For those who are interested in what the cops did wrong according to police protocol when they murdered LaVoy Finnicum like a rabid dog, I am sharing the following link when a policeman goes step by step and explains what an attorney can use to show the cops were wrong.

First, the FBI had at least 50 chances to have simply arrested LaVoy in the Burns area. He had been speaking to the FBI, they knew who was in the car and they were following with a drone or helicopter. When LaVoy finally crashes his vehicle into the snow to avoid an illegal road block made by police cars he clearly gets out of the car with his hands up. The police have created this deadly situation. The retired cop explains that they have created what is termed “deadly force” with this surprise set of vehicles blocking the road. He asks, “Was deadly force authorized from the beginning?” LaVoy is being somewhat submissive with his hands in the air. A cop with his rifle pointed at LaVoy runs behind the LaVoy vehicle obviously unconcerned that the uncleared car poses any threat. The cop reviewing the video says that it is a case where the police are jacked up, are over-reacting and not following protocol.

So if you are interested in reviewing what happened from an unbiased retired policeman’s viewpoint, here it is. As he points out, the investigation of the killers will be done by the police and the have multiple reasons to cover up all the wrong deeds that were done to murder an American patriot with no just cause.

Retired cop details police wrongdoings in the murder of LaVoy…


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