GONE WITH THE WIND: A short discussion of the American Civil War & our situation today for history lovers. (29 July ’16) We are watching history being made before our eyes…history as significant now as it was back in the 1850-60’s when this great nation, (which back then was already viewed by many as the best hope for the world), broke apart in sectional warfare. Today, in the midst of Hillary escaping prison, paying her supporters $50 to come pretend to support her, the polls showing her evenly matched with Trump,… w/ him taking the middle America, & her taking California & Texas…in the midst of so many things…I am going to write another quick article on history. For me, reading history is what eating candy is to other people. I find it fascinating. I like to chew on reality. I’ve been chewing on history books since I learned to read. I wince at how Hollyweird just has to distort their presentations of anything historical…so you see them coming out in 2012 with a crazy horror movie “Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter”. And people love to fill their minds with this kind of garbage. But real history, real events with real people has a lot a similarities to today.

INTERESTING PERSONALITIES. Look at the contrast between Abraham Lincoln, known to some as “honest Abe”, & Bill Clinton, known to some as “Slick Willie”. Lincoln has his homely sober image on the $5 bill & penny…Clinton has had his smiling good looking image on $3 spoof bills mocking him. Lately Bill has been looking washed up; a new book (Porter’s “Bill & Hillary”) has revealed Bill’s secret HIV. Now we have Clinton’s scandalous arrogant wife running for president, acting as if no one had the Internet to track her misdeeds. Lincoln was quite unpopular (like Trump has been) and was not even on the ballot in the southern states—adding emphasis to why Southerners were upset at his election to president. In 1860, the Democratic party split which allowed Lincoln to win. In 1860, the Democratic party was not staying in touch with their constituents (just like the 2016 DNC selecting Hillary). So the southern democrats walked out & supported Breckinridge as their candidate, just as Bernie Sanders has left the Democratic party & gone over to the Green Party to run. In 1860, the regular Democratic Party took 1 state! Another new third party (Const. Union) took 3 border states. Leaving Lincoln to take all the northern & 2 western free states, and enough electorial college votes to become president. (Oregon was one of those “free states”—but it was a “free state” in a different way than the others. It was free of blacks—who were forbidden to cross into the state.)

LINCOLN THE LEADER. In the 1850’s to ‘60s, the Illuminati wanted to break up the USA. They still have that goal. Under Hillary they would probably succeed. I think Trump, as a nationalist like Lincoln, will spare us from being balkanized. Lincoln was one of the few people with the leadership skills to have preserved this nation. While Lincoln had his pros & cons (like Trump), many biographers call him “the greatest of our presidents”. (Examples: Carwardine, 2006 & McGovern’s book) One famous biographer of Lincoln discusses his legacy as “a quintessential American hero two hundred years after his birth.” (McPherson, 2009, p. cover) The author has studied Lincoln in detail, and is familiar with the issues involved in his life, of which one biographer describes Lincoln’s ability: “who rose beyond the expectation to the supreme challenge of his office.” (Carwardine, 2006, p. ix) Biographer McPherson acknowledges an important aspect of Lincoln, he operated from the White House in an almost impossible situation that took the highest degree of skill in diplomacy and balance. Few men in history have that level of people skills & balance. As McPherson says, “Only after years of studying the powerful crosscurrents of political and military pressures on Lincoln did I come to appreciate the skill with which he steered between the numerous shoals of conservatism and radicalism, free states and slave states, abolitionists, Republicans, Democrats, and border-state Unionists to maintain a steady course that brought the nation to victory….” (McPherson, 2009, p. x)

LED W/ VISION. Good leaders inspire others to greatness. As a leader, Lincoln had great vision and the wisdom to know how to reach that vision. His presidential campaign used the theme “A house divided against itself cannot stand. I believe this government cannot endure, permanently half slave and half free….It will become all one thing, or all the other.” (Braden, 1988, p. 461) While he was not totally consistent as a politician (he hid his true beliefs at times), there were times that he just came out & spoke his vision for the nation: “Let us discard all this quibbling about this man and the other man, this race and…the other race being inferior…and unite as one people throughout this land, until we shall once more stand up declaring that all men are created equal.” (Roy P. Basler, 1953-55, pp. V.3, 315) I see Trump is also a man of vision trying to inspire Americans to want a great nation again & to break this system that is rigged. Lincoln inspired others to greatness. He brought an audience to its feet with a standing ovation when he sincerely declared, “Let us have faith that right makes might, and in that faith, let us, to the end, dare to do our duty as we understand it.” (Holzer, 2004, p. 113)

TRUST & HONESTY= FOUNDATION OF ALL COMMUNICATION. One big difference between 1860 & now is the caliber of leaders. When trust is broken, the receivers of communication don’t receive; there is a credibility gap. Bill Clinton managed to break the trust of many people, and jokesters made lots of hay off of comments like “It depends what your definition of “is” is, and “I did not have sex with that woman.” Throughout history, when leaders have lost the public trust, they begin to loose effectiveness. Often scandals have caused leaders to resign (like Nixon) because they realize the public no longer has confidence in them. But not arrogant Hillary! I met & knew Terry Reed (a CIA pilot), who wrote a long book “Compromised: Clinton, Bush and the CIA” explaining his personal narrative & going into great detail of the illegal activities (as well as immoral) that Bill Clinton did & his tampering w/ justice. One of the first acts of the Clinton administration was to fire every single U.S. attorney as the first step to insure that the Justice Dept. would serve Bill Clinton & not justice.(Limbaugh, 2001) (Times, 1998) They used that power to impede the FBI. Congressman Cox led a House Investigation committee that discovered that Bill Clinton had sold China satellite and missile technology that was extremely sensitive. (Limbaugh, 2001, pp. 260-61; Gertz, 1999) Clinton was 100x worse than Benedict Arnold while commander in chief. America during its Civil War saw many incredible leaders who were totally respected & adored by their men, for instance, Robert E. Lee & W.T. Sherman, and cavalry Gen. Phil Sheridan. Lee’s soldiers in April 1865 were barefoot, had not eaten for days, and were hopelessly surrounded & outnumbered, but they adored their leader & fought for him alone. When they heard that Lee was surrendering, they begged, “Just give us the order, and we’ll keep fighting.” At the 1864 Battle of Winchester, the Confederate army had surprised Sheridan’s force while he was gone. Riding up to a fleeing army, Sheridan single handedly inspired them to turn around & win. Sheridan turned defeat into victory. That is a leader. That is the kind of leadership we need. America has them, if we can get rid of the Bill & Hillary Clintons!

COMPLEX ISSUES & SECCESSION. As with so many things in life, the issues can really be complex. The South was right on its stand for limited federal govt., free trade, and state’s rights. But why did it want state’s rights? For slavery. Why did it want free trade? To market the products of slavery. Changing channels slightly…A number of the aspects of slavery are not well known. Slavery, unfortunately, has been around through much of history, it was not just a Southern thing; how do you think the Romans built their empire that most everyone admires? Bondage in the New World did not start out racial. Whites & Indians were also placed in slavery. The blacks just proved to be superior…unfortunately for them. However in 1860, it was legal in the South & the southern territories (“Indian territory”—now Okla. & “Arizona”—now AZ & NM) for anyone to have a slave. Indians & free blacks also owned slaves. When the war broke out, the slave holding free blacks of Louisiana offered the services of a free black regiment to the Confederacy. The 5 civilized tribes in what is now Oklahoma also offered their services to the Confederacy. The last Confederate general to surrender was Gen. Stand Watie, a Cherokee. Besides these tribes some of the “wild” native tribes also worked w/ the Confederacy, and received weapons. Others like the Apaches & Comanches attacked troops from both sides. And while one can appreciate the Southern arguments for a limited Federal govt., the USA had been created as a “perpetual union”, and the secret purpose of the Illuminati in causing the split between North & South was control! So there is a whole secret level (some of which I have exposed in other writings) to the secession movement. Note that the original no. of states in the new Confederate States of America was 7. This was replaced by the no. 13, which again like in the American Revolution could have been a different no. but was contrived to be that occult no. (Missouri & KT actually did secede, although most maps/histories don’t acknowledge that, because pro-union state govt.s were also created in MO & KT.)

W.T. SHERMAN WINS THE AMERICAN CIVIL WAR. One of the most brilliant Civil War commanders was W.T. Sherman (known as “Cump” to those close to him). I864 was a presidential election year, and the North was tired of war & defeats on the battlefield. 280,000 troops had deserted. Almost no one wanted to be drafted—back then you could hire a substitute if you were drafted & most who ended up drafted were the poor who hired out as substitutes. Gen. McClellan was running on the Democratic presidential ticket. His openly stated goal was to make peace with the Confederacy. People ask if the South had ever had a chance to win. YES. If McClellan had beat Lincoln in the presidential race the war was over. In August, Lincoln thought McClellan was going to win. Then on Sept. 2, 1864, Sherman took Atlanta, GA and the rest is history. People realized that the 2nd largest best equipped Southern army (w/ over 40,000 troops) had been beat. Likewise today, many people think Hillary will win the election, but the polls are showing Trump gaining support.

Back tracking…when the Civil War broke out, Sherman told his Southern friends they were crazy to take on the USA. I quote it here, because I believe it still holds VERY TRUE for all those who think Russia & China will just push America over if war breaks out. Sherman with great foresight warned, “You are rushing into war with one of the most powerful, ingeniously mechanical, and determined people on Earth—right at your doors. You are bound to fail. Only in your spirit and determination are you prepared for war. In all else you are totally unprepared, with a bad cause to start with. At first you will make headway, but as your limited resources begin to fail, shut out from the markets of Europe as you will be, your cause will begin to wane. If your people will but stop and think, they must see in the end that you will surely fail.” His words could have been a warning to Imperial Japan before Pearl Harbor also. If Trump wins, as a nationalist he will find common ground with another nationalist Putin. As in 1860 & 1864, I believe the fate of this USA will be determined by who ends up president.

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