My goal with this article is to alert awake Christians to the form that end-time deception will take I have about 30 min. to write and post this, so it will of course have to be a stripped down version on the topic.

NOMINCLATURE. Seeding disinfo is called hoodwinking by Freemasons, and “feedback” by spooks. “Feedback” specifically refers to the created illusion that certain testimony & evidence is coming from a legit 3rd party. In other words, false info is planted where “neutrals” pass it on to our side.

EXPERIENCE. I have been observing what is now called the “awake” community since the late ‘70s. Time & time again I have witnessed the World perpetrating deceptions upon those who seek to break free of the World’s matrix. I have tried to sort and weed information coming to me, and I find myself discarding or shelving much of it. The Word warns us that Satan and his AntiChrist will come with all manner of deception! That is heavy-duty to contemplate.

WHAT TO WATCH FOR. I find a particular thing a Brig.-General said to provide us insight where the strategic deception will target itself: “The mind of the enemy and the will of its leaders is a target of far more importance than the bodies of its troops.” My fellow believers…by and large, the Christian leadership has been totally compromised, and its will power to expose and oppose the AntiChrist is nil. Do not trust the big name leadership to protect you…they are selling you out as I write. An excellent example from history of strategic deception is the Normandy D-Day invasion (Operation Overlord). Its primary points of strategic deception were WHEN, WHERE and to some degree WHAT. The British services (esp. MI-6) are Masters of Deceit and are an extension of the Illuminati and a key player in Satan’s World System.

MODERN DAY EXAMPLES. Y2K was a good example of a PSYOP. I smelled a rat early on. While it was true that something would happen…WHAT was the target of disinfo. In terms of a large economic crash, the WHAT is obvious so WHEN is what is targeted for deception. I have watched lots of disinfo on when the economy would completely fall apart. I finally concluded that the economy is functionally a zombie…artificially kept alive by the controllers and subject to death whenever they want. That being the basic situation…it is almost meaningless to predict WHEN…it is not so much the signs that will determine it as much as the timing of the script of the controllers.

I have used 20 of my 30 minutes…so I will stop here and post this. Others are welcome to share thoughts on all this. Hopefully it will stimulate others to think on the topic. Keep the faith dear brothers and sisters, we serve the all-mighty! Hallelujah!


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