Today, we have an entire generation called Snowflakes who believe that whatever opinion they hold or whatever they do, it is great. Their thinking is the result of an educational system which promotes diversity where no answer is wrong and where everyone deserves praise….(For instance, if you add 2+2=5, they praise you in class for effort.)… When their magical postmodern narcistic infantile thinking collides with the real world, they melt into tears. I went to college recently with Snowflakes, and I was a number of times the recipient of their wrath for believing my factual truths were any better than their uninformed opinions. It is obvious to me that the Powers that Should Not Be (TPTSNB) only need to wait till my generation dies out to finalize their control, because the Snowflake generation hates the idea of objective truth, and can be manipulated into believing any lie, and supporting tyrannical Marxism.

HOW THE LIES OF SATAN CONTROL OUR CULTURE. During my entire lifetime I have observed a slide into what is now called Postmodernism. My first podcast guest (Angela Jackson) was a millennial who had dissected all the lies being taught to her generation by postmodernism. She was able to articulate how postmodernism is really at its essence cultural Marxism. I thought her escape from the lies would give others hope that escape is possible. Later, I had Dean Gottcher on as my podcast guest, who was able to articulate how postmodernism/cultural Marxism are really the same lies that began with Satan in the Garden of Eden…in other words…whether you want to identify today’s culture as “postmodernism” or “cultural Marxism”, at is essence it is really “demonic rebellion” against God and against the structured world He created. God created boundaries, the sexes, the tribes, races and the nations, as well as “natural laws” and “spiritual laws”. We live in an God-created ordered world, and the recognition of that is is why European scientists during the Middle Ages, Renaissance & Age of Discovery were capable of discovering so much.

WHERE THE ASSAULT AGAINST GOD BEGAN. The assault against God began with an assault against truth, logic and science. Nietzsche (1844-1900) was a God-hating German atheist philosopher, whose philosophy was used by Freud & the Nazis. He came up with the Übermensch concept, as well as the “God is dead” slogan. He called Christianity a curse & a perversion…”a blemish on mankind”.

THE IDEA OF TRUTH IS ATTACKED. Nietzsche attacked the idea of Scientific laws, logic, truth and history. Nietzsche claimed objective truth does not exist. For instance he wrote, “Nature’s conformity to ‘law’ of which you physicists talk so proudly…exists only owing to your interpretation and bad philology…Things do not behave regularly, according to a rule: there are no things…they behave just as little under the constraint of a necessity…and our entire science still lies under the misleading influence of language…” (A) Nietzsche held language the culprit in humanity’s self-deception that it could find truth and use logic. According to him, to live together humans create concepts by inventing words which we think are true and are really illusions. Language can never be literal, according to him. The only real truth for him was the “will to power” and the need to control…which the Nazis used as a basis for their religion/political-social philosophy.

The achievements of Western Civilization was derided by him: “In some remote corner…of the universe there was once a star on which clever animals [people] invented knowledge. It was the most arrogant and mendacious moment of ‘universal history’…”(B) To “know” according to Nietzsche was “to impose categories upon chaotic processes that make the world useful to us and give us a sense of power and control.”(C) Today, anyone who tries to “organize” science, to call a spade a spade, is called a tyrant (by the snowflakes) who is imposing patriarchal thinking. To call a spade a spade is now treated as oppressive. Therefore, things are whatever you want them to be. A teenage boy can call himself a female and compete in women’s competition…and vice-versa. To disagree with their irrational magical thinking is to be an oppressor & patriarchal…part if the old order that needs to be overthrown & discarded. This was the postmodern snowflake thinking I was surrounded by in college in 2015-16.

BEYOND NIETZSCHE. There were numerous others who build upon the direction Nietzsche took things. In 1946, Dr. Benj. Spock wrote bestseller Baby & Child Care where he advocated that a child would not be bad, if it was raised without rules or boundaries. The final edition of the book advocated that children be vegans after age 2. In the early ’50’s, the government controlled teacher’s colleges began using Bloom’s Taxonomy as foundation for their instruction of new teachers. Bloom was a Marxist. No wonder the leftists & Marxists dominate American/Canadian education.

WHEN MY FAITH IS MY EYES. Many do not realize how the churches have joined this magical postmodern thinking many years ago by teaching that if I believe it, then it is true. Name it & claim it. But beliefs do not equal truth, nor faith. Even Satan believes God exists.(cf JAS 2:19) The biblical faith that transforms our lives (see ROM 12:2) is to know about God’s goodness & to trust in that goodness & to trust in His Word. There may be an intellectual consent or assent that is a component of faith’s beliefs…but the fundamental part to faith is the total sacred trust & reliance upon our Creator God. “Faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.”(D) Without faith it is impossible to please God. (E) When we trust in God and have faith in Him, His Word & His goodness, that faith is not something that can be proved linguistically in an absolute, explicit & philosophical way. In other words, people like Nietzsche would reject faith because it cannot be proved to his satisfaction. In fact, nothing was provable to his satisfaction…therefore, not only did he reject faith, he rejected science, truth, Christ, and history….And so do our modern snowflakes, who have not experienced enough real life to know how bankrupt their thinking is. Reality will intrude into their lives, in spite of their unrealistic, childish thinking. And God will intrude into things, if only at the Day of Judgment.

FINAL THOUGHTS. There is coming a time during this demonic rebellion that if the days were not shortened, even the elect of God will be deceived. As demonic darkness & confusion is descending upon and engulfing our culture like a thick fog, we of the elect of God will be more & more compelled to use our faith as our eyes!! We will have to walk by faith, and NOT our eyes. It will be increasingly more true that without faith it will be impossible to please God. This was the dark situation that Noah found himself in, and we have returned to. If you have not found the light & truth of Christ, seen by faith, then I pray that you may find it.

(A) Nietzsche, Beyond Good and Evil, Section 22 (1866) trans. by R.J. Hollindale and quoted by Robinson, Dave. Nietzsche and Postmodernism. Totem Books, 1999, p.21. (B) Nietzsche. On Truth and Falsity in their Extra-Moral Sense (1873), quoted Robinson (ibid. p. 14) (C) Nietzsche. Human, All Too Human, Section 11 (1878) quoted by Robinson (D) HEB 11:1 (E) HEB 11:6


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