My week long trip to Pennsylvania was a success, largely because the help different people gave me. For them & their generosity I am grateful. I camped out with a tent for 5 days & washed in the creek. The weather was beautiful. This area of Penn. (Upper Bucks Co.) is an historic area (most are), containing the Pennsylvania Canal (similar to the Erie Canal) & many old homes. I got to meet some great people at the camp site as well as visit old friends in Philadelphia.

NETWORKING. At the Freedom Palooza conference the most notable person for me was Professor Truth. I say that because in him I found someone who knew similar things & thought similar to me, & who is very appreciative of the work I have done. Other notables I met were Mark Koernke (Michigan Militia, whose 7 yr. prison sentence overlapped mine timewise), Paul & Tara Topete (the organizer of the event, & head of the Poker Face band), Cyndi Steele (widow of Edgar Steele, a Christian patriot lawyer I knew, who was killed in Fed. prison), and Pastor Eli James (a seedline believer). And this does not exhaust the list.

LIVE STREAMED TALKS. I was privileged to give 2 powerful (approx.) 1 hour talks, one Saturday night & one Sunday night. I simply spoke from my heart on important issues for the audience. The talks were live streamed & had about 400 Internet listeners. The System constantly tried to shut down the Internet to prevent the live streaming but the organizers got it done in spite of the harassment. The trip was an adventure, but I am glad to be back home.


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