Before discussing the topic of this post, I just want to say I was gratified that German voters have turned against the Illum.’s Angela Merkel, chancellor of Germany, and her party. Some think it may be the beginning of the end for her, because Germans are tired of the rapes & violence of the Moslem refugees whom they took in by the millions. The Anti-Moslem party for Germany (AfD) is now stronger than Merkel’s party & won a regional election. Just like the Brexit, where British voters were tired of the globalist agenda, people are reacting & doing something about the agenda of the globalists. Right on!!! Foreigners are hoping that Trump will do the same kind of thing for the USA. Meanwhile, we have to live with the Obama dictatorship. My post is about something they did without due process of law, that has my college declaring that the Obama Administration’s attack on it is unconstitutional. Nothing new there. The Constitution has been recycled into toilet paper by this administration.

SCHOOLS UNDER FINANCIAL ATTACK. We have seen how our schools in America at all levels are going begging for funds. It is no secret that the elite are working hard to dumb down America. I’m originally from Kansas, and their current Gov. Brownback destroyed public school funding years ago—so much so that the Kansas Supr. Ct. ruled the state of Kansas’s lack of funding of schools was unconstitutional. It was not that money was not available, it was the Governor’s priorities, and how little he cared about promises the state had made in 2006 to schools, parents & the public to provide a certain level of funding. Kansas schools have been wondering if they are even going to be open this school year. Finally, the Governor is asking for public ideas on how to fund the schools—and blaming the public for the schools not being funded. Wow. (Now switching channels slightly to my college’s news– due to the opposition I receive as a whistleblower, I prefer not to discuss my personal life & personal business, so up to now I have not openly discussed what college I was attending.) But now at the end of August, I graduated, and my college just got shut down by the Obama administration. This short post is that interesting story. It appears the Obama administration is trying to shut down colleges for profit, as several besides mine have recently been targeted for destruction, without any due process.

ITT TECHNICAL INSTITUTE & ME. This technical institute graduates a lot of nurses (heavens knows there is a shortage of those!), but also IT technicians, law enforcement degrees, & other technical skills. ITT had 40,000 students until today, when due to the Obama administration, it has shut down. It locked its doors today. My ITT degree was in computer design & drafting (technically it is called “Assoc. of Applied Science”). As some of you know, my father & his brothers were all engineers. I studied engineering at West Point, USMA and helped my father survey & draw up plans. As some of you may know, my father has been inventive, incl. designing a center pivotal sprinkler system (used in large fields) in 1969 which advanced the entire industry to a new generation of sprinkler systems. So drafting has always been relatively fun & easy for me. ITT Technical Institute, based out of Indiana, has had one of the best computer drafting programs. In comparing what its program taught to other schools’, I felt it had an excellent 2 year program…and I certainly did not want to take more than 2 yrs. away from everything else I am doing. And I felt that the economy would not collapse before I completed things…and that estimation proved accurate. (Again I may be just slipping under the wire in time!)

THE FEDS ATTACK. As I just finished my last class, having completed my degree with straight A’s except of one B+, and was feeling that relief that comes from completing a job, the news came in that the Feds were not going to allow ITT students to receive Federal student loans anymore. The Feds imposed a number of sanctions on a number of colleges for profit, & ITT was ordered to pay $152 million to the Dept. of Education within 30 days to cover student refunds and other liabilities in case the company closes. The chain, based in Indiana, is still paying another $44 million demanded by the department in June for the same reason. In spite of the loss of Federal Student loans and the sanctions, ITT was going to continue. A few days ago, the teachers were given new contracts for the next school term.

FOLLOWUP ATTACK. Seeing that, the Federal govt. came back with yet another attack demanding that ITT keep 40% in funds on hand of the Federal funding that students receive. When ITT closed today its HQ said, “This action of our federal regulator to increase our surety requirement to 40 percent of our Title IV federal funding and place our schools under “Heightened Cash Monitoring Level 2,” forced us to conclude that we can no longer continue to operate our ITT Tech campuses and provide our students with the quality education they expect and deserve.”

CONCLUDING REMARKS. I notice when the Feds want to fund something, like a war in Iraq, they always manage to find some way to fund it. But when it comes to education, the emphasis is on more Federal control, and dumbing down America. Lord have mercy. Thank the good Lord we still have home schooling. And thank the good Lord I completed my degree just in time!


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