We just finished the Day of Atonement (Yom Kippur), a holy fast day prophesying the abolition of Satan & his forces. Yom Kippur is just one of an entire annual cycle of Holy Days described in LEV 23:4, “These are the feasts of YHWH, holy convocations which you shall proclaim at their appointed times.” This short post is to excite our interest in God’s holy holidays, and to add to our understanding of them.

PATTERNS. I prayfully did a chart showing the meaning of various holy days that God gave us to celebrate. This chart will be seen below attached to this post. God’s holy days are pregnant with all kinds of spiritual meanings. The chart was done by me inspired by the Spirit, so you will not find this diagram somewhere else…it is not copied. That is why I am sharing it; I try to offer interesting new or fresh concepts in my posts. For a long time, I have had a deep sadness that these meaningful holy days described in Scripture have been dumped & discarded by mainstream Christianity & replaced by pagan holidays which are nearly devoid of genuine pure spirituality. Mainstream Christians would argue that Easter is celebrating his resurrection, and Christmas is celebrating his birth…and I am always happy to witness people thinking of these things…but the paganism, syncretism with pagan religious ideas, & impurity of these pagan holidays seriously detracts from them for the pure person of God…who wants only the pure things of God.

A FEW ANSWERS TO A FEW OBJECTIONS. Mainstream Christians raise several objections in defense of celebrating the worldly holidays, rather than the scriptural holidays. They argue that Jesus & the apostles changed things. However, both the Scriptural record & historical records show that the scriptural feast of YHWH continued to be faithfully practiced by Yahshua, the apostles including Paul, and even the early Church’s gentile converts. The early church was seen by the Roman officials as a new sect of Judiasm. Yahshua, who is the example we are to copy (Why we ask: What would Jesus do?), celebrated all the scriptural feast days. (A) Under inspiration, Paul wrote: “imitate me just as I imitate Christ.” (B) And the Apostle Paul, who is greatly misunderstood, observed the feast days. (C) In fact, even the gentiles in the Apostolic church observed the Holy Days of the Bible. Because they were observing them, gnostic false teachers condemned them as not being “spiritual” and Paul had to write to them not to let others judge them in regard to the Holy Days.(D) The record shows that God’s holy days & Sabbaths were important to the early church. I can personally testify that the holy Feast Days of God have immeasurably blessed me spiritually. And I invite my brothers and sisters to try them out, and learn their meanings. The Passover Meal became our Communion Meal, which in turn will turn into the prophesied great messianic feast of the Marriage supper later. It would take books to plumb the depth of the meanings of the Holy Days of God.

UNDERSTANDING MY CHART. I have taken 3 major holy days and in the first line given the original event that the Feast commemorates. Later on, I give a minor and major prophetic fulfillment of the prophetic significance of the Feast. I also chart out the multiple spiritual meanings of the Feasts. There are many more things that can be brought out, especially in terms of revealing God’s patterns –my chart is in no way comprehensive. I also bring out some interesting patterns–the 3 occur on spiritually significant numbered months: 1,3, 7.

May God continue to bless you my friend, and if you have not observed the holy days of God, I invite you to taste of their spiritual blessings, just as Jesus our example did.

REFERENCES. (A) LK 2: 41-48, JN 2:23, 4:45, 7:1-2, 7-10, 14 (B) 1 COR 11:1-12 (C) ACTS 18:21; 20: 6, 16; 27:9, 1 COR 16:8 (D) COL 2:16

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