GEN 1:27B, “MALE & FEMALE HE CREATED THEM”: A discussion of the TG agenda & its goals. (10 JUNE ’16) The core of this article is a paper I wrote in 1986 “The Medical Ethics & Moral Issues of Practices Changing Sex (Transexualism)” by Fritz Springmeier, written long before the TG issue went public & political. My 19 pg. paper involved interviews with the clergy of many groups along with quoting 21 secular sources w/ 48 notes. In researching the subject, I realized almost no one was looking at the entire picture, so much of what was written seemed biased & deficient. The various sides of the arguments (on Transexualism now called Transgenderism) don’t appear to have gotten any wiser or better informed. The goal of this article will be to raise new perspectives (awarenesses) on the TG issue. The issue has been here for centuries, why is the media elevating it to front center? With so many dangers facing the nation, why recently has it exploded into a major political issue??

THE REALITY OF THE TG ISSUE. In my interviews with various clergy (Catholic, Protestant, Mormon, etc.) I realized none whom I interviewed realized the reality that there are a small minority (1 out of 1,000) who from birth legitimately do not fall distinctly into either category of male or female. It’s not just in their heads, but the confusion is in their genetics & bodies. In fact, there is a particular (not widely known about bloodline) where the men are born looking like girls and don’t develop their male anatomy until puberty when the body finally grows a normal penis. (Talk about slow development.) This hereditary condition is a steroid 5 alpha-reductase deficiency in males who have normal 46 XY chromosomes and are gonadally & hormonally normal once they switch from being a girl to a boy.(A) As the concept that some people are not born with a distinct gender identity is such a shock to many people even today, I will quote another source: “Now let us look at those hermaphrodites for whom the application of moral absolutes may be destructive. There are the people who, unequivocally considered to be of one sex at birth, are discovered years later to have been mistakenly assigned. For example, an infant born with completely normal-appearing external genitalia of a little girl. There being no reason for question, the child is named and raised as a girl by the parents, without suspicion that they do not have a normal girl. Nonetheless, hidden from view are the following biological facts: the child has male chromosomes, cryptorchid testes, little or no vagina, no uterus or ovaries. Some degree of male internal sexual apparatus, a bifid scrotum that looks identical in appearance to a clitoris, and a severe hypospadias so that the urethra opens in the same position as in a normal girl. When the proper sex is determined years after birth, should the child receive whatever medical treatment is necessary to render it a more biological normal male, or should the child, since to herself she is a girl, have the testes removed, an artificial vagina produced, and estrogens given so that she will not develop facial hair and body hair but will develop breasts and other subcutaneous fat distribution typical of woman? [??] In addition to the poignant fact that a normal-appearing or functioning penis cannot be constructed and therefore the child is doomed to a humiliating and frustrating adulthood if changed to a boy (as compared to a normal sexual life if kept as a girl), there is the even more frightening likelihood that when this child is told that she is not a girl but really a boy, the experience will be so disturbing that psychosis may ensue.”(B) Sometimes life does not give us simple solutions.

SECOND PT. THE REALITY of the long-standing SACRED ANDROGYNOUS OCCULT BELIEFS. For many centuries, Satanists & other occultists have cherished the concept of the androgynous hermaphrodite person that incorporated features of both sexes. So a male Baphomet is pictured with breasts. Freemason C.T. Russell (fndr. of the WT Soc. & of an Illum. bloodline) believed the New World would be inhabited by androgynous people. A high stage of Illumination is to achieve the equilibrium of opposing dualities, such as balancing one’s bad deeds with good deeds, & one’s female side with one’s maleness. Illuminati Grand Master Manly P. Hall in his book The Secret Teachings of All Ages (1919) shows a picture from an occult philosophical book Turbae Philosophorum (Ger., 1750) where the perfect human is shown as a hermaphrodite. Illuminati members are typically programmed multiple personalities where they will almost always have a few parts (alters) of the opposite sex. They will also have a few homosexual alters, which are usually different parts than the transgenders. The current campaign to be whatever you want is in line with the Satanic proverb “Do what thou wilt” which has been advocated by the Church of Satan following Aleister Crowley, & other Satanists. Freud, who used the Kabala (which is the foundation for most occult philosophies) as the foundation his psychology, wrote: “Since I have become acquainted with the notion of bisexuality I regarded it as the decisive factor, and without taking bisexuality into account, I think it would scarcely be possible to arrive at an understanding of the sexual manifestations that are actually to be observed in men and women.” (C)

IS BLUE STILL BLUE OR IS IT NOW PINK?? AM I DEFECTIVE TO CALL BLUE “BLUE”?? MY THOUGHTS UP TO THIS PT. What I have shown in as succinct a manner as possible is that there are some people that sincerely have gender confusion, it is not all craziness, self-loathing & sinfulness. Remember, that some of these people (referred to in the 1st paragraph) who struggle with gender issues need dignity & love. I have also shown that the state of being androgynous (& bisexual) is valued by Satanism as a higher level of humanity. So are those with gender confusion actually a higher level of being than those who are merely the sex they were born?? If one listens to the presstitutes who push political correctness, the mainstream media who promote the new craze of “transitioning”, one gets the impression that the new heroes are those who have the courage to change their sex. Bruce Jenner is called “amazing” & “courageous” for becoming a “woman”; & he received the Arthur Ashe Courage Award in July, ’15. The TG movement has come up with words to put down or insult those people who want to stay the sex they were born with: “cissexual”, “cisgender”, “cis man” & “cis woman”. Those who are belittled as “cisgender” deserve respect; has the public so quickly forgotten that this nation was founded on freedom of thought & speech? Those who don’t want to enable & enter into TG fantasies are claimed to be sick with “transphobia”. Where society once viewed gender confusion as a sickness, now the politically correct view is to view gender acceptance as crazy. Men who act like traditional men are now portrayed as evil. A stay-at-home mom who wants to care for her family in the traditional way (who is today relatively rare) is called “sexist”. (In 1987, I read a collection of 10,000 profiles of women who wanted to find a man to marry, only one said she wanted to be a housewife!) For non-Worldly Christians, it is important to remember, the World will be the World, keep your peace in Christ.

According to PC Worldly language, your gender is merely “assigned” as if the doctor makes a decision what to call you, eeiny-meeny-miny-mo. Therefore a sex change operation is in PC language “sex reassignment surgery”. In reality, the internal male or female is rarely freed from its prison by such a masquerading operation, the external body just looks different. One stat said 41% of TGs commit suicide. Must we all be forced to enable their fantasies? Some genuinely have a reason for clarifying their gender, but most today who insist they were born in the wrong body are clearly male or female to begin with.

THE REALITY OF AN AGENDA. Is there a long-term ILLUMINATI AGENDA behind the TG MOVEMENT? Yes. One can see an agenda, for instance, in the manipulation of Bruce Jenner’s transformation made into a public event to support an agenda. There are short-term goals & long-term goals. The long-term goal is to remove reproduction & child raising from couples & assign it to govt. factories. So sexuality is being stripped from its original purpose—procreation…and shifted to become something else…that is being a woman is not about having children (procreation)…therefore Bruce Jenner (aka Caitlyn) can be called Woman of the Year. [gag…what an insult to real women who have the most honorable task the Creator could assign: procreation, then nurturing.] By the way, TG men (who look like beautiful women) have chat rooms where they prostitute themselves as women. However, there is a dead give-away as to who they really are as these TG’s are full of male aggression, acting like Alpha-males in their combative dog-eat-dog competition. They do have one advantage over women prostitutes, they know how men think. They are simply men who have mutilated their genitals, and now live a lie. And it is a satanic mass-delusion that they are women. But they are in the driver’s seat in any debate—if you don’t agree with them, it is tantamount today to a hate crime. The issue is also a way to get rid of those with Christian values.

AN INFORMED THERAPIST SAYS: “[The TG movement…] was planned that way — to flip reality… so that the crazy people look sane and the sane people look crazy (if the sane people get out of line). This agenda was written into the DSM, which is supposed to be the Bible… but is really about lies and control of “appropriate (allowable) behavior” or a/k/a “how to take control of a society.”(D) To this I will add the agenda of mind control. For at least 25 years, I have stressed that people need to know their identity. Knowing your heritage, your culture, your race, your beliefs on right & wrong, and gender too is important to stand up to mind control. If you don’t know what you stand for, you can be made to stand for what the manipulator wants. As this nation sinks deeper into mind control, our ability to even figure out what gender we are is slipping.

OTHER PURPOSES. In brief, there are other short-term purposes: destruction of the traditional family, distancing the older from younger generation, destabilizing & distracting society, distracting us from Bruce Jenner killing a woman, destruction of the view that there is an objective truth & objective reality, etc. I have only scratched the surface of this enormous topic. Justin Bieber & Miley Cyrus (who are twinlike, & both act like the other sex) are playing roles in the agenda above. They have est. a “bad boy” image of Justin (for instance, supposedly he peed in a bucket) while he may be TG. Interesting is his “one eye” tattoo in the crook of his arm. This post has passed the length I like, so I will just conclude by stating, we are being played. Our society is being manipulated…and many of the public personas we see are an act to play us. [And finally, disrespectful remarks in the thread will be deleted. Please remain tasteful on this sensitive controversial subject.]

(A) Kando, Thomas. Sex Change. (Charles C. Thomas publ., Springfield, IL, 1973, pp. 244-245. (B) Stoller, M.D., Robert J. Sex and Gender, (Vol. 1), (Science House, NY:NYC, 1976), pp 257-58. (C) Freud, S. “Female Sexuality” in Collected Papers, Vol. 5. (Hogarth: London, 1975), p. 14 (D) identity w/held to protect the person.


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