This is a followup article about Antarctica, both its interesting features & its interesting mysteries. By the time the reader is done, his or her curiosity will be raised…something strange indeed is going on down there!! It will discuss some amazing natural features, Wikileaks & Google Earth pictures, strange maps, & the recent visits by prominent people, and then it will cover the testimony of 2 different credible people, who have shared some incredible things. Ever since I could read, I have devoured everything I could read about the Antarctica, especially the National Geographic articles (which we subscribed to); plus the father of a close friend of mine, who was in the U.S. Navy, was stationed there. Although it is not widely known, & Antarctica is viewed as one continent…if the ice were gone, it is really two landmasses w/ islands, one east & one west, which would be separated by water. It is the perfect place to hide things, as few tourists ever reach it.

NATURAL WONDERS. The Antarctica has 98% of its surface (5.4 million sq. miles) covered with an ice sheet averaging 1 mile thick, & its recorded temps range from −128.6 °F to 58. In spite of the ice, at least 70 water lakes under the ice sheets have been discovered, as well as rivers. Three pyramids close to the coast (& one near the U.K.’s Princess Elizabeth station) have also been discovered. Coal & fossils have been found around the continent. Coal was originally found in Beardmore Glacier by the Nimrod Expedition. The fossil remains of 3 different kinds of dinosaurs have been found, along with trees & other reptiles, dating back to a time when the land was not under ice. In 1973, oil & gas fields were found in the Ross Sea under the ice shelf & water. Today, the largest bug is the Belgica insect which can live through being frozen & thawed w/out problem. Hundreds of different species of nematode worms live there also. Non-native animals like dogs have been outlawed in the Antarctica, although for many years they were a popular addition to expeditions. As a final interesting note, there is an active volcano (Mt. Erebus) and a number of dry, bare valleys in the Antarctica also. Bear in mind that it is a large continent that contains a lot!

WIKILEAKS & GOOGLE EARTH. Wikileaks leaked 23 pictures of Antarctica, and Conspiracy Outpost had the link to these. However, no one knows why they were leaked! I have looked at all of them, a couple of them seem to be duplicated, but their copies have different names. Most have been taken from the coast. One shows a modern cruise ship with penguins on land. The Wikileak photos have Chinese captions…one translates: “Iceberg in random dissolution.” Some speculate that secret data is embedded in the digital photo information. Google Earth has a couple of sites that looked brushed out–something secret?? And also a close look at Google Earth reveals two different obvious entrances that look man-made. (I will share some pics of these things in the thread). In East Antarctica in the Leopold & Astrid Coast area there is a rectangular shaped object 14.5 miles by 4.5 miles that shows up in Google Earth pics. By the way, Leopold & Astrid were the names of the Belgium king & queen. A Norwegian expedition discovered the area, & rather than name it for their own royalty, named it after Belgium’s.

STRANGE MAPS. As I mentioned, it was Aristotle around 350 B.C. who named the continent “Antarctica”. Accurate depictions of the continent–even accurate depictions of what it looks like without the ice, were being drawn on maps back in the days of Columbus…which claim to be based on much more previous maps. And yet the history books claim the continent was not seen until 1820, (although Argentina claims its sailors saw it prior to that). Still, no one has provided an explanation how the Europeans, when they began the age of exploration, had surprisingly accurate maps of the region. Who really explored it first?? In modern times, ground-penetrating radar is used to view structures under the thick ice sheet.

VISITS. The head of the Orthodox Church in Russia, Patriarch Kiril, visited the Antarctica in 18 FEB ’16. Bear in mind, the Russian Orthodox church has a church at the Russian Bellinghausen Station with 2 priests assigned…so he has a least more excuse to go to the frozen continent that many others. Buzz Aldrin (the astronaut) went, got sick and was medi flighted to NZ. On twitter he warned that Antarctica was “dangerous” & “evil”…but gave no details why. Skull & Bones member Sen. John Kerry (our current Sec. of State) went there in November. In my earlier post, I quoted one inside source saying the elite have a refuge base there. It is reported Obama went there secretly via Argentina. Kerry’s itinerary leaves some questions…it has him using 3 days to travel to Antarctica for what should take a day to McMurdo. There have been some other mysterious high level people visiting also. And reports came out that the Russians took the Ark of Gabriel to the south pole. Some have described this Ark as an “apocalyptic weapon”.

FIRST OF 2 TESTIMONIES. Before mentioning the first witness, let me remind readers of the longest running TV sci-fi series, the X-files on Fox, which had Fox Mulder & Dana Scully as FBI agents who investigate x-files. The theme of the series is that the Syndicate is working with aliens, who plan to enslave the human race, who are creating alien-human hybrids so that they can kill off normal humans with a black oil sentient virus. (What’s creepy is this resembles what people in the Illum. claim is going to happen.) Anyway, there was/is an actual special team of super-investigators for the govt., and the TV series was actually based upon them–although they numbered more than 2 people (actually 7-8 team members), & the main guy was Miller (not Mulder) and he was Naval Intelligence not FBI. Naval Intelligence reported not to the Pentagon, but Rockefeller. This man, Richard Allen Miller, was a third generation psychic, labelled a 4th stage telepath by the secret govt. He is quite a genius w/ eidetic memory, & fairly good with ESP. Anyway his early childhood training was done by the DuPonts. (I am assuming readers are drawing the connections here.) (I will share in the references where to get more info on Miller.)

ADMIRAL BYRD & THE NAZIS. A great deal of info has been shared over the years about the Nazis expeditions to New Schwabenland (the Queen Maud Land area facing the south Atlantic.) Several U-boats at the end of WW 2 were sent to the Antarctica, incl. U-530 from Kiel. Evidence suggested that the Nazis had established a secret base before the war, which was expanded during the war. The U.S. military had Operation High Jump in ’46-47 w/ Admiral Byrd, which was a task force (TF 68) with an aircraft carrier & 13 ships. It was a military (not scientific) expedition. And something defeated it within 2 months. After the fall of the USSR & the end of the cold war, soviet intel files showed that the U.S. Navy sent this task force to the Antarctica to find & destroy the post WW2 Nazi base. Now Wikipedia which often skews info to please the PTSNB wrote on its Antarctica article: “The only documented military land manoeuvre was Operation NINETY by the Argentine military.” While the Argentine army did send an army expedition from the coast to the south pole, it is not the only military event on the continent. That claim is categorically false. Why are they hiding this American military expedition from readers?? Admiral Byrd’s expedition is fairly well known. The history channel has shown film/pics of it. So what follows is the rest of the story.

THE REST OF THE STORY. So what happened to the underground Nazi Antarctica base? Something happened, because it is obviously NOT an issue today. Nobody asks that question. They simply leave it with TF 68 being defeated. In private conversation, Miller talked about how his x-file naval intelligence team was sent to Antarctica to investigate the remains of the Nazi base–after the U.S., under JFK’s signed order, took it out with a nuclear bomb. And yes, the treaty demilitarizing the Antarctica had just been recently signed…obviously no one else was in the area when the attack took place. And from what the team found, this underground river which was a large natural underground feature–had been discovered before the Nazis found it. (I suspect they discovered some unknown records that hinted of its existence…which compelled them to launch their explorations in the ’30’s.)

RETIRED NAVY FLIGHT ENGINEER. A large % of the Americans in Antarctica have been working for U.S. intelligence and are military men supposedly doing science experiments. One Navy airman shared how his plane had to do a medical evac from the south pole and decided to fly direct which meant flying over a “no-fly zone”. Bear also in mind these planes are specially outfitted to operate in extreme cold. When the plane flew into the no-fly zone, they saw a large circular hole the diameter of a football field. He felt it was an entrance to a base, perhaps a secret saucer base. He was warned not to talk about things, but as he did not sign any secrecy agreement. He retired in ’77, & in 2015 he was willing to share this. But then after he shared it privately, he was warned to shut up by the NSA. He also was involved in the Antarctica with a situation where 12 scientists went missing, and when he was involved in picking them up–it was obvious that they had been traumatized by whatever experience they had gone through while missing. But they were not talking about it. The area where they went missing was the same area that a CATV crew in 2002 went missing when they went to investigate stories of ruins under the ice. This is as long as I want a post to run, so I will wrap this up w/ reference info on Richard Allen Miller, who is now in his 70’s & whose mind is still going strong.

REFERENCES. Kerry Lynn Cassidy interviews Richard Allen Miller for Project Camelot. You can see her interview(s) of him on Youtube. Jeff Rense also did an interview of him on 1/28/16. There may be other interviews. (I have only watched Kerry’s interview.) His Antarctica comments were private & not on these interviews…but I think it is worthwhile for people to get a feel for what this real life Fox Mulder is like. (By the way, Miller was used as a consultant for the popular x-file series.)


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