This is an update on the news, plus commentary on some of what caught my attention.

W.K. KELLOGG FOUNDATION. This foundation recently gave $1 million to Black Lives Matter, and $380K to Tides Center, & a large amount to George Soro’s Open Society Foundation in NYC. The W.K. Kellogg Foundation is the 7th largest foundation in the U.S. with $8.25 billion in assets in 2015. That year, they gave $296.2 million in grants. The foundation is still closely linked to the W.K. Kellogg Co. and the Kellogg family so my commentary will give some context to the news. First, my experience is that all the large foundations are dirty (in other words, they funnel Illuminati money into Illuminati agendas). What caught my attention is that the W.K. Kellogg Foundation is obviously getting involved in Soros’ riots & chaos by funneling money to things. Soros himself is reported to have put over $30 million into the Ferguson race riots. A previous W.K. Kellogg Foundation project (began in 1994) had been launching fluoridation programs throughout all of North & South America. In ’96, the Foundation gave the equivalent of $1.4 million to begin fluoridation throughout Central & So. America. A personable black lady La June Montgomery Tabron is CEO of the Foundation. Another major project of the Foundation is to stop ill treatment of blacks. In Jan. ’16, the Foundation created the Truth, Racial Healing and Transformation enterprise which is holding meetings across the nation to stop racial inequality. I wonder…are they helping the problem or stirring up trouble?

KELLOGG FAMILY. Those who have copies of my Bloodlines of the Illuminati book will note that several Kelloggs are it, and I should probably have had more. So let me start with the 4 that I know were Illuminati from their Order of Skull & Bones membership: William Welch K. (RAND corp., Head Dept. of Commerce, Assoc. dir. Ntl. Ctr. for Atmospheric Research, NASA), Stephen Wright (Congressman, Judge), Fred William (education), Charles Poole (welfare admin.). The next on my list who I have good reason to suspect was Illuminati was Frank Billings Kellogg. The Billings family is also Illuminati. Frank Billings was a Master Mason, a Senator, Secr. of State, Pres. of the American Bar Assoc., U.S. ambassador to the U.K. and a judge on the Permanent Court of Interntl. Justice. Abraham L. Kellogg, another Freemason, was on the Supr. Ct. of NY. Two Kellogg brothers: Will Keith and John Harvey in Battle Creek, MI gave us corn flakes. Will Keith started in 1906 what became the Kellogg Co. in 1922. He was also the one who started the Foundation. Meanwhile, his brother ran a sanatorium, that received many elite clients. John Harvey began as a 7th Day Adventist but was disfellowshipped for publicly promoting panentheism. John Harvey had some unusual beliefs…such as eugenics for non-white races, although he had several black foster kids–go figure that one? He believed that electro-shock & chemically desensitizing women’s clitorises was called for to stop people from masturbating. Mel Brook’s did a ’95 film based on him entitled “Dracula: Dead & Loving It”. Now how did the Kellogg Co. which was supposedly based on John Harvey’s health food ideas go to using GMO/pesticide/glyphosate laced crops in their products?

ITALY & MARKETS. The Dow Jones reached 19,150 yesterday. Financial expert Michael Levitt says the stocks are overvalued by 80% and I agree with him. There is no excuse for the stocks rising–granted Trump is president-elect and he continues to save jobs from leaving, but that does not make all these companies whose stocks are rising more profitable. No connection. So Italy is voting on Constitutional reforms tomorrow. Something they haven’t done this big since WW 2. This is something like Brexit, so I anticipate there could be market fluctuations. They love to blame the market moves on things like this.

JILL STEIN & THE GREEN PARTY ON THE OUTS. The Green Party gets votes from idealistic voters. I spoke with a few who were going to vote for Jill for president because they wanted to make an idealistic statement…even though they knew she would lose. Now the Green Party has been watching her support Hillary–it is so obvious–she is only asking for recounts in states Hillary lost…like Michigan. She is not concerned with voter fraud in California. So the Green Party dislikes her helping Hillary…they don’t support Hillary. And guess what, Jill Stein doesn’t care. These Green Party members are getting a chance to realize that people like Ralph Nader & Jill Stein are tainted. It’s hard to get a legitimate person into a place that they get the limelight. Trump is raising eyebrows on some of his appointments. I am still giving him the benefit of the doubt–I always have said he would have to compromise…but it looks worse than just compromise.

MEDICAL MAFIA. The medical mafia continues to force their ineffective, dangerous cures on us; for instance, Chemotherapy, Statins for heart problems, NSAIDs for arthritis, & last but not least their flu shots. It looks to me that there will be some kind of epidemic (whether real or faked who knows). The Somalians that the Obama administration are bringing in by the thousands without any controls have to have all kinds of diseases. Trump’s administration does not seem like it will make a dent in big pharma’s mafia tactics and all their deceptions & dangerous “cures” they are forcing the Medical system to use on us that often kill us. Here are alternatives to consider instead: Cancer (use Hydro 8), Alzheimers (use MRBE), diabetes (Emperor’s Salt), arthritis (use Solanaca), E.D. (use Oxigenitrate), and flu (use C22). Of course there are many other effective alternative cures.

FINAL THOUGHTS. I will keep this short & sweet and encourage you all to add anything you think is newsworthy to this on the thread. Have a good day my friend.


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