I recently did an hour interview with Alexandra J. Brozikova of the Czech Republic. Some of the topics we discussed were disasters, the false flag shooting at the Harvest Festival in Las Vegas, the genocide agenda of the elite, 5G, earthquakes and other things. Here is the link to watch the show. After you click on the link, Alexandra’s From Illusion to Reality page has a button on the top left hand that will take you to the original show in English (the other buttons are for Polish & Czech languages)…

TODAY’S SHOW was on Revolution Radio with Lorien Fenton. This show was approx. 2 hours long; and we discussed aliens, saucers, secrecy, gullibility, t.b. mind control, whether aliens are good or bad or angels, and other subjects.

PLANS. I plan to do more shows with both Alexandra Brozikova and Lorien Fenton. While I continue to expose evil, it continues on its agenda. 5G, which I have been exposing, will be used to create self driving cars. Self driving cars are not a good idea. They give the World controllers total control over your auto travel movements. And self driving cars are just one more way for the World Order to promote 5G towers everywhere. Anthony Levandowski, an engineer who helped pioneer the self-driving car at Waymo (a subsidiary of Google’s parent company, Alphabet) founded his own AI-based religion called “Way of the Future.” the mission of the new religion is to “develop and promote the realization of a Godhead based on Artificial Intelligence,” and “through understanding and worship of the Godhead, [to] contribute to the betterment of society….The potential for AIs to transcend us and thus become our teachers to whom we look for answers to questions we cannot answer…” Unregenerate mankind will worship anything but the true Creator God. Call me old fashioned, but I will continue to worship the Creator God of the Bible.


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