The VEGAS HARVEST FESTIVAL MASSACRE: Analysis & Thoughts on it. 4 OCT 2017

A follow-up to previous posts. It’s been a few days since the Route 91 Harvest Festival massacre, called the worst shooting in American history…although other events in the past could arguably have been worse. I thought I would weigh in on what I think happened…with the caveat that the reader realize that my viewpoint is limited–it may be spot on, or it might be wrong. I write this short post to keep the truth alive, and to keep people asking questions.

THE (PRE-SCRIPTED) STANDARD NARRATIVE. In communist countries, it was called the party line. In America, we supposedly have a least two parties, so the official version of events, parroted by the mass media, is never officially called the “party line”, but for all intents and purposes it is. The “party line” is what I am now hearing parroted (echoed) by common people as they go about their day, talking to cashiers and people in line. Readers are welcome to share non-Party line ideas on the thread…I will leave the mainstream media venues to emphasize and support the party line, which is already jelling and solidifying in place like super glue.

After over a half century of watching these kind of things, the party line’s pattern to their script for the official version is easy to know beforehand. It goes like this: It is always a lone gunman–and all evidence to the contrary is suppressed. The lone gunman is usually killed at the end of his killing spree which ends much investigation and silences much about what happened. We will get an initial report that the police shot him, and later it will be declared he committed suicide. (And why not, since people have concluded the shooter was crazy.) And when on rare occasions he lives, then we never hear from him completely…for instance, if there is a trial, he will not testify and give us his side of things. Sometimes, the alleged shooter is dragged off to a mental ward out of public contact before the trial. Part of the standard script is for Law enforcement to give a public press conference where they make several points: 1) the gunman was alone, 2) the police did a fantastic job stopping things, and are doing a detailed investigation into the lone gunman, and the official storyline, 3) there are some civilians heroes that get praised, 4) then the press give us lots of contradictory minor details which they amend and correct over the next few days and weeks, leaving people with an uneasy feeling they really don’t understand what happened as well as the officials. The television news people keep their audiences in a light trance, as they give us what they declare are the “facts” and puff the response by law enforcement. And after a short time, their version (identical to the official line) becomes the facts of the incident. And last, the public is asked to come together. (In this case, the call for blood donations was pushed hard and people waited in line for up to 7 hours to give their blood.) What I dislike about the standard narrative is that it is usually flies in the face of mountains of contrary evidence…and is latched onto by law enforcement so quickly that it seems obvious to me to be a script concocted prior to the incident…evidence and events are often too messy to draw instant conclusions. And there are punishments for not agreeing to the party line!, when if there were a sincere search for the truth, then it would not squash dissenting viewpoints. During his press conference, the Law Enforcement chief squashed dissenting views with the worn-out standard reply: “Let us do our job!”

THE WEAPONS ACTUALLY USED. What would be significant would be actual evidence…bullets that hit the concert area…and evidence of their caliber and direction of fire. We most likely will never see a complete report on this. Listening to a video done by a cabby, there are obviously multiple weapons firing, and from different locations. One distinctly sounds like a M248 Light machine (SAW) firing perhaps a NATO 5.56 round. NATO also has MK 48 machine guns that fire a 51 mm round. I heard a distinct break in the firing–like the shooter knew to fire a burst and then wait. It is quite possible a military light machine gun like I described was used in one or two well camouflaged positions, and Paddock was a patsy under MK Ultra like mind control. (It is standard procedure on these “false flags” done by our government against its own people to use mind-controlled patsies.) Some believe they can hear a varying rate of fire as if a crank device is being used on a semi-automatic weapon…others think that perhaps Padduck used bump-stocks to convert semi-autos to auto. While it is easy to convert a semi-auto AK-47 and AR-15 to auto…there are several ways…it does not sound like an AK-47 firing to me. I have heard both weapons before in my life (they were the standard ones in the Vietnam War); rather it does sound like a SAW. But my opinion is not definitive.

THE ALLEGED WEAPONS. Asst. Sheriff Fasula said that they recovered 23 weapons at Padduck’s 32nd floor room (actually the 33rd floor due to their numbering system). He also said that they recovered 19 weapons at his house in Mesquite, NV. Several mainstream news sources have provided pictures and testimony identifying some of Padduck’s weapons found in his Mandalay Bay room. FOX 25 Boston has a picture of two AR-15 type rifles. Another news source showed an AK-47 which is said to have had a 30 round mag. Then one article said he also had Sig Sauer guns, a .308 caliber long range gun, a DM4 and a FN15S weapon. A number of mainstream articles mention scopes on his weapons. Firing from the 32nd floor to the concert site would involve a range of over 300 yards and a considerable downward angle. Firing at a large downward angle throws most people who shoot way off target due to the counterintuitive change it brings in the bullet’s trajectory. Even the time frame of how long the shooting occurred has several versions. At any rate, I find it easier to believe that hidden gunmen with military machine guns did most of the damage, and if Padduck fired from the 33rd floor, it was to decoy people from the shooters that did the most damage in the 9 or 11 minutes, or 20 minutes of fire. One report says that the shooting went on for 11 minutes after the first 9-11 call. How many bullets were fired, and what caliber of bullets and kinds of bullets were fired? And what were their trajectories?? Well dear reader, any thoughts or evidence to contribute?


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