Six days ago I was exposing the plans by the elite to prevent the election by creating PROJECT FIRESIGN, a mock alien invasion, which would have two components: holograms of UFOs, and high-tech mind control messages beamed into people. Today, I visited with someone I know well, who has occult/PTSD background, and this person told me how a few days ago, this person received an experimental message in this person’s head, a test of the Project Firesign. The message was, “Lay still the experiment is starting.” This person felt that the controllers were then watching to see how this person would react. I am editing this to include Shelly’s confirmation that a programmed multiple was being told by the coven that an alien invasion was coming soon. So in one day, I got two reports that appear to support the idea that the elite want to bring in a mock alien invasion. Other sources hint of this also. I want to expose all this in hopes of forestalling anything like this. The last thing we want to have to deal with is the confusion Project Firesign might cause. Although I feel in the long run, it would backfire on the global elite, it certainly could be short mess for humanity to sort out. If only we were rid of these troublemakers, so humanity could thrive & reach its potential.


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