This short post is designed to pass on what I see in the World at this time. As the Satanic elite’s liberal lying mass media is still in place, what I report will be totally at variance with their deceptions. In spite of how they are still embedded in our society in key places like our schools and judicial system, organized evil is in disarray, and their big agendas are in abeyance. A lot of good unreported events are happening around the planet, but are not getting reported. Meanwhile in the midst of pedogate, pizzagate, and countless other things that are unravelling their hold on this planet, the elite are lashing back by having their MK-Ultra mind controlled youth shoot up schools…which provides a convenient distraction for their media to ignore less favorable stories that expose their continued loss of control.

THE TIDE TURNS. Like the ebb & flow of the ocean, God’s tide has been washing away the elite’s sand castles. As in previous times, this setback to evil will not be permanent, and the elite will begin to rebuild their sand castles in a few years. Organized evil…the various ethnic mafias, the organized pedophiles/pedovores (child eating Satanists) rings, fraternities & secret associations are being taken down and losing their power. This does not mean the hearts of men have repented…but it is a breath of fresh air that will permit more spiritual growth if people take advantage of it. I would hope more of mankind would chose to be Spirit-led.

PEACE & PROSPERITY. The world goes thru patterns. A similar time period would be Reagan’s administration when the Iron curtain fell, and prosperity took place. Likewise Iran & North Korea have been tamed (much more than the media lets on) and these rogue nations will focus on better things than stirring up trouble. Overall the planet should experience a mini-era of peace & prosperity. The Jews have begun to rebuild the temple. They have secretly been doing the temple ceremonies for several years. From what I have been told, the Dome of the Rock is not the exact site, so the Dome of the Rock can remain while they begin to reconstruct the next temple in Jerusalem. The plan to bring the Ark of the Covenant into the new temple.

I have used up the little time I had to write this. Lord willing I will continue to write more articles exposing the Illuminati in the upcoming future. Have a great day my friend.


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