MOVING WITH GOD: a culture of repentance & obedience 8 JULY 2018

MOVING WITH GOD: a culture of repentance & obedience (8 JULY ’18) In these days various churches pray for revival. This is a short message for the Body of Christ on godly revival which brings a restoration of the Kingdom authority.

THE TRUE CHURCH OF CHRIST. The true church is “the Body of Christ”. If the body is severed from its head it dies. So the body needs to abide in its head Christ, doing so by obedience. (In other words, letting the head function as the head!) So another way to say “revival” is “a return to obedience”, which would include walking in a godly culture of the way rather than the culture of the world. In short, the godly culture of the way is union, community, the authority of the real, & speaking the truth in love.

TRUE AUTHORITY. There is plenty of religious authority today—which my book Be Wise As Serpents exposed. Much is connected to Freemasonry & the World & the World’s elite which are the Illuminati. The disciple of Christ & a group of disciples of Christ gains authority by the cross. We each must take up our cross & deny ourselves, & abide in Christ’s spirit to magnify our Creator’s majesty. God’s majesty is the opposite of worldly mammon which the world rulers use to magnify & honor themselves. So we leave the World system (the Kingdom of Death) and move in the authority & blessings of the Kingdom of Life. Leaders in the Kingdom of Life must reference God’s thinking, and not what other people are doing & saying or what their wives are saying. A rebellious wife has the Spirit of Witchcraft and will often spiritually sacrifice her children for the sake of selfishness. Think of how Moses used the authority of God with God’s people. The true body is God’s body, and while this may seem obvious—if it were acknowledged by the actions of church ministers, they would act as if their church was God’s, and that they were mere stewards of what was God’s. The church is not theirs, though many are really animated by religious territorial spirits rather than God’s Holy Spirit. Compromises and lack of spiritual sensitivity leads to a spiritual enslavement by wicked spirits. We have lots of religious spirits acting in these days. So church leaders in rebellion are like a wife’s rebellion, it all leads to division & corruption. The Holy Spirit will inspire unity and peace. Wicked spirits twist the truth, and inspire the accusers of the brethren.

QUESTION FOR OURSELVES. Do I walk in the Holy Spirit, and do I speak the truth in love? Do I bear my cross to gain the authority of the Kingdom of Life? Do I recognize myself as a steward of God’s blessings and Kingdom?


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