Who is in the know?? This post’s interesting info is for history lovers on the hidden hand of history.

THE UNSEEN HAND. I have promoted Ralph Epperson’s book The Unseen Hand for decades. Of the books I have read, I consider it is the best one to reveal that historical events are following a script. If Ralph had not penned the book, then I’d feel compelled to write one to fill the need. (The book is still available.)

AN EXAMPLE OF INSIDER KNOWLEDGE. In the 90’s, while traveling in an airport, I overheard a lady insider spelling out to another woman the 9/11 attack. She gleefully gloated about the new controls that would be implemented over Americans after the terrorist event. (By the way, there are fake conspiracy theories, for instance Pres. Bush’s conspiracy theories about Bin Laden, 9-11 & Iraq.)

ATATURK SPELLS OUT THE FUTURE TO MACARTHUR. In 1934, just after the Nazis had assumed power in Germany, but long before they had initiated their march to war, the President of Turkey Mustafa Kemal Atatürk (1881-1938) spelled out to Gen. Douglas MacArthur (1880-1964), Chief of Staff of the U.S. Army, things to come in the next 15 yrs with accuracy. Was Atatürk prescient or an insider?? Apparently, MacArthur took the info to heart, as afterwards he got in a heated argument with FDR, who wanted to cut the army budget for the next yr. by 51%; MacArthur said the army needed to be prepared for the next big war. (By the way, the Illum. Kingpins told me they’d forewarned FDR about Pearl Harbor just prior to it happening.) The focus of this post is WHAT Atatürk said, & WHO Atatürk was. But first, I need to give some background info.

RELEVANT SNIPPETS FROM HISTORY. This post ties in w/ info in my Bloodlines of Illuminati book, including the Onassis chapter. During the Spanish Inquisition in the late 15th century, Jews from Spain, Portugal & Sicily moved to Constantinople & Salonika in the Ottoman Empire. These are now known as Istanbul, Turkey & Thessaloniki, Greece. In 1492 alone, over 40,000 Spanish Jews fled this way. The Yenikoy neighborhood in Istanbul still contains descendants of this, although most Turkish Jews have moved on to Israel. An example of these Jews is Voltaire’s friend Daniel de Fonseca. They became the merchants for the Empire, because the Moslems did not trust the Christians & were not interested in international trade & finance. An example of this is Hekim Yakup Pasa, who was minister of finance for the Ottoman Empire.

SABBATAI ZEVI. It was from these Jews that a satanic cult, the Sabbateans arose. A spin-off of this satanic group in Poland was the Frankists. When their leader Sabbatai Zevi was arrested, he & his followers converted to Islam & became known as the Donmeh people. (Some people hold that Atatürk was Donmeh. More on him soon.) While the Donmeh are labelled “crypto-Jews”, a more appropriate label is “Kabbalist Satanists”. Edith Star Miller in her Occult Theocracy has a lot to say about these Sabbateans & Frankists and their involvement in Illuminati organizations.

EMMANUEL CARASSO (1862-1934). From this group came Emmanuel Carasso, who I believe was Illuminati. He founded the Macedonia Masonic Risorta Lodge #80 under the Grand Orient. He went on to found the Young Turks. The orig. Young Turks was an Illuminati revolutionary group. Now the name has been borrowed in modern times to describe people with revolutionary politics (as well as a TV show). This Illum. Young Turks group had a revolution in 1908, where they seized power from the Sultan. Their slogan was the same as the Illum./Masonic cry of the French revolution & other Masonic revolutions: “liberty, equality, fraternity”. The Young Turks created some groups like the Motherland & Liberty group that Atatürk was part of.

MUSTAFA KEMAL ATATURK. Atatürk is the father of modern Turkey. Because Mustafa Kemal (Atatürk) was the father of Turkey, the Turkish parliament passed legislation giving him the surname Atatürk (which means “father of Turkey”). He removed Sharia law as the law of Turkey, est. a secular state with civil liberties & gave women the right to vote. He reminds me in some ways of the father of the USA, George Washington, although there are differences. Both men could have set up military dictatorships with themselves in power, but neither was drunk with power. Instead they wanted their new nations to have freedom. Both were Freemasons. Atatürk was initiated into Carasso’s Risorta Lodge in 1907, and he was part of the Young Turks, and their CUP (Committee for Union & Progress). Atatürk led a revolutionary army (Turkish National Movement) in Turkey’s War of Independence (1919-1923). 80% of his officers were also Freemasons. Atatürk received financial assistance from Freemasons. He was born in Salonika, and some claim he was Domah. There is a recent monument to him at a plaza named after him in Beersheba, Israel. He received numerous awards, just one minor example is Bulgaria giving him the Commander Grand Cross Order of St. Alexander in 1915. He was nominally a Moslem, & is seen by some as a reformer of Islam…his daily heavy drinking resulted in cirrhosis of the liver killing him at a relatively young age. His adopted daughter Sabiha became the world’s first female fighter pilot. On the centennial of his birth (1981), the UN & UNESCO honored him & declared 1981 “the Atatürk Year in the World”.

WHAT HE SAID TO MACARTHUR IN 1934. Atatürk told MacArthur, who also was a 32 degree Mason, that a world war would break out around 1940, & that it would result in Germany dominating all of Europe except for Britain & Russia. From this war the Soviets would emerge as the principle beneficiaries, and would be the greatest threat to Europe & Asia. The Turkish leadership would remain neutral. Later the Turkish leadership looked forward to Germany destroying the Soviet Union, & then the Allies destroying Germany; which is what happened. While most do not realize it, the Soviet Union’s collapse in the late 1980’s was a result of the total devastation that Nazi Germany did to much of their best territory, which they never really recovered from. Although Atatürk died in 1938 before WW2, the Turkish leadership was aware of what he was forecasting, & they knew that they could not afford to side with Britain & the Soviets & weaken their defenses by engaging in war. Later they joined NATO, & have managed to keep their nation out of the clutches & domination of the Russians, something that Eastern Europe failed to do.

FINAL THOUGHTS. I am familiar w/ other historical moments when people have seemed to know the future, & perhaps you do too. Sometimes, people randomly hit the mark by foresight. In this case, it is hard to fathom how Atatürk could have guessed all this, when many of the best minds of Europe could not. The idea that Hitler could take a broke, starving nation with a small limited military with no airforce or tanks & rapidly create a war machine that could quickly conquer much of Europe was hard to imagine. I hope you have also found this history interesting. Have a blessed day my friend.


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