer. nation) you can use the PROLADES (dot) com research page. In modern times, Brazil has always had a hodge podge of religions. Brazil is nominally the largest Roman Catholic nation, but Macumba (& similar occult cults) is more widespread than Catholicism. Candles w/ colored ribbons, priests in white robes, sacrificed chickens, worship of spirits are some of the signs of Macumba. In recent years, a number of messianic cults have sprung up including the Universal Brotherhood of Eclectic Spiritualists & the Messianic Church. Interestingly, the Theosophical Society (which has created a few anti-Christs), the Golden Dawn & many other occultists have used the term “Universal Brotherhood”. Brazil’s Universal Brotherhood of Eclectic Spiritualists should not be confused with a Canadian group started by Mary Hietanen called the Spiritist Church of Universal Brotherhood (UBSC) The buzz words “universal brotherhood” may be a tip-off to an organization of higher level occultism, which Brazil has its share of. Parana, Brazil is a Gnostic node, and has the Samael Aun Weor Foundation and the Gnostic Church of Brazil. Samael Aun Weor (f.k.a. Victor M.G. Rodriguez, bn. in Columbia) was one of the greatest modern day Gnostics (i.e. occultist). For him, the name Samuel means “the Logos”. He knew most of the heavy duty occult knowledge, & believed he had “christified” himself. He also taught that there would be an Apocalyptic Christ who comes after the “Great Cataclycism” that “consumes the world”. Samael Aun Weor (now deceased) is admired by some Satanists. Speaking of Satanists—who at times have Christian-like names to their organizations…there was a Grail Movement sect in Czechoslavakia which was discovered cannibalistically ritually eating one of their members’ son. At first it was exposed as a Grail Movement group (not to be confused with the Catholic women’s movement begun in 1921 with the same name), but the judge & media later denied it & covered it up. Now there is a gnostic Grail Movement group in Brazil also.

RUSSIA. With the collapse of the Soviet Union, Russia opened its society up to religious freedom. Instantly, lots of sects and cults started popping up….and some of these were apocalyptic cults w/ leaders claiming to be Christ. So it went from the extreme of atheism as the official religion, to the other extreme where it is like the religious wild west. Here are some new groups: Sergi Torop claims to be the reincarnation of Christ (& he is a good look-alike) and in 1990 he started the Church of the Last Covenant… or as some translate, “Covenant” is “Testament” (aka Vissarions). His last testament was a 12-vol. addition to the Bible. He now has a peaceful community of followers at Petropavlovka in the Siberian Taiga Forest. They believe in aliens & an apocalypse. Maria Devi-Christos claims to be the mother of Christ and began the White Brotherhood (aka Usmalos) whose followers are Ukrainian youth. Sobolyov claims to be a prophet and teaches eastern mysticism along with an apolcalyptic end time teaching that incl. an AntiChrist. Satanism & neo-nazism are also springing up, for instance in 1989, the Society of Satan got attention in Moscow when 9 satanists of a coven got convicted of ritual murder. An example of a well-known Russian “fascist” who openly praises the Nazi SS is Aleksandr Dugin.

INDIA. During the past few years, India has had a pathological rise in instances where followers of some Hindi religious sect get excessively outraged over stray remarks, pictures, books, movies, songs or anything that even remotely relates to their religion. We are seeing a rise of Hindu extremism. There are Hindu organizations that actively promote sending gurus to the West & South Africa. The spread of Hindu gurus is quite organized. It is normal for these gurus call themselves “Lord” and teach their followers to worship them. In this sense, India is an active breeding ground for new religions (although they all fall under the umbrella of Hinduism). Some of the gurus are skilled at controlling their new converts.

AFRICA. In a previous post I discussed the new pagan secret societies springing up in Africa. Some of them, as in Uganda, have been responsible for many deaths. Also Africa is also home to a lot of indigenous Christian groups, some of which are apocalyptic & dangerous. In the Be Wise As Serpents book, I brought out how WT Society spinoffs were responsible for various revolutions.

& AMERICA. I have previously mentioned many new American sects/cults but there are a couple new ones that can be mentioned for the first time: Red Satanica (Satanic Network), which is a popular web portal in Spanish for young Satanists. The youth are taught things like “loud wins over right”. Basically, victory goes to the bully. The Sect of the Only Way is also Satanic & Latino, and reportedly makes snuff films. It is possible it is in several countries, incl. SW USA & operates with the blessings of our govt. One of our “Christ is here” sects is the International Community of Christ (aka Jamilians) who believe that Jamil Sean Savoy (one of the families I written about) was the reincarnation of Christ. His esoteric “true” teachings of Christ was printed as the book The Decoded New Testament, and you can study these teachings for a minimum pledge of $734. Savoy teaches that Christ was a force not a deity. His original community was near Reno, NV. The Holy Order of Mans (started by Earl Blighton, who claims to be a prophet) will teach you how to become a Christ yourself. You will learn Kabala, and secret hidden mysteries of the Greater Brotherhood, who are Christed individuals who will rule with the Cosmic Christ. Another gnostic who calls himself a Christian is Roy Masters who created the Foundation of Human Understanding. Another group that I have repeatedly exposed over the years is the satanic Process Church which now calls itself the Foundation of Faith of God. While it embraces some standard Christian teachings, it is still a weird dangerous cult.

FINAL THOUGHTS. Judgment begins at the House of God.(B) If we are mixed up with any of these things…we need to separate ourselves…and refocus on the real Christ. And everyone—you, I and anyone involved in religion is to handle the Word of God honestly. We are warned in the Word about those “handling the Word of God deceitfully.”(C) The Word of God says those who handle the Word deceitfully will insure their own destruction.(D) Have a bless day my friend.

(A) MT 24:23-25 (B) 1 PTR 4:17 (C) 2 COR 4:2 (D) 2 PTR 3:16


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