THE NAZI MIND, THE CONSUMATE EVIL, IS ALIVE & DISGUISED: thoughts on evil thoughts 15 APR 2018

For months I have wanted to write a post about this. The impetus to finally do so came when my wife Angela recently wrote an excellent, erudite paper on how Post Modern groups are using the same thinking as the Nazis. As some people predicted, when Nazi thinking reappeared, it would come under different names! Today, some of the groups like Antifa, who are actually disguised modern Nazis, even claim to be against Nazi thinking! Angela writes on pg. 1 of her paper: “The interesting thing NAZIs have in common with many people today are from the same results of rejecting the prior order of western civilization. Rejection of the desirability of individual freedom, economic freedom, objective truth, and, ultimately searching for a non-economic substance dictated to them by society.”

She cont.: “NAZIs used identity politics, that there are immaterial characteristics of the mind of man dictated by their materialistic characteristics; Nordic Man = Nordic Thought. A spiritual meaning whose physical manifestation is the ideal everyone strives for – a common thought and cause. Of course there is then blasphemy against their claim to the highest ideal. Ex., Today, Desmond Cole doesn’t try to justify his claim that Canada is a White Supremist nation. Cole makes the claim as an appeal to the authority of his seeming moral superiority.”(A) In other words, people claim authority to their claims today because they are non-white…mirroring the Nazi claim to superiority because they were Aryan. I (Fritz) have been in some groups where the fact I was white immediately meant I had no credibility, I was racist, a promoter of global abuse, etc. It is the reverse of Nazi discrimination.

TODAY EVERYTHING IS A CRISIS (LIKE IT WAS IN POST WW 1 GERMANY). Angela continues making parallels: “In End of Economic Man Drucker describes a scenario very similar to the one many people face today: Western man alienated from western society and political creeds; man looks for secular salvation; overthrow of supposedly failed values, beliefs, and basic morality; total repudiation of the establishment; the idea of action preceding substance – that doing something is more important than doing the right thing – that action gives substance and justifies their cause – which is why every problem is portrayed as an intolerable crisis. For example, 1. The clamour about gender equality, namely the pay gap. This is portrayed as a force of evil in our society. 2. The “inequality” between races results from a purely evil force, or injustice, which cannot be tolerated. These and many other social problems today are not dealt with rationally, because if they were they would no longer be demonic. These problems of society can be dealt with rationally. Portraying these issues as crises serves several purposes: blinding the mind to reason through flooding the emotional senses; requiring immediate solutions; requiring the overthrow of the order of society so as to deal with its’ intolerably evil “nature”-it is demonic. These crisis situations mimic the intolerable demons Drucker describes in post – WW1 Germany.” (A) An example of what Angela describes here is the professional lawyer who burned himself to death recently in protest because of the supposed crisis caused to Mother Earth by the use of fossil fuels.

HITLER & NAZISM HAD ROOTS. Hitler and his NSDAP party were not an unrooted accident, but the result of a number of secret societies and anti-Christ philosophical diseases that had taken root in the hearts & minds of Germans. The trauma of Germany’s defeat in WW 1 was used to plant lies in the minds of suffering Germans. The Illuminati, the German Templars, the Thule Society, the Theosophical Society, German Romanticism, Germany’s 19th century hippie movement, and the Vril Society all contributed to Nazism. Richard Wagner, Hegel, Nietzsche, & Friedrich Ludwig Jahn (Vater Jahn) also supplied much of the philosophy that blended to became Nazism. This stew of dissociated ideas was cooked into Nazism by the tragedy of WW I, which was by & large created by the English elite (principally Illuminati associates Sir Edward Grey & Winston Churchill), who later also played a major role in the creation of Nazism & WW2. Both world wars were avoidable and unnecessary, although the details of history that would show that are removed from the World’s history books. And while most people are relieved to have been saved from a Nazi dark age, and admire the British heroically standing alone against the Axis powers…the Illuminati-contrived & manipulated war will historically be seen as Western Civilization’s suicide. So much tragedy & suffering. Sad, because it was unnecessary.

ILLUMINATI CONTRIBUTIONS. The two major British leaders who pulled strings to manipulate England to get into WW 1 were Sir Edward Grey & Winston Churchill. Churchill lusted for the war, and was gleeful on cloud 9 type ecstasy when he succeeded in getting the U.K. into the conflict…quite a feat considering most British leaders were opposed to entering the war. Foreign Secretary Grey had laid the groundwork to enter the war by secretly committing Britain to help France fight Germany in 1906 long before the supposed crisis that escalated into the war had happened. Later, Illuminati trauma-based mind control used on Hitler while he was in a hospital, Illuminati finances helped grow the Nazi party, and associated British aristocrats played their roles. Nazism was a reaction to the traumas the German people had suffered. It was reactionary…and while it promised the German people change from the systems of the World that had failed them…it’s philosophy did not offer life-giving changes. Rather, it was a series of negatives. For instance, supposedly, the Jews had stabbed Germany in the back at the end of WW 1, therefore Germany would be restored by removing the Jews. Germany needed Lebensraum, therefore Greater Germany would remove the Slavs.

SCRIPTURAL PRINCIPLES. The Word of God explains: “For they, being ignorant of God’s righteousness, and going about to establish their own righteousness, have not submitted themselves unto the righteousness of God.”(B) The people that laid the groundwork for these wars and the isms that followed did not know God’s righteousness. WW 1 was the seed bed that produced the dangerous isms of communism, fascism, & Nazism. These isms created zealots to their worldly utopian promises with their double talk to cure the evils of life. The Word of God warns: “Beware lest any man spoil you through philosophy and vain deceit, after the tradition of men, after the rudiments of the world, and not after Christ.”(C) “…therefore beloved, …beware lest ye also, being led away with the error of the wicked, fall…but grow in grace, and in the knowledge of our Lord & Saviour Jesus Christ.”(D)

WORSHIP OF SUCCESS & HEGEL. Hegel’s philosophy determined whether something was right or wrong by whether it was successful. War is justified via Hegel’s relativism & his identification of “Real” (as in Realpolitik) with “rational”. Hitler and others used his thinking. Hegel defined the German Spirit as “the Spirit of the new world.”(E) While Hegel promoted some German centric ideas, his ideas were incorporated into international Marxism (his dialectic idealism was used by Marx as the proletariat with dialectic materialism), and Mussolini applied his ideal state idea to Italy, as well as Hitler using it for Germany.

PHILOSOPHICAL JUSTIFICATIONS. World History is full of philosophical justifications: America’s Manifest Destiny to justify conquering from the Atlantic to the Pacific, England’s “White Man’s Burden” to rule Africa and the Indian subcontinent, and Mussolini’s “sacro egoismo” (the need to expand or explode) to conquer Ethiopia…just to name a few. Before we latch onto some utopian philosophy, we need to know the righteousness of God. Isms tend to be dangerous; they promote a mindset where the person moves beyond making decisions, to where the person’s identity is the ism. So a vegetarian moves beyond making a case by case wise decision for life, to defending vegetarianism as part of his identity. Not eating meat should be a choice…not a person’s identity. Likewise, Manifest Destiny then by definition treated all impediments to conquering America as evil. We need to return to guidance by the Holy Spirit, not control by some ism which forces us into an ideological commitment.

THE END OF ECONOMIC MAN. Angela’s paper was highlighting concepts that both Peter Drucker, the author of The End of Economic Man and herself have on Nazi thought. While I have not had the chance to read Drucker’s book, it sounds very interesting…I would imagine that those readers of this who want a deeper understanding of Nazism will want to read it. Meanwhile we need guard against the pagan, satanic thinking that brought so much ruin to Germany. Let history warn us about these secular isms that promise so much. They continue to surround us today, and to recruit those not wise to their dangers. An example of an ism that is Nazi thinking is Environmentalism. Have a blessed day my friend.

(A) Angela Jackson Springmeier, The End of Economic Man. pg. 1 (B) ROM 10:3 cf. EPH 4:18 (C) COL 2:8 (D) 2 PTR 3:17-18a (E) G.W. Friedrich Hegel. Philosophie des Rechts, sec. 358, Part IV, pp 341-421 in the English trans.


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