Yesterday I did something new. I was interviewed by a traditional Catholic. The traditional Catholics gave up on the Roman Catholic church several decades ago. They realized Freemasons & evil Jesuits had taken over the church. They separated in order to hold to the traditional faith of the Catholic church, which they realize has its real roots in the apostolic Church. They also realize that there has been a struggle between Christ and evil in the church all along. They know probably better than Protestants that some of the Popes were outright evil. So that is a little about them. I thought it would be a great venue to share the kind of knowledge I have about the Illuminati, Freemasonry, and how they control the Vatican…and speak in general about any topic that I could to assist the listeners. Eric would raise a subject and then just let me talk, so if you like to hear me talk this is a good interview. We talk a lot about the corruption of the Roman Catholic church and the role it is playing in the New World religion. We also touch on things that are in the future.
The video is up on all of Eric Gajewski’s social media. Here is the link


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