WATER4: Christians helping a major global problem 27 DEC 2017

WATER4: Christians helping a major global problem. (27 DEC ’17) In many third world nations, good drinking water is scarce and women spend a lot of time acquiring and hauling water for their villages. This is a quick report on a group of Christians based in Oklahoma City (called Water4) who are making a big impact in the world. Those who have been reading my posts have noticed that water will be the major issue of the 21st century. A Christian associated with Water4 came up with a hand held drilling device that reduces drilling for water in third world countries to $150 rather than the $2000 or more that is generally associated with drilling wells. They train and provide these inexpensive drills to people around the world, thereby radically changing their lives for the better.

“I CAME TO GIVE LIFE & LIFE MORE ABUNDANTLY.” Christ said he came to give life and life more abundantly. In spite of the seemingly ubiquitous anti-Christian propaganda that has convinced the world that Christians are evil, violent, and inconsiderate of other races…the truth is far different. Christians have helped others in need around the world for centuries, and Water4 is an excellent example of a current group of American Christians who are making an enormous contribution globally. They are based at 2405 NW 10th St., Oklahoma City, OK.

WATER4’S STATEMENTS. Besides providing the hand held drilling rig that they invented, Water4 also helps individuals and communities in third world nations by providing various solutions and means to become self-sufficient in water. “Water4 exists to empower local communities to transform themselves and solve their own crisis. We do this by training and supporting local entrepreneurs to start their own businesses, drill their own water wells, and become local engines of sustainable change. We also train local residents in sanitation and hygiene practices so they can prevent the spread of disease and sustain the benefits of clean water forever.”



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