Kristan T. Harris, who hosts the American Intelligence Report (90.7 FM in Denver…K-TFR), had me as his guest today for 2 hrs. Kristan has been doing a series of shows on Pizzagate…and we discussed that some. (By the way, the show will be archived for those who did not catch it.) I told him prior to the show, that I am rather burned out after 30 yrs. of looking at the scandalous activities of the World’s leaders who are pedophiles. I had to quit listening the last 2 times I was watching details on Pizzagate. It was making me noxious. So I told him I’d talk some about it, but I wanted to put it into the context of all the other major scandals of the past…in 1990, there was the Franklin coverup that involved pedophilia even as high as V.P. George Bush, Sr. and many other people in Washington D.C.’s swamp. The msm did not report on it until it was covered up. Now wikileaks makes it sound like the whole think was a hoax. Several witnesses were murdered and the victims got prosecuted (not the bad guys). Sen. John DeCamp had a documentary on the entire sordid scandal, and some unnamed congressmen kept it from being aired on TV in ’94. (The Lincoln Savings & Loan Scandal by DeCamp is the best book on it.) Then there was the “Dutroux affair” that I was in the middle of, which almost brought the govt. of Belgium down in the late ’90’s. (X-Dossiers is perhaps the best book on it.) And like the Franklin cover up it involved pedophilia, Satanism, mind control, ritual murders, and high level government officials. Over a 110 people were murdered to contain that scandal, plus it stunk so bad they threw Marc Dutroux to the wolves to satisfy the public. He was the scapegoat for something that involved many more people who skated free.
Then there was the enormous pedophilia/Satanism/high govt. officials scandal in Australia that Fiona Barnett was exposing that involved 3 prime ministers of Australia and many other high level govt. officials. Now we have pizzagate involving both democrat & republican govt. officials. When I began to describe an underground catalog someone sent me, where you can order snuff films involving important public figures like Madonna…the Internet stopped working for the radio show. Listeners missed that segment as communication went down. I was unaware that communication had been severed and kept speaking. We discussed many related things, like mystery Babylon, Kaballa, Cointelpro, and genocide of much of the human race by these insane elite. The show was a busy 2 hours!


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