GIANTS. 16 MAY 2017

Recently (the 5th of May) GenSix released a documentary “True Legends: The Holocaust of Giants.” The documentary takes the viewer to various locations around the world, especially to Sardinia (a large island west of Italy). Sardinia was the capital of a global empire of 10′ giants prior to the great flood.

THE RESEARCHERS. My friend Tim Alberino, along with Steve Quayle and Tom Horn have been researching for years to uncover the evidence of giants worldwide as well as to document the extensive coverup and destruction of evidence of this antediluvian Nephalim race. I am absolutely impressed by what they have accomplished.

THE CLUES. In the late ’70s, I was aware of the Biblical texts about the giant races, which had been created by the fallen angels; and which confronted Joshua and Caleb in the Promised Land… and confronted David in the form of Goliath. Caleb had to take out 3 ruling giants when the Israelites finally seized the Holy Land. And even earlier, I was also aware from studying Nevada history in 1967 of the red haired giant remains from the distant past discovered in Nevada. And I was aware c. 1992, of the importance of the Hopi kivas, and how the Indian spiritual leaders had a way to open portals, and that this was playing a big role in what the New World Order was up to. I don’t even remember when I as a boy first read about Ulysses and how during the Odyssey he was confronted with the giant cyclops. The point is that these clues and many others have been there for a long time, but it took these three intrepid investigators to put all the pieces together, and make sense of it all. Their documentaries will amaze you. And further, we are looking at a vast global coverup, which incl. governments, the Vatican, and the Smithsonian Institute. Why? Why has the evidence been destroyed, and witnesses intimidated into silence?

THE ANSWER. The World Order has worked hard to discredit the Bible, and many have bought into their slanderous lies about the Word of God…Interestingly, the Word of God is perhaps our best source of why info about the giant remains is being covered up. It provides us with the answer why there is a coverup. Christ said that the end times would be like in the days of Noah–a time when the Nephalim giants controlled & bullied humans. The fallen angels & their human accomplices do not want humanity to be aware of their plans to bring back the giants among us. You thought it was bad now–yes, my friend, believe it or not, it can get even worse!! I won’t steal the thunder from this new documentary “True Legends: Holocaust of Giants” in case you want to see it. I do recommend this 2 hour documentary. My final comment, I have to chuckle to myself, because just when one thinks we have certainly reached the worst that evil can do, they prove that they can go even lower. And now if you didn’t realize it before, you know why God had to send a global flood, and later exterminate a regenerated batch of them from the Promised Land.


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