This post is to share more of the secret history of the trauma-based mind control which I have not previously shared. This is meant to bring more of the foreign aspects of it into better focus.

GLOBAL & WIDESPREAD. The use of t.b.m.c is all over. When I set up a booth at a conference near Wash. D.C. to tell people about t.b.m.c. what happened is this: all the embassies sent staff to this conference, but all had been warned not to talk with me about t.b.m.c. except for 3 minor countries…if I remember it was Malaysia and a couple of minor African nations. This was very revealing to me as to where the governments of this globe are at. Do you notice that Russia & China, even though they say they will fight the Illuminati, and they know completely all the details of how our govt. programs children with t.b.m.c. that they never expose it??? Their intelligence agencies know all the details—who the programmers are, programming sites, handlers, etc. and yet they don’t give out that info.(A) Why?? Because they are doing the same kind of programming. The only difference is that in China the programming is done in Chinese, using Chinese story lines, and codes that relate to China. Chinese deities are woven into the scripts, & Chinese thinking is used by the Chinese programmers. Originally the Chinese were taught how to program by an American during WW 2. Remember, that programming was simplistic then. It included a foundational trauma, a T-code, and a simplistic structure for alters (nothing sophisticated like Mengele introduced to America after WW 2). Just as China now sends space craft to explore, has aircraft carriers, etc. undoubtedly they have raised the level of their t.b.m.c. programming sophistication up to our level, & are watching our new technologies with interest.

CHINESE/TIBETAN ANTECEDENTS. Properly speaking, the religious leaders in Tibet & India have been practicing crude forms of t.b.m.c. for centuries. Western occultists went to Tibet & India to learn about trances, dissociation & spirit possession. As the religious leadership in these areas publicly go into dissociative trances & are openly possessed by spirits, and have practiced this for 1,000s of years, they are skilled in demonic possession, altered states of consciousness & dissociation. Monks who are trained in this are called luyer (lus.gYur), which means “one who lends his body to the gods”. (Examples of what western occultists would observe are given below.) Bon believes in a land of demons (srin) & a land of the serpent spirits (klu). Hitler brought 200 Bon priests from Tibet to Berlin to provide spiritual guidance for the Nazi regime. The Dalai Lams’s sacred swastika became the Nazi symbol, as well as is hidden in the NATO flag. Bon (aka Bon-po, & the 5th sect of Buddhism) is the “original” spiritual practices of Tibet, & the ancient Dunhuang manuscripts show a continuity between the ancient & modern practices…in spite of modern Buddhism claiming that Bon merely copied from them. A Bon oracle (a luyer) in Dharamsala is the Dalai lama’s adviser. China’s communist leaders have been trying to take control of the spiritual leadership in Tibet, so I can easily envision them trying to employ t.b.m.c. to do it. (By the way, one can notice the difference between Tibetan Buddhist priests & Tibetan Bon priests in rituals—the former circle a sacred site clockwise, the later counterclockwise.) Everywhere in Tibet are written on everything the Bon protective formula “Om mani padme hum” (Om, the jewel in the lotus.)

CHINESE LUCIFERIAN SECRET SOC. Speaking of the lotus…the White Lotus Society became the San Tien Hui (3 Dot Society), a secret Triad controlling southern China (& also in Taiwan) and practicing Luciferianism. Luciferian groups world-wide accept 3 Dot Society members into their rituals. It is possible that this society renamed itself Tse Kong Tong when it transferred itself to foreign nations. The Green Dragon Soc. (currently w/ 200K mmbrs) est. itself in America in the 19th century. There are 5 colored Chinese Dragon secret societies (Green, Red, White, Blue & Black). Assoc. w/ the Green Dragon Soc. is the Hung Mon Society which is officially affiliated with Western Freemasonry, and est. its lodges in America, for instance, in Chicago before the end of the 19th century. The largest Chinese Secret Society is Ch’ing Lung Pang which has 4 million members worldwide. China literally has crawled with countless secret societies (called Triads & Tongs, etc), & Chiang Kai-Shek’s secret society memberships is off-limits to discuss in Taiwan; he was a triad assassin, & mmbr. of several secret societies like the Green Gang.

A FIELD DAY FOR T.B.M.C. So things are coming full circle, with the return of t.b.m.c. to Tibet & India…which have been research fields for western occultists to learn better some of the principals of mind manipulation woven into t.b.m.c. The practitioners of t.b.m.c. are going to have a field day in these countries as their religious cultures are tailored made for this kind of horrific stuff. I shall now provide a couple of examples of what typically can be seen in these countries BEFORE the trauma-based mind control arrives. (As I say, one should properly say these religions in Tibet & India have been practicing crude forms of t.b.m.c. for many centuries. I have not gotten into the horrible traumas their holy men perform on themselves.)

OBSERVING A BON PRIEST BEING TAKEN OVER BY A SPIRIT. The priest turns seated towards the wall with his back to observers and begins shaking. Suddenly, without unfolding his legs, he flies off the ground while simultaneously turning in the air 180 degrees and lands seated in front of the observers. His eyes blaze with authority & his voice is much deeper and assertive, and begins commanding.

OBSERVING SPIRIT POSSESSION IN INDIA. A deranged person is brought to a baba (spirit healer) to deal with his bhuts (spirits). During the ritual the person is contorted, thrown about, and the body seemingly hurt in several ways before the spirit leaves. The deranged person regains normal consciousness, says he felt nothing, and was not conscious during the exorcism. He is now normal & starts speaking normally to people. This kind of ritual exorcism happens a lot in India. Another example is Jasbir, a village boy who died of smallpox at the age of 3. At the same time, a holy man (Brahmin) died in another village nearby. Jasbir came back from the dead, but claiming to be Sobha Ram, a Brahmin. The new personality spoke just like an adult Brahmin and made demands as if he were who he said he was. Later, an aunt of the dead Brahmin, happened to come through Jasbir’s village, met him, and took him back to where Sobha Ram had lived. The boy knew what house was Sobha Ram and other details of his life. So MPD is not able to explain such things…only the concept that spirits can enter & control a body. The trauma-based mind control has as its foundation fear. Students of religion in India have commented on occasion that it is fear-based. Next, the m.c. programs are tied in with evil spirits that serve various functions. The spirit world play a major role in India & Tibet, which from a Christian perspective are countries controlled by and overrun with evil spirits.

CLASSIC STUDIES ON SPIRIT POSSESSION. In M. Scott Peck’s study of evil around the world written up in his book People of the Lie (NY: Simon & Schuster, 1983), pg. 210, he sums up his study of profoundly evil people worldwide and asks, “Could the thoroughly evil people I have described be cases of perfect possession [by evil spirits]? Perhaps the classic study on this topic was done by Dr. Carl Wickland, a Los Angeles psychiatrist who published 30 yrs. of conversations with spirits that used his wife as a medium. He compiled it all in his book “30 Years Among the Dead” (Newcastle Publ.: Hollywood, CA, 1974).

FINAL THOUGHTS. Satanists around the world are in a multitude of different groups with different names, as are Luciferian groups. But they all seek “light”, and this “light” comes to them from hidden masters—and who knows exactly what means these communications come to them—telepathy? Fallen angels? Some hi-tech way of beaming thoughts? At any rate these messages make them instruments of a grand scheme of evil. And the brains of these evil schemes only care to use these occultists as instruments, as tools, which when used are to be tossed. And now they are developing and using the tool of t.b.m.c. globally which gives them more direct capabilities.
SOURCE: (A) Insider knowledge about what China knows shared to me.


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