LCE SUPER-ENERGY TECH: Lithium cell energy & the future. (2 JAN 2017)

O.K. I am reneging on my promise to myself not to do more posts. (I tell myself this will still be short & quick!) This post began with me thinking I’d just make a comment on my last post to discuss the emerging technologies that may arrive in time to help the World, & may begin to be unveiled this year. (Then from making a comment, it morphed into an article.) LCE is one technology that will not be suppressed because the elite already have the market cornered to make their trillions. Even so, we will all benefit as they get rich off of Lithium as a fuel source, because with the lithium cells as they have quietly developed, your car can run over 42,000 miles before filling up again. Undoubtedly, that will be handy. It is conceivable, that unless another technology is unveiled, that LCE will be the wave of the future & essentially displace most everything else, or work in combination with other energy sources.

FEW SOURCES ALREADY OWNED BY ELITE & THEIR CORPORATIONS. (People like Bill Gates & businesses like Goldman Sachs are heavily invested into LCE.) Here in the U.S.A. the largest place that can produce lithium is a 15,000 acre site in NV on top of 5 aquifers of lithium. These NV brine pools are the best source of lithium in the U.S. The major sources globally are a series of sites in the Andes Mountains (Bolivia, Chile, and a good 20,000 acre site in NW Argentina). China, Australia, & Zimbabwe also have lithium. The global reserves are pegged at 39 million tons. It is found in granite and hectorite clay. Clay dust is placed into centrifuges to extract lithium. While the bulk of the money to be made will go to the elite…for those with money you could still invest into an LCE company. (You’ll have to do that research yourself.)

USES FOR LITHIUM UP TO NOW. The largest use of lithium is lithium oxide used in pottery glazes worldwide. Lithium aluminum hydride is used as a rocket solid fuel. It is also put into other rocket propellants. Lithium is used in lithium-ion batteries. There are various forms of lithium or various combinations of it and other things. Lithium-6 was critical for nuclear energy to be produced and had to be refined from Lithium-7. The costs involved in LCE have been cut 90% by research. Volkswagen & Ford are at the head of the pack of car manufacturers turning to LCE, but they will all go that direction within a few years.

THERE YOU HAVE IT. This is just one of several revolutionary new technologies that the elite will allow to come out, because they will get richer. While the best technology will cont. to be suppressed, there will still be some good things coming down the pike. We are going to have to take the good surprises with the bad ones, and the big question on people’s minds is how bad will the bad ones be?? Gam zo l’ tovah. (Even in this there will be good.)


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