A glance at some things that may be worth noting.

My forecast that the New Zealand 5.6 earthquake east of Wellington would likely trigger an earthquake in Japan proved unfortunately to be the case. Today, an earthquake off of the Fukushima area occurred. Various reports give it different magnitudes, one said it was 7.3 . Consequently, the Pacific coast will get an elevated wave, the one that hit the Fukushima coastal area today was 1 meter high. Now we will have to see if today’s Japanese earthquake was enough to set off our Cascadia fault. As I have written now a couple of times in my posts, when our 700 mile long faultline off our Northwest coast (OR-WA-no. CA-so. B.C.) goes, it will be the biggest earthquake the U.S.A. has experienced. We have the tension built up to have a 9.0 quake. Up to now, the faultline has just simply absorbed more tension, and that is most likely what will happen again. It is somewhat of a catch-22. The longer it builds up tension, the bigger it will be. But also, the longer it takes to happen, the better prepared the NW will be. As I know that the elite have weather modification abilities, I have been trying to watch weather patterns, esp. unusual events, which seem to be occurring often in the last few years.

TRUMP ANNOUNCES MORE PLANS FOR THE FIRST 100 DAYS. The underlining theme of his approx. 3 min. talk to America today was that he will “put America first” in what he does as president. He also battled with mainstream media some more today.

TWITTER CENSORS CONSERVATIVES TODAY. Various conservative twitter accounts were suspended today. In the kind of hypocrisy that seems to be a pattern of those who call themselves liberals, twitter today suspended an organization that is dedicated to women’s rights in Saudi Arabia, meanwhile approving the Muslim Brotherhood’s English twitter account.

FINANCIAL TERRORIST SOROS AND HIS MONEY MANIPULATION. Soros is able to manipulate the value of currencies, destroying nations and making himself billions of easy money. Not only has Soros gotten away with murder so to speak, by creating colored revolutions in many spots around the world, but he has also gotten away with destroying entire economies!! He is truly an evil genius with no scruples. In July, 2011, Soros made a $1 billion trade bet that the USA would lose their AAA status…and low and behold Standard & Poor downgraded the U.S.’s credit rating from AAA to AA+, and China’s Dagong Rating agency downgraded it from A+ to A. That deal netted him an easy $10 billion. Oil price manipulations–look no further than Soros. Malaysia’s prime minister Dr. Mahathir Mohamad said that they had proof the Soros had collapsed their economy causing the nation’s stock market to collapse, & their currency to plunge costing them billions of $. Soros manipulated the British pound in 1992, and on “Black Wednesday” the value of the pound crashed making Soros and easy $950 million. Numerous people have labeled Soros a danger & menace to humanity, and yet it seems no one does anything about it. Obviously, the Illuminati have his backside.

TONY BLAIR says he wants to model himself after Henry Kissinger. I bet he does.

CURRENCY MANIPULATIONS. While it does not get much notice, North Korea has had an ongoing counterfeiting operation creating U.S. currency carried out by a group called Office 39. The counterfeit U.S. bills are virtually impossible to distinguish. This group also handles North Korea’s dictator Kim Jong II’s Swiss bank accounts. It is estimated that this counterfeiting group makes the North Korean dictator about $1 billion per year. In 2007, it was reported that North Korea bought enough paper to counterfeit $2 billion U.S. dollars. As far as I know, all the U.S. has done to fight this is to try to shut down some of the foreign banks that act as conduits for the counterfeit bills. In WW 2, the Nazi’s counterfeited British money that was impossible to distinguish from the real. In the American Civil War, the North counterfeited Confederate money which they widely distributed, which led to the collapse of the value of CSA’s currency. In this case, the counterfeit bills were often better looking than what the Confederacy was producing. Knowing that the Soviets were stealing American technology, during the Reagan administration they allowed the soviets to steal technology designed to malfunction. Designs of malfunctioning computer chips, that would appear to work upon being manufactured, successfully sabotaged various parts of the Soviet economy, incl. causing the world’s largest natural gas explosion along a pipeline that was the equivalent to a 3-kiloton nuclear bomb going off. Sometimes it doesn’t pay to steal. China holds over $1 trillion in U.S. currency & treasury bills. They are in a good position to hit the U.S. with an economic attack, should they want to destabilize us. Fortunately, they have a few more scruples than Soros.

If I missed anything significant, please feel welcome to note it in the thread. By the way, I will be on Kevin Philips’ radio show tomorrow at noon CST. I will see if I can post a link or more information. Have a good one my friend.


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