HILLARY’S AMERICA: A discussion of D’Douza’s movie & political parties in general. (4 SEPT 2016)

I watched the movie “Hillary’s America” in a big screen theater today, and since the movie raises important issues, I will use the movie to help build my discussion. And yes, I recommend the movie.

THE END OF THE USA, OR THE BEGINNING OF A RENEWAL?? It is my viewpt. that America is being weighed in the balance–if Trump does not win, America as a nation is lost. I have already written how the secret TPP & TTIP will end national sovereignty for all the nations that sign on. TPP & TTIP were sneaky secret end around runs to get global govt. in place without people realizing it. The only person I have seen who is seriously going to do something to stop it is Trump. This upcoming election is the most critical I have seen in my life, because I hate to see America gone, and global govt. take its place. Some of my readers think Trump is fake–they point out that one of his daughters married a Rothschild. Since when is a parent responsible for the choices their adult children make? Children marry who they want, and if I were Trump’s daughter, I can see me wanting to marry someone from the upper classes. A Rothschild would not be my own personal choice, but the fact his daughter chose someone like that does not mean Trump is fake. Henry Gruver, a Christian prophet, who many respect, has said that God showed him that Trump may not be a Christian, but he is God’s man for the hour. I believe this also. The question is…will he succeed in gaining the White House or not? We Americans are being weighed in the balance; will we allow this election to be stolen?? The world is watching & reporting. Philippine news carries the story of how Hillary is openly paying Mexicans in Mexico to cross & vote for her…unfortunately our news media is so controlled, that the rest of the world knows more accurately about us than many Americans. Soros is increasing his control over the voting machines. People are suggesting Trump voters wear red to vote so that the election results can’t be faked.

THE MOVIE “HILLARY’S AMERICA”. I have debated mentally how much to say & what to say about it. The movie exposes two things: 1. What the democratic party’s true history has been, 2. what Hillary Clinton is really all about. The common perception is that the Democratic party protects minorities, and the Republican Party dislikes minorities. I was aware of the “secret” true history that the movie shows–it is not truly “secret” if people would study history…which they don’t. The movie exposes how the Democratic party stole the Natives land, protected and advocated for slavery, supported the KKK, supported Margaret Sanger’s genocidal policies to take out the black race, etc. It exposes the term “progressive” means to progress away from our Constitutional Bill of Right’s values.

The movie brings out how the Republicans were against owning slaves (none did), were for minorities, and were the ones who voted for the Civil Rights Act under President Johnson. His movie script is based upon Dinesh D’Douza’s book with the same title where he documents that there was no big switch of racist democrats leaving the Democratic Party. Of the 1,600 racists in the Democratic Party’s leadership only a handful left it after the Civil Rights movement. (I was surprised he did not show how Hillary is close to some of the KKK leadership.) He did show how she is close to some off color things–I’ll let you watch the movie to find out. I believe the movie does a great job at exposing the lies of the Democratic Party–for instance, how they co-opt Lincoln as if he were a Democrat …for those who don’t know he was a leader of the Republicans! Unfortunately, when I examined the movie audience, I noticed it was, as far as I could tell, all elderly people. The brainwashed younger generation who needs to learn the real history…wasn’t there. The movie was essentially preaching to the choir.

ISSUES NOT RAISED BY THE MOVIE. The movie exposed the current propaganda of the Democratic Party…but it did not examine the Republican Party. Of course, Trump is seen as an outsider crusading against a corrupt political establishment. But if we take Trump out of the picture–is today’s Republican party any better than the Democratic Party?? They are globalist shills just as much as their counterparts in the Democratic Party. If Trump were not their candidate, I would not be able to tolerate the Republicans any more than their corrupt counterparts. The whole system is truly rigged as Trump says. When one buys a house that is infested with cockroaches–the best solution is to burn it down. How do you kill a cockroach?? Our political system is systemically corrupt. Only someone like Trump might have a chance to turn it around. This nation was set up to allow the govt. to be “of the people, for the people, & by the people”. But it is really just serving the big money interests, which means it is functionally an oligarchy (run by the Illuminati as you know–who in turn gets instructions and inspiration from you know who!). One can easily see why people believe we are close to an Anti Christ ruling it all. The Latin term is: Tel est mon bon plaisir. (One commands, all others obey!) People are cynical about the 2 party system. In the U.K. they also have a 2 party system just w/ different names: Labour & Conservative…and both parties are also corrupt like here. In theory, third parties can be established…Ross Perot has his Reform Party…Jesse Ventura his Independence Party…and then there are the Green & Libertarian parties which are in most states. The two party system dominates for several reasons: the people w/ big money find it easier to control a 2 party system, and the 2 parties are broad, while 3rd parties tend to be special interest groups.

DINESH D’DOUZA. I have seen other films by him and I am favorably impressed by this man, who came from India to adopt the USA as his homeland. I grew up near India, and I believe seeing America from an outside perspective is helpful…it was for me. People who grow up here, grow up thinking that is the way things are–they don’t see that things could be different…for better or worse. ” Education” today is often social engineering & brainwashing, so people growing up in the System are learning what the System wants them to learn. So I can see why it takes people like Dinesh & myself–with intelligent, informed, & broader perspectives to say–hey things could be different…for better or worse. America truly has been the envy of the world. There is no comparison between the third world nations I’ve been in and America. And yet sadly, America is being totally destroyed. People like Obama & Hillary are simply criminals and traitors…who have no allegiance to this nation. It is gratifying to see Obama’s criminal scam that he did for the insurance companies (Obama Care) has backfired. As Lincoln said, you can fool some of the people some of the time, but not all of the people, all of the time.

Posting this is providing a take off point for further discussion on the thread. As long as people express themselves respectfully, I am fine with different viewpts. being expressed. What do you think???


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