FROM FEAR TO FREEDOM: Empowering your life. 31 MARCH 2019

Freedom is a popular subject for Americans; & true patriots want to protect & restore it. But how well do we understand the subject?? Giving place to fears, we have substituted safety/security for freedom. (For example, a la Reichstag Fire giving Hitler dictatorial powers by the Enabling Act, Congress passed the neocon’s Patriot Act.) The NWO plays on our fears. How many realize that our fears are a force that hinders freedom?? How many realize that a life in Christ is the ultimate solution to the fears of man which enslave him? This message is on obtaining functional freedom in our lives, by freeing ourselves from fear. Personal freedom is a choice. Many people are their own worst enemy enslaved by their fears, and all the Edward Snowden exposes are not going to give them freedom, rather these fear-led ones need to take this message to heart.

FEAR KILLS HOPES & DREAMS. Our paralyzing fears make us afraid to try & trust. A better description of trauma-based mind control would be to call it “fear-based mind control”. People fear learning things that would affect their self-esteem so they are afraid of new truths which would make them question themselves. Fears can protect from hurt, but they limit us from being & having the best in life. They damage us spiritually. Male insecurity can make men fail to listen well & to strut their masculinity & importance like a peacock stretching his feathers. Fear causes people to fall in love with appearances, rather than establish functional success. For instance, politicians love talk more than substance, leaving us with a show of success while the problems remain & fester.

CHRIST’S WAY KILLS FEAR. Christ said he was the way, the truth, & the life. (A) To convert to his way, we need to embrace the truth of our weaknesses, limitations & sins. This is healthy to gain freedom from fear. We don’t need to fear “not being good enough” and feeling like we must have guarantees in life. Having freedom in Christ is empowering to the individual, while expecting guarantees of no risks in life gives power to an external source. Christ’s way gives us the power, promises & purity of God. The beauty of the repentance/new birth/sinner-saved-by-grace experience is that it short circuits the fear cycle, for fear breeds more fears. Trying harder in life does not equal success. Our success is in remaining in God’s hands & promises. Faith not fear. Our hope is in the goodness of God, not man’s institutions nor the promises of politicians.

WITH ALL THIS IN MIND, God can repeatedly throughout history tell his people: “Be strong and of a good courage, fear not, nor be afraid of them…”(B) “Be strong and courageous, be not afraid…”(C) “And in nothing terrified by your adversaries…”(D) Hope in God purifies us of fear, & gives us courage to face life: “And every man that hath this hope in him purifieth himself, even as He is pure.”(E) Sin brings fear; when Adam sinned he was afraid to be in God’s presence. (F) God’s perfect love in us casts out fear.(G)

EXAMPLES OF FEAR IN OUR LIVES: Being afraid that one is unlovable & self-pity. Being afraid to assert & stand up for oneself. Being afraid of criticism & arguing about anything to everyone. Striving for goals that don’t satisfy instead of Spirit-inspired goals. Lying & cheating are fear-based actions. Negative self-talk, criticizing & complaining. (By the way, venting is different than complaining, as getting something off one’s chest & clearing one’s head is a good thing. Good examples of venting are casting cares on God, confession of faults & sins, and crying out to God like some of the Psalms (H).

EXAMPLES OF LIVING WITHOUT FEAR. Crying when you need to or when appropriate. Blessed are they who mourn. (I) Being willing to love without a guarantee you won’t be hurt. (God loved us while we were yet sinners in rebellion to Him! Waking up in the morning happy to be alive. Trusting enough to try. Not holding grudges, but forgiving. Singing joyfully. The most Christ-like man I’ve known was fearless. He lived as if people loved him & they did. He also had great love for others without any guarantees of reciprocity.

MAY THESE WORDS & THOUGHTS OF GOD BLESS YOUR LIFE MY FRIEND. Let us face life with the courage that our faith in God allows us. Let us bear in mind ROM 8:28. Have a good day.


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