The purpose of this post is to provide the public with more details on the mother of secret societies, the Illuminati & their bloodlines. [By the way, last month I did a blog talk radio show with Billy Ray Valentine about the Illuminati on Truth Frequency Radio. The show is archived on the Internet & can be heard under the title: “The Infinite Fringe: 3 World Wars, MK Ultra Mind Control” and is approx. 55 min.]

VAN DUYN BLOODLINE. (While I have received my share of detractors claiming I am full of it on this subject…I stand by what I have put out.) I believe I was the first to publicly expose this very low key but powerful Illuminati bloodline. This bloodline links with other outstanding families, such as “Francus” or “Franceaus”, which in turn is linked to the Merovingans (the Merovaea). The current head of the Illuminati, William Cornelius Van Duyn has Merovingian blood, the 13th Holy Bloodline. One of the goals of the Illuminati breeding program is to mix the Merovingian blood into other top bloodlines. Readers of my books will already know the surnames of the original Holy Bloodline families, which incl. the Sinclairs (the hereditary leaders of Freemasonry), the Freemans, the Medicis, the Estes family, and the top families of the Mormon leadership…to name a few. The Van Duyn family is a good example of how many Illuminati families have their occult Illuminati side totally hidden in secrecy…they appear to be “normal”.

KNIGHTS OF THE CHALICE. The protection of the Holy Bloodline (Merovingians) is the responsibility of the Priory of Sion (Prieure de Sion), which group my books expose. The Knights of the Chalice are connected to the Priory and protect the Grail (i.e. the chalice, which is the Holy Bloodline). The Priory set up the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry and the Knights of the Chalice is a masonic-like group that protects members of the Holy Bloodline. (It is also the title of a “heroic fantasy” video game, some versions sold with a pentagram in a circle on the cover. Speaking of games, the Illuminati is promoting Pokeman to teach children how to summon demons.)

HISTORIC CRADLE OF THE VAN DUYN FAMILY. Ancient documents shed light on the name “Duyn”. In France (Haute-Savoie, Savoiez) as early as the 8th Century there was a small village around the lake of Annecy, now spelled “Duingt” which was the cradle of the secretive, noble Duyn family. The immediate area has 3 castles. Extending from there, one finds traces of this ancient family in Valais (Bex), Geneva Switzerland, Val d’Isère, Albertville, and many more locations around the original Duingt village. For more info on the Van Duyns one may want to consult my Bloodlines of the Illuminati book, and some of my articles posted on Facebook since 2012 (the links were put under “March” articles in

9TH CIRCLE. South of this Swiss area is Italy, which is the center of the 9th Circle, an Illuminati death cult assoc. with such elite bloodlines as the Aldobrandini family. This family originally built the Palazzo Chigi (which was bought by the elite Chigi family & is also assoc. with the Pope).

SATANIC TEMPLES. This relatively new phenomena, run by Illum. hierarchy mmbr. Lucien Greaves (previous name Douglas Mesner), is operating for the Illuminati agenda to de-Christianize America. Lucien tries to debunk my research to audiences. His Satanic Temples (which are HQ at 841 Bridge St., Salem, MA) are involved with setting up after-school Satan clubs and are involved with de-Christianizing activities across America. The Satanic Temple in old Boston is a white building currently closed to the public. His Temples have a web presence. Another prominent one is at San Marcos, TX. Texas is a key state for their child trafficking.

That’s all for today. Have a blessed day, and remember that God sees everything, and everything done in the dark will someday be revealed by Him.


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