I received the new link (given below) to a video I just did with Alexandra Jitka Brozikova, a Swedish doctor who lives in the Czech Republic. Her website is FromIllusion . The show we did was on HAARP. The Illuminati have plans to use the weather against us. HAARP & directed energy are two of their weather modification tools. It is the first time I have spoken at length about both HAARP & directed energy.

(I notice that I made a few technical slips, saying Alaska when I meant Africa, and 10,000 when I meant that 100,000 lost their homes in the recent CA fires. It’s interesting that a person can think one thing, and somehow it comes out something else.) In spite of a few technical glitches, this interview should be quite educational & overall it went very well.

If I am slightly unpolished in my presentation, it is because I have not spoken on this subject before to people–I always felt that others, like Dr. Nick Begich, were presenting the information better than I could, so I have let others discuss it…but now I think it is worthwhile to discuss, even if I have learned from others. There is nothing wrong with sharing what others have discovered. Here is the link for your edification:


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