If you have limitless money & great worldly power, where would you hide an assassination team? Hide it within the top law enforcement agency, hence, the assassin bureau of Division 5. Why do you need an assassination bureau? to take out opponents, whistleblowers, & last but not least, cover up your crimes!!! And where would you get your assassins? Some will be under t.b.m.c. And in the actual mechanics of the real world, some would be cutouts… individuals contracted with 1 year contracts to terminate some “bad guy”. And in other cases you would contract out the work to cooperating groups. And this is where everything gets blurry in the underworld, because labels get messy. Who exactly is someone working for?? The perpetrating controllers like the blurriness. (More on this in a moment…for now let’s look at their latest “wet job”, the latest person “rubbed out”.) As background information, you need to realize that the FBI Director James Comey was connected to the Clinton Foundation. (Is it easier now to realize why he gave Hillary a stay-out-of jail pass?) While director of HSBC bank, he funneled hundreds of millions of dollars to the Clinton Foundation. (All this reminds me of the former dirty BCCI bank, brought to the USA by the Illuminati mbr./investment banker Jackson T. Stephens, which connects to all this also.)

RECENT ACTIVITIES. Last Sunday (10 JULY, ’16), Division 5 terminated a whistleblower in Washington, D.C. early in the morning about 4:19 a.m. Those familiar with the capital, will recognize the place of execution, 2100 Flagler Pl. NW, a two lane street in the general vicinity of Howard Univ. & True Grace Church of Jesus Christ. A Democratic National Committee employee named Seth Rich, who had worked with whistleblower Edward Snowden, was going to reveal evidence about the criminal activities of the Clinton Foundation. The Illuminati’s darling candidate Hillary Clinton is too important to allow to fall, so a public assassination with guns was done, carried out directly by the FBI’s Division 5. Seth Rich had discovered a “pay-to-pay” scheme, cash for favors or jobs scheme, where people were funneling money into the Clinton Foundation to get future jobs. Putin’s Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) Sluzhba Vneshney Razvedki Yasenevo was also involved in this whole thing. (Let me digress and explain the SVR.)

The SVR. When the Soviet Union collapsed the KGB/PGU organizations were disbanded & reconstituted under new intelligence groups. In 1991, foreign intelligence became the task of the SVR under Privakov. Initially, the SVR put out feelers to determine if the antagonistic relationship w/ the west, such as the spy v. spy war with the CIA could be reconciled. For this purpose, CIA DCI Robert Gates in Oct., ’92 went to Moscow. MI6 also talked with the SVR in ’91. Long story short, the intelligence war continued, & now under Putin, the SVR is engaged in exposing certain crimes of the Illuminati factions that run the West. They also engage in psyops to try to divide the West’s nations. Of course, things are not simple. You will notice they don’t expose t.b.m.c. which they also perform. How many of the SVR candidates graduating from Moscow’s State Institute of International Relations have been subjected to t.b.m.c.? From there, selected graduates (all Russian citizens) go on the SVR’s Foreign Intelligence Academy, and may end up living in their own SVR village in the Moscow area. A large % of Russian diplomats are SVR. The 2 SVR Russian diplomats who contacted Amer. authorities on July 7th, about the Clinton Foundation’s crimes and a secret Swiss bank account where dirty money was being held by the Foundation, and also reported that Seth Rich had discovered evidence about the Foundation, may have unwittingly set up Rich’s assassination. On 10 July, thinking he was going to meet FBI officials in the capital to share his evidence, Rich was assassinated by the FBI Division 5 team. The 2 Russian diplomats were expelled & the CIA’s Washington Post ordered to write a bogus cover story on the expulsion.

FBI COVERS FOR THE ELITE. Try to get info that should be public information, & if it connects to dirt on the elite, the FBI will deny your FOIA requests. If you hire an attorney & get them dead to rights on info you know that the FBI has, then they may eventually cough up the documents, after denying they had them! They do not work for us to protect us! They work to protect the elite.

BACK TO THE FBI’s DIVISION 5, the focus of this article. My readers have met this organization before, for instance on pg. 461 of my Deeper Insights book where I discuss their participation in t.b.m.c. I don’t think I’ve mentioned before they also are involved in the harassment of T.I.’s. I also expose (in the Formula book) the joint FBI-CIA child procurement group Finders that grab children for the purpose of t.b.m.c. If people only realize the enormous evil that hides behind the color of govt. As I have said before, much of what the FBI does is to hide the crimes of the elite, and smear whistleblowers like myself & Terry Reed. Or in the case of Seth Rich, kill them! People connected to French intelligence say that Division 5 was behind assassination attempts on French Pres. Charles deGaulle. People connected to American intel (whistleblowers disenchanted with the whole mess) say Division 5 was involved in the JFK Kennedy as assassination, and also with JFK, Jr.’s assassination. They were the brains—the planners of it. There is no doubt in my mind the JFK assassination was Illuminati. (Too many accurate witnesses w/ inside information.) This means Division 5 is in the very least a tool of the Illum. But the circumstantial evidence suggests the relationship is closer. I am highly suspicious that 33rd degree Mason J. Edgar Hoover was Illuminati. In the very minimum they were pleased with the job he did. Researchers into the JFK assassination have noted the FBI activities to cover up evidence & mislead the investigations, ranging from an agent picking up a spent bullet slug at the JFK crime scene (Elm St.), to Hoover’s constant pressure on Commissions that investigated the assassination. It is also chilling to realize that many FBI “witnesses” –experts who examined JFK assassination evidence—died mysterious deaths before they could testify. All 6 of the FBI experts who could have testified before the House Select Committee were dead before they could testify. The FBI agent (Will H. Griffin) who publicly linked Oswald to the FBI suddenly died of cancer. And the head of Division 5, also ended up dead to keep his JFK assassination knowledge secret. The Illuminati was obviously taking no chances that anyone with intimate first-hand knowledge of the event was killed or imprisoned & discredited. Their overkill then becomes evidence of their guilt.

ASSASSINATION FRONTS. So the FBI used Permindex as a front, but Permindex could be more properly described as an Illuminati front for assassination & crime.

5 DIVISIONS UNDER PERMINDEX. According to the Torbitt Document the five divisions and their supervisors under Permindex were as follows:

1. The Czarist Russian, Eastern European and Middle East exile organization called SOLIDARISTS, headed by Ferenc Nagy, ex-Hungarian Premier, and John DeMenil, Russian exile from Houston, Texas, a close friend and supporter of Lyndon Johnson for over thirty years. Also known as “White Russians” – many of these folks are from the Ukraine, and worked with the Nazis. A few examples of this are DeMohrenschildt, Jack Ruby (Rubenstein) & Zapruder. But Jack Ruby was part of the Mishpucka (“the Family, aka the Jewish Mafia, mob, etc.).

2. A section of the AMERICAN COUNCIL OF CHRISTIAN CHURCHES headed by H.L. Hunt of Dallas, Texas.

3. A Cuban exile group called FREE CUBA COMMITTEE headed by Carlos Prio Socarras, ex-Cuban President.

4. An organization of United States, Caribbean, and Havana, Cuba gamblers called the Syndicate headed by Clifford Jones, ex-Lieutenant Governor of Nevada and Democratic National Committeeman, and Bobby Baker of Washington, D.C. This group worked closely with a Mafia family headed by Joe Bonnano (close friend of Billy Graham).

5. The SECURITY DIVISION of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), which in 1963 was headed by Werner Von Braun, an SS officer in charge of the Nazi rocket program. HQ for this group was the DEFENSE INDUSTRIAL SECURITY COMMAND (DISC) at Muscle Shoals Redstone Arsenal in Alabama and on East Broad Street in Columbus, OH. And what was DISC? It was the espionage agency for U.S. Munitions makers (by & large all Illuminati). DISC was created by J.Edgar Hoover, and he put William Sullivan, his assistant in charge of it. Who was William Sullivan? He was the head of the FBI’s assassination bureau Division 5. He was the no. 3 man in the FBI, and he also was murdered (via a “hunting accident” on 11/’77 to cover up the crime of JFK’s assassination!! The Torbitt Doc states that all the principals we have read about for so many years involved in the Kennedy assasination; Shaw, Ferrie, Guy Banister, LHO and Ruby were all DISC agents. FBI agent Guy Banister was taken out on June, ’64 with a mysterious heart attack. (One phrase to describe this is “the revolution eats its own children”. Another insider term has been “family jewels”, i.e. the secrets of their crimes or what the CIA have also officially referred to as “potential flap activities”.)

Each of the NASA security personnel who were assigned duties in connection with the JFK assassination were employees or contractees for Division Five of the FBI and many were connected with the other four groups according to the Torbitt document. It must be born in mind that this was a relatively small group within all of these agencies. It is not official, and it was not an American op but an Illuminati op.

George DeMohrenschildt would later testify that Hoover & Division Five were responsible for the assassination. This is what the Torbitt Document has to say: “George DeMohrenschildt, a Russian émigré who refused to join the Solidarists and who was familiar with the workings of espionage groups and had worked with them in the past, testified that J. Edgar Hoover, using Division Five of the FBI, was the planner of the assassination of President Kennedy. Through DeMohrenschildt’s testimony before the Commission and his documentation, the connection of the espionage section of the FBI and the Assassination has been established. (C.H. IX, 47 et seq.; 77 et seq.; Russian exiles testimony to the Commission.)”

The public records of the Corporate Records Department of Italy & Switz., Who’s Who in the South & Southwest, ’63 & ‘64, The Invisible Government, The Espionage Establishment by Wise & Ross, Buddy Floyd murder files, Alice Texas, Warren Commission 26 volumes., the Grand Jury records of New Orleans Parish, New Orleans Louisiana, all further substantiate, bolster, & corroborate the testimony of DeMohrenschildt concerning the FBI’s Division Five’s involvement.

DeMohrenschildt, in retrospect, knew that Division Five of the FBI and the Solidarists/CIA/FBI had intended to use him as a scapegoat along with Oswald, and he did not hesitate to name the small group within the FBI as the planners of the assassination of President Kennedy.” (New Orleans District Attorney Records.) Jewish mobster & White Russian Jack Ruby was a Solidarists (anti-Commie) like DeMohrenschildt. Jack Ruby’s crime connections are extensive, many of them participating in many other escapades…others whom I have exposed play roles in all this…Illuminati mbr. Gen. Earl Grant Wheeler, for instance was the contact person between JFK & the CIA. But I have run out of space in this article. It is longer than I prefer, so time to stop. Well, o.k. one more tidbit Operation Chaos was one of the CIA’s wet ops done to Amer. civilians. The FBI has help! So that’s all folks.


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