One of my favorite subjects is history, and one focus of mine has been the American Civil War. Another has been to expose the elite & their presence in history which resulted in my book Bloodlines of the Illuminati. Today I wanted to contribute something to my readers that would expand their understanding of history, and be something that I could write in just a few minutes and let readers know I am alive & well. I have chosen the subject of Abraham Lincoln & the occult.

LINCOLN & HIS WIFE’S OCCULT HERITAGE. The details of Abraham Lincoln’s hidden heritage (he was a secret Rothschild) and his wife’s heritage within the occult Collins family are detailed in my Bloodlines of the Illuminati book…so I will not repeat the details here, except to point out that even though Lincoln was not a Freemason, he was one of the heads of the Rosicrucian fraternity. And even though he was of a secret occult bloodline, when he stepped out of line he was assassinated.

SPIRITISM. The most evident occult practice of Abe Lincoln & his wife Mary Todd Lincoln was the use of spirit mediums. Mary was desperate to communicate with her 11 year old son Willie after he died in Feb. 1862, and called in a series of mediums to talk to Willie. The most famous medium she used was Margaret Fox of Boston, who had been made famous by Horace Greeley in the 1840’s. Mary tried to do this secretly, but in 1872, the press got wind of it. In 1875, her surviving son Robert had his mom incarcerated in the nut house on the charge she was squandering her estate on mediums such as Margaret. At any rate, Mary, during the Civil War invited spirit mediums into the White House to give Abe advice. Abe asked prior to releasing the Emancipation Proclamation if it was a good idea, and he was told it was. One medium in her 1891 memoir “Was Abraham Lincoln a Spiritualist?” claimed that she was one of the mediums that advised Abraham Lincoln.

THE JOHN WILKES BOOTH INVESTIGATION. It may interest my readers that the man who investigated the assassination of Lincoln and John Wilkes Booth for the U.S. govt. was Henry Steel Olcott…a man who with HPB created the Theosophical Society…which was involved with creating Lucifer Trust now Lucis Trust. HPB said that the Great White Bro. had instructed her to come to America, and she met Olcott at the Eddy farm. The Eddy family was exposed by me as being Illuminati. Another tidbit…Thomas Edison, friends with Olcott, worked at creating a device to communicate with spirits. By the way, there is no doubt in my mind that the assassination of Lincoln was Illuminati ordered, and like JFK’s assassination, it involved a wide range of conspirators. Lincoln, like JFK, did too much independent thinking! Have a blessed day.


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