This is some more fun with history for those who enjoy learning. The reader will learn that the complete details may be different than the impressions we are given by a superficial reading of history.
FIRST LESSON: A STRANGE SECRET ABOUT NUKES?? In WW 2, the Americans used a long range strategic bomber called the B-29 against Japan in 33,000 sorties. On 6 August, a specially modified B-29, named Enola Gay by its pilot (named after his mother), took off for a flight that would take over 12 hours of flying time. One of the modifications was that it had been stripped of its protective armor & its protective gun turrets. Bear in mind, that Japan’s Ki-100 and Ki-100-11-ko interceptors could out maneuver (outfly) any American escort incl. the Mustang, and then attack the B-29! In other words, the latest generation of Japanese fighters were superior to what we were using! And they had their top pilots flying them. Plus the Ki-100-11-ko was turbocharged for high altitude interception. Due to the war weariness of both the American military & civilians, American losses were understated. Both American & Japanese records are fudged…so we will never know for sure exactly how many B-29’s were lost, the Americans say 450 were lost over Japan…the Japanese say 714 destroyed, 456 probably destroyed, and 720 damaged. By August, 1945, the Japanese Airforce had quit attacking large formations, but did make attacks against single or small formations. They were saving their strength for the invasion. The Americans admit 11,026 fighter attacks were made against B-29 by the Japanese Imperial Airforce.

The numbers are irrelevant to my point which I am about to make. When Enola Gay got to the city of Hiroshima (accompanied by 2 B-29’s she’d picked up over Iwo Jima, one extra to photograph, the other with instruments to measure the blast) Enola Gay did not drop her bomb. Instead she circled & circled. Bruce L. Cathie, an Australian researcher, believes she circled for a long period and dropped her bomb at a very specific time (8:15), because there is a World Energy Grid and nuclear bombs can only go off when they line up with the specifics of this energy grid! Bruce Cathie wrote a number of books incl. The Harmonic Conquest of Space. He said he was able to exactly predict when the U.S. & Russia would test their nukes…because it always coincided with the window of opportunity allowed by the Energy Grid. In other words, the secret is this: nuclear weapons can’t go off indiscriminately at any moment anyplace!! What Cathie said caught my attention because it is true Enola Gay circled and circled until the precise time, certainly making herself more vulnerable when the Americans knew first hand the Japanese had the ability to attack. What he said also lined up with some hints I had also heard that nuclear bombs can’t indiscriminately go off. Interesting thought. So perhaps we have been terrified out of our minds by the World’s elite during the Cold War by a ruse, so that the common man would gladly turn over incredible power to these leaders to protect us.

The Japanese had a nuclear weapons program too. In fact, they were to receive uranium from Germany to create a dirty bomb…but the U-boot was sunk enroute. When the first atom bomb was dropped, they weren’t intimidated, as they figured the U.S. did not have many others if they had anymore, and they were right in a way. Interestly, I have declassified info that the two nukes dropped were indeed the entire strategic nuclear arsenal, although more could be assembled. All the other nukes were tactical nukes that were being saved to drop in series on the two invasion beaches under Operation Olympic & Coronet. The B-29 bomber Bockscar that dropped the plutonium bomb on Nagasaki barely made it back; it did an emergency crash landing on Okinawa just missing a row of B-24s.

The two atom bombs certainly saved many Japanese & American lives by giving the Emperor a face-saving excuse to surrender instead of fighting to the end. But to be completely accurate, the USSR’s powerful surprise invasion of Manchuria on August 9, 1945, the same day as the atom bomb fell on Nagasaki also played a role in causing the Japanese to surrender. According to Russian textbooks & Japanese historian Tsuyoshi Hasegawa, “The Soviet entry into the war played a much greater role than the atomic bombs in inducing Japan to surrender because it dashed any hope that Japan could terminate the war through Moscow’s mediation.” After my study of the details of Japanese discussions at that time, I disagree…the atom bombs were what allowed them to save face when they surrendered, yet it is true the Russian invasion for sure played a role in their decision to quit. Until Russia took Manchuria, the Japanese in 1945 had been capturing more Allied territory than the U.S. had been taking from Japan. That was because Japan was still capturing vast territory in China in ‘45, while the Americans were taking small strategic islands at great cost.

SECOND LESSON. Some APPEARANCES of what happened CAN BE DECEPTIVE. The history books of course present a streamlined view of what happened, and can lead to false ideas. When the Italian navy & army fought they were outclassed by the British and don’t look very effective. There were many reasons why the Italian Regia Marina (navy) and their army did poorly—too many reasons to go into here. What is not well known is that the Italian army & navy had some of the bravest men of the war. There were quite a few times in Africa & Russia that Italian soldiers were extremely brave, and surprised their opponents by defeating them. A good example of successful Italian bravery is the attack by some Italian frogmen on the British fleet at Alexandria. 2 Battleships, 1 destroyer & one cargo ship were put out of action by the frogmen, which flipped the naval balance of power in the Mediterranean.

Another false appearance is the military strength of the American army facing the Germans, which even today people think was an unlimited bucket of resources. What I am about to relate was classified secret back then, so it has not gotten into the history books. When the U.S. got into the war, economic decisions had to be made. Planners had to project how much of this to make, how much of that. In other words, resources had to be allocated because the American economy was powerful, but not unlimited. The size of the American army that would be needed was projected as well as the losses & weapons needed. Things were then tailored to meet those projections…which turned out wrong. The army was to be 90 divisions. It turned out casualties were greater than expected, loss of equipment greater than expected, and the troops needed were insufficient. After D-Day, casualties had to be made up with untrained men and men slotted for other things. Insufficient equipment inventory was kept secret. Troops were sent to the front lines at times without helmets and without guns, because there were none. More divisions were needed, but could not be assembled in the U.S. because there were no weapons to arm them. Eisenhower had to make do with what he had. The few divisions that were still left in the U.S. were sent over to Europe much quicker than had been planned. In the event, everything America had was on the line, what Eisenhower had was all could have had. In the event, Eisenhower won with what he had, but the illusion that America was an endless supply of men & material was a propaganda mirage. Both the U.S. & U.K. were straining to put all they had into the fight.

A final misleading view is how well Japan was defended at the end. The Americans would have definitely faced large fanatic forces where they planned to assault. But a submarine had landed an American force secretly above Tokyo which landed & operated unchallenged the last month of the war. The Japanese were only defending key areas, not their entire coast. The Americans were not even spotted! In contrast, the entire American coast was patrolled by para-military forces on foot & blimps in the air.

FINAL THOUGHTS. I wanted to write a quick interesting post on history basically off the top of my head, and I have invested enough time now on this. There are many other interesting things which perhaps I will share at some other pt. The lesson we can draw from these items today, is that an impression one gets can be at odds with the details. That applies to today as well. The ex-head of the CIA has come out & said Trump is a tool of Putin. One gets the impression from him that our intelligence community is anti-Trump. On the contrary, part of the NSA (National Security Agency) is dead set against Hillary becoming president and were the ones who hacked the DNC’s computers to expose her. And while the Illuminati have some key people in the NSA, over all they are very upset with the organization and are almost at war with it. So we see that those who have power are not all of one mind! Hitler’s second in command Rudolf Hess, grabbed a plane and flew to Scotland. Hitler had to declare him insane. So the details in life can surprise us. Have a great day! And may God protect & bless you my friend.


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