“GREEN ISLAND OF SURVIVAL”: A Prophetic Haven of Safety. 30 OCT 2019

Many awake Christians have asked me where they should locate. Often they hope that I’ll advise some foreign country. In the past I have not suggested any foreign nation, although with 5G coming into America’s cities, and plans to spread it everywhere, perhaps I should. The correct answer to the question: “Where should I locate??” is where God has called you…the answer will vary from person to person.

A GENERAL ANSWER. If we move from a specific answer (which varies from person to person as God wills) to general answers, I have seen two locations. The first is the Ozarks & the second is the area centered on the panhandle of ID & incl. NE WA & NW MT. I have invested time, energy & money into researching both locations. I have personally visited locations in both general areas, & feel satisfied that God has been calling His awake people to both regions for decades. (For decades, I have restrained from publicly calling attention to this, yet the other side is well aware of these areas, & how Christians are moving there, and the World Order itself has been relocating to the Ozarks to survive future events!)

GREEN ISLAND OF SURVIVAL. This post is about the Ozarks as an ark of safety & is centered upon a man God chose to help prepare awake Christians, whose name is Kenneth Uptegrove (who is in his early 80’s). I’ve had the privilege to spend time with Kenneth & find him a sincere man of God & a kindred spirit. In the summer of 2017, I had planned to interview Kenneth for my 5th podcast, but before he could become my 5th guest, I decided against doing anymore podcasts on the venue I was using. As the things the Lord had shown Kenneth about the Ozarks & Christian community were similar to what He’d shown me, I have been wanting to get his (or rather His) message out. Due to the demands on my time, it’s taken 2 ½ more yrs. to get this done! I concur with others that Kenneth has been educated by the Holy Spirit. (More on him later.)

GOD WARNS HIS PEOPLE. Elisha prayed for his servant’s eyes to be opened. (A) This indeed is vital, & I pray this for all of us. As Kenneth warns, “Wrong thinking can get you killed.” Those of us who have heard from the Lord find it easy to understand AMOS 3:7 just as it is written. And God is the same today as yesterday; God reveals things to His people. While this may be no surprise to you—it is highly controversial & plenty of Christians refuse to believe it. In line with Amos 3:7, it is reported by 2 Christians that they independently heard Corrie Ten Blom say that God had revealed to her that NW Arkansas was a divinely protected area.(B) Additionally, hundreds of other Christians have felt God was leading them to relocate to the Ozarks as a haven for future disasters. A periodical “Corner Gatherings” (no longer active) printed testimonies of people who had been divinely called to the area.

ARK HAVEN MINISTRIES. For those who want to learn more about Kenneth Uptegrove, his message, & activities, you can go to arkhaven.org & peruse the tabs & articles. On my side of things, in 1990, in answer to intense prayer, I was shown the answer to the World Order is Christian community, which is, in other words, the Body of Christ functioning as an intimate, powerful body rather than the typical aggregation of individuals. A Christian community can range from a kibbutz-type arrangement to those who intentionally become neighbors & strive to help each other. Kenneth is very gracious, which is a trait Christians need to develop with the Spirit’s power to work together in harmony. (Just beware the other side has created communities to deflect Christians from finding the right God-led group.) What makes Kenneth special is how the Lord has used him to bring Christians to NW Ark. & to prepare them. He is not a control-freak, but approaches things with a servant heart. Christians should examine communities based on the fruit of the Holy Spirit.

VARIOUS COMMUNITIES. I have over the years been in contact with a number of Christian groups in the Ozarks, & have lived there myself. One intentional community has been at Marble, Ark. Interestingly, another intentional community set up as a haven from the World Order is Marble, WA.

THE OZARK TOPOGRAPHY. There are 4 basic regions to the Ozarks: the Boston Mtns. which rise over 2,000 ft., the Springfield Plateau which incl. Springfield, MO, the Salem Plateau, & the St Franceois Mtns. All of these areas are filled with creeks, rivers, caves, springs, & lots of rain. Where I am at in KS, we have decreasing supplies of water, which will increasingly place a burden on people thriving here. All these Ozark areas are scenic, and have sites in the country for survival living. The area Kenneth was called to is NW Arkansas.

FINAL THOUGHTS. So I ask you, where does God want you?? It was by faith that Noah prepared an ark. (C) We want to move forward in faith, not fear. If you move forward in faith, God will provide—that does not mean it will be easy or a quick answer—but God will honor your faith as He did Noah’s. Have a blessed day.

REFERENCES. (A) 2 KGS 6:17 (B) Bill Gothard & Corrie’s books’ ghost writer (C) HEB 11:7


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