This article is designed to improve our understanding of this secret top council, which seats 13 members. It also provides deep info on the programming of Illum. t.b.m.c. survivors. Its information is based upon the comments to me from around a dozen ex-Illuminati. I will use the abbreviation of GDC in this post. This council (at least prior to 2009) was responsible for a number of decisions (for instance, approval to assassinate & approval to visit the secret libraries), and had access to the BEAST computer system. A GDC continues today, but with the restructuring after 2009, it may lead the rival faction which was booted out. The Council consists of high level magicians who have been led by spirits, chief among them Lucifer. The GDC’s number one purpose is for the call backs related to the Anti-Christ. Upon reflection, I may have done us all a disservice by labeling them Illuminati, because the administration they really serve is Luciferian (…more on that later.) Oaths of allegiance to this council are made by Illuminati members. In turn, the council members are strongly bonded to Lucifer.

PAST EXPOSURE. John Todd exposed the GDC in the 1980’s & then he went to prison. I took off where he left off. My books & articles in the 1990’s put out a great deal of info (relatively speaking) on the Grand Druid Council, which I notice has formed the basis of several websites exposing this top council. Several charts & pictures on the internal GDC (of Illum. t.b.m.c.) that I put out in the “Formula…” book & its sequel “Deeper Insights” are still noteworthy: especially the colored chart after pg. 273 of the Deeper Insights book & the chart/picture of pg. 315. Some of the GDC members that I mentioned include: Isaac Bonewits, Raymond Buckland, Yvone Collins, Gavin Frost, Gerald Gardner, Manly P.Hall, Tom Hall, Louise Hubner, Sybil Leek, Bob Lewwellen, Brown Louise, & Guy de Rothschild.

MIRROR IMAGES. The internal GDC built into the minds of Illuminati members is a reflection of the real one. So I will discuss both. The type of internal council a victim of t.b.m.c. has will indicate if they are an Illuminati member or not. When the real core retreats from reality to escape the overwhelming trauma, the very first strongest dissociated splits of the mind are built into gems, and the next set is the Grand Druid Council. The GDC can shape shift their form—into gems, into a lizard-frog shape, and a human form. Within the t.b. mind control victim—which is an Illuminati member—there are 6 shape shifting human alters (personalities) and 6 shape shifting demons!! The 13th person is a transsexual clone of Lucifer’s spirit! If this is a mirror of real life, then the real flesh & blood council is only half flesh & blood, with androgenous Lucifer as its director. And its 6 humans may only be half-human. One of these six is the Grand Druid Master. When commanded during deprogramming to take their human form, these 6 appear as wise men with beards & robes. They are the wise ones that guard the internal records, and observe the system. They are record keepers. (But note that in real life, their membership consists of both sexes.) Deeper alters of survivors of t.b.m.c. have said that in their internal life, they would look to the GDC as spiritual wise advisors. They are called teachers & record keepers. It seems to me that they also function the same way in the external world. If you study the lives of the people listed above you will indeed find them to be teachers & spiritual advisors. And I heard the GDC also referred to as the Executive Control Board, and the programming associated with it Omega programming. I have heard these GDC spirits referred to as “kingsmen”, so it caught my attention that a movie to be released next year is titled: “Kingsman: The Golden Circle”…it sounds like an allusion to the GDC.

GDC’s BLACK COUNCIL. The GDC which has advised the EU leaders was called the Grand Druid Black Council. It was at one time using Drien Eguisheim (Exen Castle near Strasbourg, Alsace– auf Deutsch Straßburg, and in the local dialect of German Strossburi) which has the distinctive feature of 3 towers, similar to Wewelsberg castle that I wrote about in an article about the Nazi faction of the leadership. (I will put pictures in the thread. The 3 tower theme has been copied in various constructions.) Strasbourg is the seat of several EU institutions: such as the EU’s Parliament, its International Institute of Human Rights, the Council of Europe (which in turn consists of European Court of Human Rights, its European Directorate for the Quality of Medicines & its European Audiovisual Observatory), the Eurocorps, & the EU’s European Ombudsman. No wonder then that the Black GDC has operated next door in order to council them! The area has been called “the Land of Unshed Tears” and is full of quaint houses & vineyards.

MEETINGS. Like the Bilderbergers, the GDC meets in different places globally. John Todd said 8x per year. If I understood John Todd correctly, one place was cattycorner to the Alamo at the Casino bldg. at Crockett St., San Antonio. Another was the Masonic House of the Temple, Wash., D.C. But here’s the catch, internal systems often had front GDCs, perhaps on each level, which strongly suggests that there are more than one GDC. I don’t know how this all sorts out. Might it be like each state has a legislature…and the Federal govt. has the supreme legislature? France, Sweden, Belgium…the U.S.A…where else has it been present?…I would imagine the same nations that the Bilderberg meetings have taken place, which are fairly distributed. The internal council members astral project to meetings.

OTHER INTERNAL SYSTEM DETAILS. The life force in the center of the marble table they sit at internally is a green light. The floor is onyx. An internal member can change his color, and change into a gem, like a red ruby. They may be color coded gold. The members that are spirits can appear as colored flames. The flame may be mixed colors as red to orange to white to blue to green. Taking note that Lucifer may appear as a female, it occurs to me, that we need to be flexible in our expectations! My recent transgender article shows what we see may well be a clever deception. In fact, Christians will be shocked that Lucifer has taken the title “The Great I Am” to himself. Nothing of God’s is sacred to him. Other leading spirits associated with GDC were Nemo, Orion, Isis, Beelzebub & Hydra. And the powerful demon Melchon works with this priestly council. Centered in the marble table placed on an onyx floor is a gold clock. In the programming the 12 pts. of the clock relate to various council members…so a representative code might be “9 o’clock gold” for a particular member.

STRAIGHT FROM THE “HORSES MOUTH”. GDC member Manly P. Hall wrote, “It is evident that the continued operations of the genuine Secret Societies make it unwise to describe them or identify their members. [Yeah! No kidding! But I just did, I’m not a member like him!] Humanity has not yet reached a state of collective security in which leadership beyond the political sphere is unnecessary. The need for guidance actually increases with the complexity of mundane affairs….It would be a mistake to confuse this governing body with the various sects which pretend to authority, but give no indications or proof that they can manage efficiently even their own affairs.” (Hall, Manly P. America’s Assignment With Destiny, p. 111). Boy, he could not have been more direct!! He is telling you straight up, that the GDC manages the political affairs of the EU & other areas, like the US. If you study the Catholic church, they can’t even manage their own financial affairs, and are in constant scandals & financial turmoil. How much financial scandal has hit big name Christian ministries? In many ways, these religious institutions are basket cases just like Manly P. Hall said. Further, he is not referring to Freemasonry either, which is rapidly shrinking.

So concludes my post showing you the inside details of this highly secretive council of 13, (which works with other councils & meetings of the elite) and the t.b.m.c. programming details about it. Have a good day my friend.


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