Some written texts DID NOT cross over and update to the lies…. this helps establish the deceptions (God’s help to reveal the truth of what is going on?). This should help but instead it is further confusing some people.

Chris also sent me the FOLLOWING info and links:
All copies currently in existence of The Empire Strikes Back and Snow White including VHS copies and the footage of the JFK assassination are updated to the current false reality. All literature regarding JFK has been updated but I was able to find a few remnants of proof that were left behind which prove he was in a motorcade that only contained four seats.

Illuminati Card Game created in 1995 contained this card in the set.

Rewriting History:

Proof- Luke, I am you father official sneakers.

Man realizes his 24 year old copy of The Empire Strikes Back now says No, I am your father instead of Luke, I am your father. Contains some graphic language.

James Earl Jones admits he said Luke, I am your father in two separate interviews.

Forrest Gump- It was always “Life is like a box of chocolates” There are many proofs of this fact since there is a lot of merchandise still in existence that says “Life is like a box of chocolates” but all copies of the movie including VHS now say Life was.

Reba McIntye’s last name was always spelled McIntyre not McEntire as it is currently listed. Here is proof.

Proof from a VHS copy that Snow White switched form Mirror, Mirror to Magic, Mirror.

Written text proof that Snow White always said Mirror, Mirror on the wall not Magic, Mirror.

Everyone knows the phrase was always Mirror, Mirror.

Some more written remnant physical proof that it always said Mirror, Mirror.

100% Proof that the movie Interview With A Vampire was not called Interview With The Vampire- The Vampire Chronicles.

Bonnie Lou exposes switches in The Empire Strikes Back, The Berenstein Bears, Snow White and Mr. Rogers. I cannot verify if all the bible verses she quotes were switched but I know for sure the KJV never said bottles. I also cannot verify what she states about the geographical changes because I was never very knowledgable on geographical issues.

JFK, new false footage currently in existence. I am using this video just to show proof of the new footage in existence. The guy who made this video makes a part 2 and in it he makes claims that Jackie shot JFK so apparently we have a new conspiracy to go along with this new false footage. So I do not recommend part 2 of this video.

Remnant proof that JFK’s original motorcade only contained four seats and had no middle jump seat section. This is a photo taken in March 2015 at the JFK deluxe tour in Dallas. It is a photo of a woman sitting in a replica of the motorcade. Now I ask anyone doubting what is currently going on with this new false JFK footage to ask themselves why would an official JFK deluxe tour in Dallas create a replica of a four person motorcade if that was not the original car? They would have made a replica according to what the truth is and the truth is it was a four person motorcade and there were no jump seats. This photo also reveals there was no second windshield area.…/…

Remnant photo from LIFE magazine dated November 29th, 1963 also showing a four person car with no jump seats and no second windshield. The car appears white because at the time of this photo it had been stripped. This is the only photo in existence that I know of that shows the original motorcade. Also notice how the replica motorcade photo is a replica of this motorcade and not the false motorcade that is currently in existence.…/11-29-1963-life-kennedy-620×708…

More proof from a historic museum that the motorcade only had four sears with no second windshield area.
You only have to watch first minute.

A good Mandela/Quantum Effect overview video.

Christian believer talks about various things regarding what is going on including new false JFK footage.

Here are some other issues that you can look over that I can not fully verify with a distinct memory but you can look them over and see if you have a distinct memory on these issues.

I have only a faint memory of this but I thought the Lindbergh baby’s body was never found but now according to this reality the baby was found.

My friend David brought this to my attention yesterday and we both feel this has been reworded and we both believe we recall it being worded differently and containing the word mill and never using the word stuff but possessions.


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