The dangers of radiation have been on the rise for decades, and there appears to be a systemic cover up of the new dangers from new technology. For instance, Apple’s new wireless headphones, smart meters, WiFi beamed into areas without towers, WiFi routers & G5 are examples of new risks the public is not being warned about. For decades I have been aware that radiation causes various cancers, and I have pondered how to write a post that provided something new, positive & helpful. The upcoming 45th Annual Cancer Convention in Glendale, CA (in the L.A. area on Sept. 2-4) at the Glendale Hilton Hotel gives me something new, helpful & positive to write.

GREAT SYMPOSIUM OF MANY ALTERNATIVE CANCER DOCTORS. This annual Cancer Convention in Glendale presented by the Cancer Control Society (ph. no. 323-663-7801) has numerous alternative doctors speaking, and includes a preview of a film “Effects of Cell Phones & Wi-Fi Radiation” on day 2; and on day 3, a talk by William Cadwallader entitled “10 Ways to Lower Your Exposure To Cancer Causing Radiation-Cell Phones, Cell Towers, Wi-Fi, Tablets, Baby Monitors & Microwave Ovens”. I also found it noteworthy that that the convention includes bus tours of Cancer Clinics across the border in Tijuana, Mexico. The alternative medical hospitals & clinics in the Tijuana area show how badly the medical mafia has imposed itself upon the USA. At one time there were over 13 alternative cancer clinics & hospitals in the Tijuana area….I don’t know what the number is today, but I know the Gerson Therapy Hospital is there, and also that many Amish & other Americans travel to Tijuana to enjoy various alternative cancer treatments that are outlawed in America, incl.: stem cell, systemic immunotherapy, cellular detox, immunity, holistic treatments, laetrile and other non-toxic cancer therapies.

THE GREAT COVERUPS. The common person often trusts his govt., believing that govt. agencies are protecting him…but unfortunately, the agencies that are to protect us are compromised by industry, and are functioning as cover-up agencies and even marketing agencies for the elite’s industries. Thus, the EPA downplays the risks of pesticides, and ignores cases where people have been given cancer by pesticides…and the FDA downplays the risks from Big Pharma and their dangerous drugs, and the CDC downplays the dangers of vaccines to infants, and the connection of autism to vaccinations, and covers up what the vaccines are laced with, and the USDA downplays the dangers of GMO. In contrast, the EU’s watchdog organizations have been doing better. (Although currently to punish the British farmers for widely voting for Brexit, the U.K. govt. is going to retaliate by legalizing imports of tainted American food to the U.K. and blame it on Brexit. American cattle bred on hormones increase in size quicker than British cattle. Certain food products are bleached in the U.S. and not allowed to be bleached in the U.K. So American food products are at times unhealthier than British.) Back to the topic of radiation, the EU’s environmental watchdog org warned in 2007 that overenthusiastic adoption of cellular technology “could lead to a health crisis similar to those caused by asbestos, smoking, and lead in petrol.” One of the confusing things about radiation’s dangers is that the issues are being muddied & the dangers covered up by the agencies that should be protecting us.

WHAT RADIATION IS DANGEROUS??? It is not my intention to give an exhaustive answer to this question…perhaps a sequel to this post can be written later with deeper more detailed, more extensive info… I will note that brain tumors were reclassified to hide the effects of increased cell phone use on people. Also WHO did reclassify cell phone radiation as a carcinogen (meaning it’s a cancer causing agent), and a long term, massive, multi-year U.S. govt. study proved that cell phone radiation does cause glioma (brain tumors). In spite of this, how many Americans sense that cell phone use raises their risk of brain tumors?? The system will admit that ionizing radiation damages biological tissue, but they prefer to tell us that long-term, low dose, non-ionizing radiation is safe. It has been shown that this long-term radiation does cause DNA damage. High energy radiation is created by increasing the frequency of waves, or in other words, higher frequency EM waves such as x-ray, gamma, & ultraviolet have more energy. High energy waves of course carry greater danger.

FINAL THOUGHTS. So my friend, I have given a brief look at an enormous problem –health problems that are being caused by man-made radiation. The Cancer Control Society is putting on a conference in Glendale, CA where alternative cancer doctors will be presenting 3 days of good information. The conference will be exposing in detail the dangers of radiation to health…and exposing the numerous dangerous (but not well known) producers of radiation such as smart meters, cell phones, cell phone towers, and many other technological devices. Readers are encouraged to do more research, as well as be on guard for information that is covering up the dangers. Readers are also encouraged to share what they have learned on the thread for everyone to benefit from. Have a good day.


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