The controlled media continues to roll out their lies in spite of the now tsunami of irrefutable evidence of Hillary’s bad health & her crimes. (I think their persistence in lying will backfire on them.) Watch this video just taken of Hillary travelling for a 9/11 event…she faints before getting into her vehicle and is caught by her two helpers before hitting her head. I would watch this sooner than later before it gets pulled from the Internet.

RAISING KAINE. This also means that Tim Kaine, a relatively unknown, who is her vice-presidential candidate takes on much more significance. Just the name Kaine (Cain) is enough to raise shivers. Knowing what I know, I would venture to say he is Illuminati & certainly the CIA’s man for the job. You know that Northern Virginia is the center of spookdom and the military-industrial complex leadership. When he ran for governor of Virginia in 2005, he got most of the votes from the CIA-military-industrial complex counties of Alexandria & Arlington…which shows that the CIA definitely support him. He is pro-Jesuit, and being so, he has had to publicly say he is privately against abortion, but as a public servant supportive of it! That is a good politician–no morals. He went to a Jesuit prep school and helped Jesuit missionaries in Honduras in 1979. The controlled press say glowing things about him–no surprise there…we have seen how that is…the elite’s mass media will promote the elite’s candidate…no surprise there. But what is this attorney/politician really like??–what will he really do if president?? He has been very supportive of Obama, and was almost picked as Obama’s vice-president…which is scary. That shows he has no respect for the Constitution and is indeed a globalist. We would expect nothing less of Hillary than for her to pick a globalist running mate. And we know that the Jesuit leadership is in the middle of this elite-driven agenda for a new world order and world leader. If readers know more about Kaine…share it on the thread.

Have a blessed day in the Lord.


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