This post will provide more info on an Illuminati castle used for t.b.m.c. programming, as well as equip the reader with some patterns of the elite. (I’m only revisiting by my research–I’ll explain.)

PATTERNS. On the west coast of the USA are 2 castles & one mansion (now a museum) built by Illuminati kingpins which I exposed in the early ’90’s as places for rituals & mind control. Each of these three sites have been taken over by the State & preserved. Workers at these sites often appear vetted by the elite; they are not your random person off the street. Money from tourists helps maintain these sites, and rituals have to take place on off hours when pesky tourists are not around. All of the sites were somewhat remote locations when they were built…and the remotest of these, Scotty’s Castle in Death Valley, continues to remain remote. William Randolph Hearst Sr. (1863-1951) built his castle “La Cuesta Encantada” (the Enchanted Hill) in Spanish Colonial style and in 1954 it became a state park in CA. Sam Hill (1857-1931) built Maryhill Mansion in what was then a remote site in Eastern WA on the Columbia River. And in 1940, after help from the rich Alma de Bretteville Spreckels and a dedication by Queen Mary of Romania, Maryhill became a state museum. Albert Mussey Johnson (1872-1948) built Scotty’s Castle in Spanish Colonial style in a very remote site near the CA-NV border in Death Valley. In 1970, the National Park Service purchased the castle.

INFORMANTS & SCOTTY’S CASTLE. A number of programmed multiples have talked about these 3 sites. In 1991, one of my ex-Illuminati informants told me that one of the sites involved in her mind control programming was Scotty’s Castle. When I began researching the castle, red flags came up. The castle is situated in about as remote a location as possible. That its material was imported from around the world, and then transported there is amazing. The site & buildings have many mysteries associated with it. And the people who built it are also full of mysteries. Scotty’s Castle has at least 6 outbuildings beyond the castle proper and all the buildings are connected with tunnels. The tunnels have allowed servants, guests, and whoever to move unseen underground. The castle was closed in 2015 due to a 3″ rain, and its website says it will stay closed until 2020. Someone close to the castle explained to me that they don’t need to have it closed 5 years to deal with the flood damage which they claim is the reason for its closure. So what is going on there? What is being installed and what is being done, now that it is a criminal offense to even be in that area of Death Valley??? The number of park rangers for the Death Valley National Park, which is a 3.4 million acre park, is decreasing as they downsize the numbers and don’t hire anyone new. Illegal drug merchants have used the seclusion of the surrounding mountains to grow pot. With so few rangers around, a lot could be hidden in this large Death Valley Park.

THE BUILDERS. Scotty’s Castle is named after Walter Scott whose nickname was “Scotty”. Scotty was merely the front man, the con-man entertainer, who went around the country throwing gold coins at children. The man who financed the castle to the tune of $2.5 million & lived in it with his wife was Albert Mussey Johnson, the president of National Life Insurance Co. His short wife, Bessie Penniman, was from a rich CA masonic family. Her college sweetheart (and ex-fiancee) was Mat Roy Thompson (legally LeRoy Thompson). Her father Hiram broke up the engagement because Mat was not wealthy.

Mat (who also helped build another programming center close by, China Lake Naval Test facility) was called in to help build the castle. He & Bessie were still in love with each other, but no one knows how far they took their renewed association while the castle was built. Albert seemed at times hostile to Mat–it seems he suspected something…at any rate Albert was unable to do much physically because of a train accident, so he was not able to do anything in bed with his wife. No one seems to know the details of Bessie & Mat…well with all the hiding spots in the castle area, perhaps no one knew their secrets. Also one has to wonder why a number of the park rangers working the area have repeatedly seen ghosts in the castle. What has gone on in the place?? And even though Albert recognized that Scotty was a lying con man…he liked him & included him at the castle. This is the tip of the iceberg. The castle has mysteries no one will even know about! And the tunnels are still in use today.

THE SITE. The castle is not easy to get to (when the area is not closed off like it is now). One can drive in on Hwy 267 from the little place called Scotty’s Junction, NV. I was at Scotty’s Junction not long back. About 4 miles west of the CA-NV border up in the mountains of northern Death Valley lays the castle area. Water from a higher elevation has been used to create electricity for the site. The area is quite desolate–not even the ubiquitous sagebrush like it. Plants are scarce. The Grapevine Ranger Station is just a few miles to the SW. And east of the castle is Bonnie Claire Flat. Not too far away is the ghost town of Leadfield. Pahrump is in the general area east of Death Valley. When the Bundys got moved to the Federal Prison at Pahrump, patriots built & manned Camp Liberty across from the prison. When I drove into the area, Camp Liberty had moved. I did notice that the Rothschilds, Rockefellers and DuPonts had streets named after them in the prison area. Pretty intense!

FINAL COMMENT. There you have an update on Scotty’s Castle which I first exposed in 1991. Of course I can’t go there…the roads are blocked off…but I can share new info for my readers on the castle. May God continue to bless you…


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